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February 2, 2011

MEMBERS PRESENT:    Rep. Kraig Powell, Chair
        Rep. Brad Galvez, Vice Chair
        Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck        
        Rep. Janice Fisher
        Rep. Richard Greenwood
        Rep. Curt Oda
        Rep. Lee Perry
        Rep. Holly Richardson
        Rep. Doug Sagers
        Rep. Evan Vickers                
STAFF PRESENT:    Benjamin N. Christensen, Policy Analyst
        Joanna MacKay, Committee Secretary

Note:    A list of visitors is filed with committee minutes.

Rep. Powell called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

H.B. 250    State Emblem of Service and Sacrifice (Rep. M. Newbold)

Rep. Newbold explained the bill to the committee, assisted by John Thibeault.

MOTION:    Rep. Greenwood moved to pass the bill with a favorable recommendation. The motion passed unanimously.

H.C.R. 3    Concurrent Resolution Urging Congress to Pass Balanced Budget Amendment to U.s. Constitution (Rep. C. Wimmer)

    Rep. Oda moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.    Page 2, Lines 44 through 47 :    

             44          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
             45      Governor concurring therein, strongly urge the United States Congress to pass an amendment
             46      to the United States Constitution requiring a balanced budget
  by October 1, 2011       and send it to the states for

             47      ratification.

The motion to amend the bill passed unanimously .

Rep. Wimmer explained the bill to the committee.

Spoke in favor of the bill: Sherry Brophy, Davis County 9/12 Project

MOTION:    Rep. Vickers moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.    Page 2, Lines 34 through 40 :    

             34          WHEREAS, the leaders of this nation must be held accountable for the financial
             35      decisions they make
{   and not be allowed to spend the nation into financial oblivion   } ;

             36          WHEREAS, ratifying a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a balanced
             37      budget would clearly communicate to the federal government that the states, on behalf of their
             38      citizens, insist that their tax money be spent in a manner that demonstrates fiscal responsibility
{   and the same accountability that leads to the punishment, through federal laws and regulations,

             40      of many American citizens who spend more than they make  
; and

The motion to amend the bill passed with Rep. Oda, Rep. Perry, and Rep. Richardson voting against the motion.

MOTION:    Rep. Perry moved to pass the bill with a favorable recommendation. The motion passed with Rep. Chavez-Houck and Rep. Fisher voting against the motion.

Rep. Powell introduced Claudia Arellano of the American Preparatory Academy and her classmates in the audience.

MOTION:    Rep. Oda moved to adjourn.

Rep. Powell adjourned the meeting at 9:48 a.m.

                    Rep. Kraig Powell, Chair