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         MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 2011

Members Present:    Sen. John Valentine, Chair
        Sen. Dan Liljenquist
        Sen. Kevin VanTassell
        Sen. Gene Davis
        Sen. Karen Mayne

Members Absent:    Sen. Curt Bramble
        Sen. David Hinkins
        Sen. Steve Urquhart
Staff Present:    Bryant R. Howe, Assistant Director
        Karen Allred, Committee Secretary

Public Speakers Present:     Sam Gardner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
        Ted Lewis, Attorney
        Chris Purcell, Attorney, State Farm

A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Chair Valentine called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m., welcomed those in attendance and announced that, at the request of the sponsor, S.B. 98 Securities Related Amendments (B. McAdams) would not be heard today.

1.     S.B. 11 Worker Classification Coordinated Enforcement (K. Mayne)

Sen. Mayne presented the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Mayne moved to adopt 1st Sub. S.B. 11.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    Sen. Mayne further explained the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Liljenquist moved to transmit S.B. 11 with a favorable recommendation.

    The motion passed unanimously.

2.     S.B. 95 Shareholder Action Without Meeting (B. McAdams)

    Sen. McAdams explained the bill assisted by Sam Gardner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP.

    The following amendments were distributed:

1.    Page 5, Lines 122 through 129 :    

{  [   }      {  (5)   }       (6)       Notwithstanding Subsection (1), directors may not be elected by written consent

             123      except by unanimous written consent of all shares entitled to vote for the election of directors.
{  ]   }

{  (6)   }       (7)       If not otherwise determined under Sections 16-10a-703 or 16-10a-707 , the record

             125      date for determining shareholders entitled to take action without a meeting or entitled to be
             126      given notice under Subsection (2) [of action so taken] or (3) is the date the first shareholder
             127      delivers to the corporation a writing upon which the action is taken pursuant to Subsection (1).
{  (7)   }       (8)       Action taken under this section has the same effect as action taken at a meeting of

             129      shareholders and may be so described in any document.

Sen. Davis moved to adopt the amendments.
    The motion passed unanimously.

    Ted Lewis, Attorney, spoke to the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. VanTassell moved to transmit S.B. 95 with a favorable recommendation.

    The motion passed unanimously.

3.     S.B. 99 Motor Vehicle Insurance - Named Driver Exclusion Amendments (L. Hillyard)

Sen. Hillyard explained the bill. Chris Purcell, Attorney, State Farm Insurance, spoke to the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Mayne moved to transmit S.B. 99 with a favorable recommendation.

    The motion passed unanimously.

     MOTION: Sen. Davis moved to adjourn.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    Chair Valentine adjourned the meeting at 3:55 p.m.



Sen. John Valentine, Committee Chair