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February 11, 2011

Senate Rules Committee Room, Room 309, State Capitol Building

Members Present:    Sen. Margaret Dayton, Committee Chair
    Sen. D. Chris Buttars
    Sen. Patricia Jones
    Sen. Peter Knudson
    Sen. Daniel liljenquist
    Sen. Mark Madsen
    Sen. Karen Mayne
    Sen. Kevin VanTassell

Staff Present:    J Brian Allred, Policy Analyst
    Cynthia Millar, Secretary

A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Committee Chair Dayton called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

1.     Approval of Minutes

    MOTION: Sen. Knudson moved to approve the minutes of February 9, 2011.

    The motion passed unanimously.

2.     Assignment of Bills to Standing Committees

Chair Dayton presented the following list of bills for assignment to standing committees:

     Business and Labor Committee
S.B. 81    Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Sampling Amendments (Sen. R. Romero)
S.B. 191    Workers' Compensation Coverage Waivers (Sen. K. Mayne)

Education Committee
S.C.R. 11    Dixie State College Concurrent Resolution (Sen. S. Urquhart)

Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
S.B. 290    Abatement of Weeds, Garbage, Refuse, and Unsightly Objects (Sen. P. Knudson)
S.J.R. 21    Relations with the Republic of Turkey Joint Resolution (Sen. P. Knudson)

H.B. 238    Radiologic Technologist and Radiology Practical Technician Licensing Act
    (Rep. D. Ipson) (Sen. M. Dayton)
H.J.R. 10    Rules Resolution on Electronic Meetings (Rep. R. Menlove) (Sen. C. Bramble)

Health and Human Services Committee
2nd Sub. H.B. 13    Immunizations for Teen Mothers (Rep. J. Seelig) (Sen. C. Bramble)
1st Sub. H.B. 66    Health Professional Authority - Death Certificates (Rep. B. Last)
     (Sen. D. Liljenquist)
H.B. 204    Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries (Rep. P. Ray) (Sen. J. Valentine)

Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee
S.B. 199    Utah Commission on Uniform State Laws (Sen. L. Hillyard)
S.B. 200    State Debt Collections Amendments (Sen. L. Hillyard)
S.B. 212    Judicial Evaluation Amendments (Sen. D. C. Buttars)
1st Sub. H.B. 257    Concealed Firearm Act Modifications (Rep. R. Menlove) (Sen. D. Hinkins)

Revenue and Taxation Committee

S.B. 178    Municipal Land Use Amendments (Sen. C. Bramble)
S.B. 222    Public Transit Amendments (Sen. C. Bramble)
S.B. 226    Income Tax Credits for Cleaner Burning Fuels (Sen. S. Urquhart)

Transportation, Public Utilities and Technology Committee
S.B. 214    Motor Vehicle Rental Company Fee Disclosures (Sen. J. S. Adams)
S.C.R. 8    Concurrent Resolution Approving Solid Waste Facility Landfill Permit
     (Sen. W. Niederhauser)

Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Committee
1st Sub. H.B. 17    Enterprise Zone Amendments (Rep. K. Powell) (Sen. K. Van Tassell)

     Chair Dayton recommended that S.B. 67, Annual Eye Examination for Children in Grades     Kindergarten Through Three be assigned to the Education Standing Committee.

    MOTION: Sen. Jones moved that S.B. 41, Health Amendments for Legal Immigrant     Children be assigned to the Health and Human Services standing Committee.

    The motion failed with Senators Jones and Mayne voting in favor.

Sen. Knudson moved to approve the list of bills with the addition of S.B. 67,     for assignment to standing committees.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    Sen. Knudson assumes the Chair at Sen. Dayton's request.

3. S.R.1, Senate Rules Resolution - Senate Rules Recodification

    Sen. Dayton introduces S.R.1, Senate Rules Resolution - Senate Rules Recodification. John     Fellows, General Counsel, Office of Legislation Research and General Counsel assisted with     the presentation.

    MOTION: Sen. Dayton moved to amend S.R.1 as follows:

0.    Page 22, Lines 647 through 652 :    

             647          (b) In order to be admitted to the Senate chamber
{   :

             648          (i) each male reporter shall wear a business suit with a dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, and
             649      dress socks or a sport coat with a dress shirt, dress pants, tie, dress shoes, and dress socks; and
             650          (ii) each female reporter shall wear a dress with dress shoes and dress socks or
             651      stockings, a dress skirt and dress blouse with dress shoes and dress socks or stockings, or a
             652      woman's business suit with dress shoes and dress socks or stockings.  
  , news media shall comply with the dress requirements and other rules of decorum established in the Senate Handbook.      

    The motion passed unanimously with Senator Buttars being absent.

    MOTION: Sen. Dayton moved to pass S.R.1, Senate Rules Resolution - Senate Rules     Recodification out favorably.

    The motion passed unanimously with Senators Buttars and Lilenquist being absent.

    MOTION: Sen. VanTassell moved to adjourn.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

    Minutes reported by Cynthia Millar, Secretary

                Sen. Margaret Dayton

                Committee Chair