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H.B. 259   County Recorder Revisions (Webb, R. C.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/28/2011 Bill Numbered but not Distributed LRGC
1/28/2011 Numbered Bill Made Available for Public Distributi LRGC
1/28/2011 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input LRGC
1/31/2011 House/ received bill from Legislative Research HINTRO
1/31/2011 House/ 1st reading (Introduced) HSTRUL
2/16/2011 House/ to Printing with fiscal note HSTRUL
2/16/2011 House/ to standing committee HSTPOL
2/16/2011 House/ received bill with fiscal note from Print HSTPOL
2/18/2011 House Comm - Amendment Recommendation HSTPOL
2/18/2011 House Comm - Favorable Recommendation HSTPOL 10 0 2
2/18/2011 House Comm - Consent Calendar Recommendation HSTPOL
2/18/2011 House/ comm rpt/ amended/ placed on Consent Cal HSTPOL
2/18/2011 House/ 2nd reading HCON
2/22/2011 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor HCON
2/22/2011 LFA/ fiscal note publicly available HCON
2/23/2011 House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst HCON
2/24/2011 House/ 3rd reading HCON
2/24/2011 House/ passed 3rd reading SSEC 71 0 4
2/24/2011 House/ to Senate SSEC
2/25/2011 Senate/ received from House SINTRO
2/25/2011 Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced) SSTRUL
2/25/2011 Senate/ to standing committee SSTWED
3/1/2011 Senate Comm - Favorable Recommendation SSTWED 5 0 1
3/2/2011 Senate/ committee report favorable SSTWED
3/2/2011 Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar S2ND
3/3/2011 Senate/ 2nd reading S2ND
3/3/2011 Senate/ passed 2nd reading S3RD 25 0 4
3/4/2011 Senate/ 3rd reading S3RD
3/4/2011 Senate/ passed 3rd reading SPRES 25 0 4
3/4/2011 Senate/ signed by President/ returned to House HSPKR
3/4/2011 Senate/ to House HSPKR
3/4/2011 House/ received from Senate HSPKR
3/4/2011 House/ signed by Speaker/ sent for enrolling LRGCEN
3/4/2011 Bill Received from House for Enrolling LRGCEN
3/7/2011 Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared LRGCEN
3/14/2011 Enrolled Bill Returned to House or Senate HCLERK
3/14/2011 House/ enrolled bill to Printing HCLERK
3/15/2011 House/ to Governor EGOV
3/28/2011 Governor Signed LTGOV