TO:                 Members of the House Business and Labor Standing Committee

FROM:           Rep. James A. Dunnigan, Chair

                        Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher, Vice Chair

RE:                 Committee Meeting


                                    DATE:           Wednesday, February 1, 2012

                                    TIME:            2:00 PM

                                    PLACE:         450 State Capitol, Utah State Capitol Complex

- Call to order and approval of minutes

- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:

1.    HB0026          Purchasing from Community Rehabilitation Programs Amendments (M. Poulson)


2.    SB0108           Financial Institution Amendments (C. Bramble)


3.    SB0092S01    Department of Commerce License Related Amendments (K. Mayne)


4.    SB0036           Utah Revised Business Corporation Act Amendments Related to Transfer of Corporations (G. Davis)


5.    SB0090           Securities Fraud Reporting Program Act Amendments (B. McAdams)



Rep. James A. Dunnigan, Chair

Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher, Vice Chair

Rep. Jim Bird

Rep. Derek E. Brown

Rep. Brian Doughty

Rep. Susan Duckworth

Rep. Gage Froerer

Rep. Don L. Ipson

Rep. Todd E. Kiser

Rep. Bradley G. Last

Rep. Michael T. Morley

Rep. R. Curt Webb

Rep. Larry B. Wiley

Rep. Brad R. Wilson

Committee Analyst: Bryant R. Howe, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Rosemary Young