TO:                 Members of the House Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Standing Committee

FROM:           Rep. Jim Bird, Chair

                        Rep. Dean Sanpei, Vice Chair

RE:                 Committee Meeting


                                    DATE:           Wednesday, February 22, 2012

                                    TIME:            8:00 AM

                                    PLACE:         25 House Building, Utah State Capitol Complex

- Call to order and approval of minutes

- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:


1.    HB0196          Abusive Workplace Policies Act (S. Sandstrom)



2.    HB0184          Study of Regulatory Environment for Alcohol Policy (D. Litvack)



3.    SB0056           Homeowner Association Reserve Account Amendments (S. Urquhart)



4.    SB0166           Statutory Construction - Computation of Time (J. Valentine)



5.    SB0233S01    Name Change for Appropriations Subcommittees (L. Hillyard)



Rep. Jim Bird, Chair

Rep. Dean Sanpei, Vice Chair

Rep. Keith Grover

Rep. David Litvack

Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove

Rep. Val L. Peterson

Rep. Mark A. Wheatley

Committee Analyst: Benjamin N. Christensen, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Rosemary Young / Linda Service