TO:                 Members of the Senate Education Standing Committee

FROM:           Sen. Aaron Osmond, Chair

RE:                 Committee Meeting


                                    DATE:           Monday, March 5, 2012

                                    TIME:            7:00 AM

                                    PLACE:         415 State Capitol, Utah State Capitol Complex

- Call to order and approval of minutes of February 29, 2012.

- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:


1.    SB0216           Digital Safety for Utah Secondary Schools (A. Osmond)



2.    SB0217           Math Materials Access Improvement Grant (A. Osmond)



3.    SB0248           Smart School Technology Act (J. Stevenson)



4.    SB0174           Land Use Authority Amendments (W. Niederhauser)



Sen. Aaron Osmond, Chair

Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard

Sen. Karen W. Morgan

Sen. Wayne L. Niederhauser

Sen. Howard A. Stephenson

Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson

Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher

Committee Analyst: Allison M. Nicholson, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Wendy Hill