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H.B. 197

This document includes House Committee Amendments incorporated into the bill on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 11:07 AM by jeyring. -->              1     




Chief Sponsor: Rebecca P. Edwards

Senate Sponsor: Howard A. Stephenson

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill appropriates money for math teacher training programs.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    appropriates money to the State Board of Education to award grants to institutions
             13      of higher education or nonprofit education organizations for math teacher training
             14      programs;
             15          .    specifies the qualifications of individuals eligible to receive the training; and
             16          .    requires the State Board of Education to make rules establishing criteria for
             17      awarding grants for math teacher training programs.
             18      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             19          This bill appropriates:
             20          .    to the State Board of Education, as an ongoing appropriation:
             21              .    from the Education Fund, $500,000.
             22      Other Special Clauses:
             23          This bill provides an effective date.
             24      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             25      ENACTS:
             26          53A-6-901, Utah Code Annotated 1953

             28      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             29          Section 1. Section 53A-6-901 is enacted to read:
Part 9. Grant Program for Teacher Training in Math

             31          53A-6-901. Grants for math teacher training programs.
             32          (1) H. [ The ] If the state obtains matching funds of equal sums from private
             32a      contributors, the .H board may award grants to institutions of higher education or nonprofit
             33      educational organizations for programs that provide mentoring and training leading to a
             34      secondary education license with an endorsement in mathematics for an individual who:
             35          (a) is not a teacher in a public or private school;
             36          (b) does not have a teaching license;
             37          (c) has a bachelor's degree or higher; and
             38          (d) demonstrates a high level of mathematics competency by:
             39          (i) successfully completing substantial course work in mathematics; and
             40          (ii) passing a mathematics content exam.
             41          (2) (a) The board shall make rules in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah
             42      Administrative Rulemaking Act, that establish criteria for awarding grants under this section.
             43          (b) In awarding grants, the board shall consider the amount or percent of matching
             44      funds provided by the grant recipient.
             45          Section 2. Appropriation.
             46          Under the terms and conditions of Title 63J, Chapter 1, Budgetary Procedures Act, the
             47      following sums of money are appropriated from resources not otherwise appropriated, or
             48      reduced from amounts previously appropriated, out of the funds or accounts indicated for the
             49      fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2013. These are additions to any
             50      amounts previously appropriated for fiscal year 2013.
             51          To State Board of Education
             52              From Education Fund, ongoing                    $500,000
             53              Schedule of Programs:
             54                  Math Teacher Training        $500,000
             55          Section 3. Effective date.
             56          (1) Except as provided in Subsection (2), if approved by two-thirds of all the members
             57      elected to each house, this bill takes effect upon approval by the governor, or the day following
             58      the constitutional time limit of Utah Constitution Article VII, Section 8, without the governor's

             59      signature, or in the case of a veto override.
             60          (2) Uncodified Section 2, Appropriation, takes effect on July 1, 2012.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 2-2-12 2:20 PM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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