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First Substitute H.B. 510

This document includes House Floor Amendments incorporated into the bill on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 4:48 PM by jeyring. -->

Representative Gregory H. Hughes proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Gregory H. Hughes

Senate Sponsor: Wayne L. Niederhauser

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the Indigent Defense Act.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    defines "defense service provider", "legal defense", and "regional legal defense";
             13          .    allows a person charged with a serious offense to file a claim of indigency with the
             14      court;
             15          .    requires a defense service provider to provide all legal defense services as a
             16      package;
             17          .    provides procedures for the court to follow when a defendant hires private counsel;
             18      and
             19          .    extends subsequent terms of county commissioners and county attorneys who serve
             20      on the Indigent Defense Fund Board to be four years rather than two years.
             21      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             22          None
             23      Other Special Clauses:
             24          None
             25      Utah Code Sections Affected:

             26      AMENDS:
             27          77-32-201, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 108
             28          77-32-202, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 108
             29          77-32-301, as renumbered and amended by Laws of Utah 1997, Chapter 354
             30          77-32-302, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2006, Chapter 49
             31          77-32-303, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2008, Chapter 3
             32          77-32-304, as renumbered and amended by Laws of Utah 1997, Chapter 354
             33          77-32-304.5, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2006, Chapter 49
             34          77-32-305.5, as enacted by Laws of Utah 1997, Chapter 307
             35          77-32-306, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2006, Chapter 49
             36          77-32-307, as renumbered and amended by Laws of Utah 1997, Chapter 354
             37          77-32-401, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2010, Chapter 286
             39      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             40          Section 1. Section 77-32-201 is amended to read:
             41           77-32-201. Definitions.
             42          For the purposes of this chapter:
             43          (1) "Board" means the Indigent Defense Funds Board created in Section 77-32-401 .
             44          (2) "Compelling reason" shall include one or more of the following circumstances
             45      relating to the contracting attorney:
             46          (a) a conflict of interest;
             47          (b) the contracting attorney does not have sufficient expertise to provide an effective
             48      defense of the indigent; or
             49          (c) the legal defense [resource] is insufficient or lacks expertise to provide a complete
             50      defense.
             51          (3) "Defense resources" means a competent investigator, expert witness, scientific or
             52      medical testing, or other appropriate means necessary, for an effective defense of an indigent,
             53      but does not include legal counsel.
             54          (4) "Defense services provider" means a legal aid association, legal defender's office,
             55      regional legal defense association, law firm, attorney, or attorneys contracting with a county or
             56      municipality to provide legal defense and includes any combination of counties or

             57      municipalities to provide regional legal defense.
             58          [(4)] (5) "Indigent" means a person qualifying as an indigent under indigency standards
             59      established in Part 3, Counsel for Indigents.
             60          [(5)] (6) "Legal aid association" means a nonprofit defense association or society that
             61      provides [counsel and] legal defense [resources] for indigent defendants.
             62          [(6)] (7) "Legal defender's office" means a [department] division of county government
             63      created and authorized by the county legislative body to provide legal representation in
             64      criminal matters to indigent defendants.
             65          [(7)] (8) "Legal defense" means [legal counsel, defense resources, or both.] to:
             66          (a) provide defense counsel for each indigent who faces the H. [ substantial probability of
             67      the
] potential .H
deprivation of the indigent's liberty;
             68          (b) afford timely representation by defense counsel;
             69          (c) provide the defense resources necessary for a complete defense;
             70          (d) assure undivided loyalty of defense counsel to the client;
             71          (e) provide a first appeal of right; and
             72          (f) prosecute other remedies before or after a conviction, considered by defense counsel
             73      to be in the interest of justice except for other and subsequent discretionary appeals or
             74      discretionary writ proceedings.
             75          [(8)] (9) "Participating county" means a county which has complied with the provisions
             76      of this chapter for participation in the Indigent Capital Defense Trust Fund as provided in
             77      Sections 77-32-602 and 77-32-603 or the Indigent Felony Defense Trust Fund as provided in
             78      Sections 77-32-702 and 77-32-703 .
             79          (10) "Regional legal defense" means a defense services provider which provides legal
             80      defense to any combination of counties or municipalities through an interlocal cooperation
             81      agreement pursuant to Title 11, Chapter 13, Interlocal Cooperation Act, and Subsection
             82      77-32-306 (3).
             83          [(9)] (11) "Serious offense" means a felony or capital felony.
             84          Section 2. Section 77-32-202 is amended to read:
             85           77-32-202. Procedure for determination of indigency -- Standards.
             86          (1) A determination of indigency or continuing indigency of any defendant may be
             87      made by the court at any stage of the proceedings.

             88          (2) (a) Any defendant claiming indigency who is charged with a crime the penalty of
             89      which is a class A misdemeanor or [felony] serious offense shall file with the court a fully
             90      complete affidavit verified by a notary or other person authorized by law to administer an oath
             91      and file a copy of that affidavit with the prosecuting entity. The affidavit shall contain the
             92      factual information required in this section and by the court.
             93          (b) A defendant claiming indigency who is charged with a crime the penalty of which
             94      is less than a class A misdemeanor is not required to comply with the requirements of
             95      Subsection (2)(a) and Subsection (4).
             96          (3) (a) "Indigency" means that a person:
             97          (i) does not have sufficient income, assets, credit, or other means to provide for the
             98      payment of legal counsel and all other necessary expenses of representation without depriving
             99      that person or the family of that person of food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities; or
             100          (ii) has an income level at or below 150% of the United States poverty level as defined
             101      by the most recently revised poverty income guidelines published by the United States
             102      Department of Health and Human Services; and
             103          (iii) has not transferred or otherwise disposed of any assets since the commission of the
             104      offense with the intent of establishing eligibility for the appointment of counsel under this
             105      chapter.
             106          (b) In making a determination of indigency, the court shall consider:
             107          (i) the probable expense and burden of defending the case;
             108          (ii) the ownership of, or any interest in, any tangible or intangible personal property or
             109      real property, or reasonable expectancy of any such interest;
             110          (iii) the amounts of debts owned by the defendant or that might reasonably be incurred
             111      by the defendant because of illness or other needs within the defendant's family;
             112          (iv) number, ages, and relationships of any dependents;
             113          (v) the reasonableness of fees and expenses charged to the defendant by the defendant's
             114      attorney and the scope of representation undertaken where the defendant is represented by
             115      privately retained defense counsel; and
             116          (vi) other factors considered relevant by the court.
             117          (4) (a) Upon making a finding of indigence, the court shall enter the findings on the
             118      record and enter an order assigning a defense [counsel] services provider to represent the

             119      defendant in the case.
             120          (b) Upon finding indigence when the defendant has privately retained counsel, the
             121      court, subject to Section 77-32-303 , shall enter the findings into the record and issue an order
             122      directing the county or municipality to coordinate the providing of defense resources as
             123      appropriate.
             124          (c) The clerk of the court shall send a copy of the affidavit and order to the prosecutor
             125      and to the county clerk or municipal recorder.
             126          (5) If the county or municipality providing the defense [counsel] services provider has
             127      any objections to or concerns with the finding of indigency and assignment of a defense
             128      [counsel] services provider or the continuing of indigency status and assignment of a [public
             129      defender] defense services provider, it shall file notice with the court and a hearing shall be
             130      scheduled to review the findings and give the county or municipality the opportunity to present
             131      evidence and arguments as to the reasons the finding of indigency should be reversed and the
             132      court shall proceed as provided in Subsection 77-32-302 (4).
             133          (6) (a) If the trial court finds within one year after the determination of indigency that
             134      any defendant was erroneously or improperly determined to be indigent, the county or
             135      municipality may proceed against that defendant for the reasonable value of the services
             136      rendered to the defendant, including all costs paid by the county or municipality in providing
             137      the legal defense [counsel].
             138          (b) Subsection (6)(a) does not affect any restitution required of the defendant by the
             139      court pursuant to [Title 77,] Chapter 32a, Defense Costs.
             140          (c) A defendant claiming indigency has a continuing duty to inform the court of any
             141      material changes or change in circumstances that may affect the determination of his eligibility
             142      for indigency.
             143          (d) Any person who intentionally or knowingly makes a material false statement or
             144      omits a material fact in an affidavit for indigency is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.
             145          Section 3. Section 77-32-301 is amended to read:
             146           77-32-301. Minimum standards for defense of an indigent.
             147          (1) Each county, city, and town shall provide for the legal defense of an indigent in
             148      criminal cases in the courts and various administrative bodies of the state in accordance with
             149      [the following minimum] legal defense standards[:] as defined in Subsection 77-32-208 (8).

             150          [(1) provide counsel for each indigent who faces the substantial probability of the
             151      deprivation of the indigent's liberty;]
             152          [(2) afford timely representation by competent legal counsel;]
             153          [(3) provide the investigatory resources necessary for a complete defense;]
             154          [(4) assure undivided loyalty of defense counsel to the client;]
             155          [(5) proceed with a first appeal of right; and]
             156          [(6) prosecute other remedies before or after a conviction, considered by defense
             157      counsel to be in the interest of justice except for other and subsequent discretionary appeals or
             158      discretionary writ proceedings.]
             159          (2) (a) A county or municipality which contracts with a defense services provider shall
             160      provide that all legal defense elements be included as a single package of legal defense services
             161      made available to indigents, except as provided in Sections 77-32-302 and 77-32-303 .
             162          (b) When needed to avoid a conflict of interest between:
             163          (i) trial counsel and counsel on appeal, a defense services provider contract shall also
             164      provide for separate trial and appellate counsel; and
             165          (ii) counsel for co-defendants, a defense services provider contract shall also provide
             166      for separate trial counsel.
             167          (c) If a county or municipality contracts to provide all legal defense elements as a
             168      single package, a defendant may not receive funding for defense resources unless represented
             169      by publicly funded counsel or as provided in Subsection 77-32-303 (2).
             170          Section 4. Section 77-32-302 is amended to read:
             171           77-32-302. Assignment of counsel on request of indigent or order of court.
             172          (1) [Legal counsel] The defense services provider shall be assigned to represent each
             173      indigent and [the indigent] shall [also be provided access to] provide the legal defense
             174      [resources] services necessary for an effective defense, if the indigent is under arrest for or
             175      charged with a crime in which there is a substantial probability that the penalty to be imposed
             176      is confinement in either jail or prison if:
             177          (a) the indigent requests [counsel or] legal defense [resources, or both]; or
             178          (b) the court on its own motion or otherwise orders [counsel, defense resources, or
             179      both] legal defense services and the defendant does not affirmatively waive or reject on the
             180      record the opportunity to be [represented and] provided legal defense [resources].

             181          (2) (a) If a county responsible for providing indigent legal defense[, including counsel
             182      and defense resources,] has established a county legal defender's office and the court has
             183      received notice of the establishment of the office, the court shall assign to the county legal
             184      defender's office the responsibility to defend indigent defendants within the county and provide
             185      defense resources.
             186          (b) If the county or municipality responsible to provide for the legal defense of an
             187      indigent[, including defense resources and counsel,] has arranged by contract to provide those
             188      services through a [legal aid association] defense services provider, and the court has received
             189      notice or a copy of the contract, the court shall assign the [legal aid association] defense
             190      services provider named in the contract to [defend the indigent and] provide legal defense
             191      [resources].
             192          [(c) If the county or municipality responsible for providing indigent legal defense,
             193      including counsel and defense resources, has contracted to provide those services through
             194      individual attorneys, individual defense resources, or associations providing defense resources,
             195      and the court has received notice or a copy of the contracts, the court shall assign a contracting
             196      attorney as the legal counsel to represent an indigent and a contracted defense resource to
             197      provide defense-related services.]
             198          [(d)] (c) If no county [legal defender's office] or municipal defense services provider
             199      contract exists, the court shall select and assign [an attorney or] a legal defense [resource if:]
             200      provider.
             201          [(i) the contract for indigent legal services is with multiple attorneys or resources; or]
             202          [(ii) the contract is with another attorney in the event of a conflict of interest.]
             203          [(e)] (d) If the court considers the assignment of a noncontracting [attorney or defense
             204      resource to provide] legal [services] defense provider to an indigent defendant despite the
             205      existence of [an indigent legal] a defense services provider contract and the court has a copy or
             206      notice of the contract, before the court may make the assignment, it shall:
             207          (i) set the matter for a hearing;
             208          (ii) give proper notice of the hearing to the attorney of the responsible county or
             209      municipality and county clerk or municipal recorder; and
             210          (iii) make findings that there is a compelling reason to appoint a noncontracting
             211      attorney [or defense resource].

             212          [(f)] (e) The indigent's preference for other counsel or defense resources may not be
             213      considered a compelling reason justifying the appointment of a noncontracting [attorney or]
             214      defense [resource] services provider.
             215          (3) The court may make a determination of indigency at any time.
             216          Section 5. Section 77-32-303 is amended to read:
             217           77-32-303. Standard for court to appoint noncontracting attorney or order the
             218      provision of defense resources -- Hearing.
             219          (1) If a county or municipality has contracted [for, or otherwise made arrangements for,
             220      the legal defense of indigents, including a competent attorney and defense resources] or
             221      otherwise provided for a defense services provider, the court may not appoint a noncontracting
             222      attorney [or resource either] under this part, Section 78B-1-151 , or Rule 15, Utah Rules of
             223      Criminal Procedure, unless the court:
             224          [(1)] (a) conducts a hearing with proper notice to the [responsible entity] county clerk
             225      or municipal recorder, with a copy of the notice provided to the prosecutor, to consider the
             226      authorization or designation of a noncontract attorney [or resource]; and
             227          [(2)] (b) makes a finding that there is a compelling reason to authorize or designate a
             228      noncontracting attorney [or resources] for the indigent defendant.
             229          (2) Except as provided in Subsection (3), if a county or municipality has contracted or
             230      otherwise provided for a defense services provider, the court may not order under this part,
             231      Section 78B-1-151 , or Rule 15, Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the county or
             232      municipality may not provide defense resources for a defendant who has retained private
             233      counsel.
             234          (3) The court may order, and the county or municipality may provide, defense
             235      resources to a defendant represented by private counsel only if:
             236          (a) the court conducts a hearing with proper notice to the county clerk or municipal
             237      recorder, with a copy of the notice provided to the prosecutor;
             238          (b) the court conducts an in camera review of the defense contract, a full accounting of
             239      the defense retainer, anticipated costs of defense resources and other relevant defense records
             240      and finds by clear and convincing evidence all of the following:
             241          (i) the defendant would be prejudiced by the substitution of a contracted defense
             242      services provider and any prejudice cannot be remedied by a continuance or other alternative

             243      means;
             244          (ii) at the time of retention of private counsel, the defendant and attorney entered into a
             245      written contract which provided that the defendant had the means to pay for fees and defense
             246      resources;
             247          (iii) there has been an unforseen change in circumstances which requires defense
             248      resources beyond the defendant's ability to pay; and
             249          (iv) all of the above representations are made in good faith and are not calculated to
             250      allow the defendant or defense attorney to avoid the requirements of this section.
             251          (4) The court may not order the defense services provider to act as co-counsel with a
             252      privately retained legal counsel as a means of circumventing the requirements of this section.
             253          Section 6. Section 77-32-304 is amended to read:
             254           77-32-304. Duties of assigned counsel -- Compensation.
             255          (1) When representing an indigent, the assigned counsel shall:
             256          (a) counsel and defend the indigent at every stage of the proceeding following
             257      assignment; and
             258          (b) file any first appeal of right or other remedy before or after conviction that the
             259      assigned counsel considers to be in the interest of justice, except for other and subsequent
             260      discretionary appeals or discretionary writ proceedings.
             261          (2) An assigned counsel may not [have the duty or power under this section to]
             262      represent an indigent in any discretionary appeal or action for a discretionary writ, other than in
             263      a meaningful first appeal of right to assure the indigent an adequate opportunity to present the
             264      indigent's claims fairly in the context of the appellate process of this state.
             265          (3) An assigned counsel for an indigent shall be entitled to compensation upon:
             266          (a) approval of the district court where the original trial was held;
             267          (b) a showing that:
             268          (i) the indigent has been denied a constitutional right; or
             269          (ii) there was newly discovered evidence that would show the indigent's innocence; and
             270          (c) a clear showing that the legal services rendered by counsel were:
             271          (i) other than that required under this chapter or under a separate fee arrangement; and
             272          (ii) necessary for the adequate defense of the indigent and not for the purpose of
             273      delaying the judgment of the original trier of fact.

             274          Section 7. Section 77-32-304.5 is amended to read:
             275           77-32-304.5. Reasonable compensation for defense counsel for indigents.
             276          (1) This section does not apply to any attorney[: (a)] acting as a defense services
             277      provider or otherwise under contract with the county or municipality for defense of an indigent
             278      person[;].
             279          [(b) in the legal defender organization, legal aid agency, law firm, or public defender
             280      association with which that attorney is professionally associated; or]
             281          [(c) who is an employee of a county legal defender's office.]
             282          (2) (a) The county or municipality shall pay reasonable compensation to any attorney
             283      assigned by the court under Subsection 77-32-306 at the conclusion of the representation or any
             284      segment of the representation, as provided in Subsections (2)(b), (c), (d), and (e):
             285          (i) before the district or justice courts, including interlocutory appeals; and
             286          (ii) before the appellate court on a first appeal of right.
             287          (b) The legislative body of each county and municipality shall establish and annually
             288      review guidelines for the rate of compensation, taking into account:
             289          (i) the nature and complexity of the case;
             290          (ii) the competency and years of experience in criminal defense of the assigned
             291      attorney;
             292          (iii) the adjusted net hourly rate incurred by the county or municipality for a prosecutor
             293      or public defender of equivalent experience and competency; and
             294          (iv) the prevailing rates within the judicial district for comparable services.
             295          (c) If the legislative body of a county or municipality does not establish the rate
             296      guidelines, the rate of compensation shall be determined by the trial judge or a judge other than
             297      the trial judge if requested by:
             298          (i) the assigned attorney; or
             299          (ii) the county or municipality.
             300          (d) If the assigned attorney disagrees with the amount of compensation paid or
             301      contemplated for payment by the county or municipality, the assigned attorney shall
             302      nonetheless continue to represent the indigent defendant and may file a claim against:
             303          (i) the county pursuant to Section 17-50-401 , in which event the period for a denial by
             304      the county shall be 20 days; or

             305          (ii) the municipality pursuant to Title 10, Chapter 6, Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act for
             306      Utah Cities.
             307          (e) In determining the reasonable compensation to be paid to defense counsel under
             308      Subsections (2)(c) and (d), the court shall consider the factors contained in Subsections
             309      (2)(b)(i) through (iv).
             310          (f) The total compensation in a noncapital case may not, without prior court approval
             311      following a hearing, exceed:
             312          (i) $3,500 for each assigned attorney in a case in which one or more felonies is
             313      charged;
             314          (ii) $1,000 for each assigned attorney in a case in which only misdemeanors or lesser
             315      offenses are charged; or
             316          (iii) $2,500 for each assigned attorney in the representation of an indigent in an
             317      appellate court on a first appeal of right.
             318          Section 8. Section 77-32-305.5 is amended to read:
             319           77-32-305.5. Reimbursement of extraordinary expense.
             320          (1) For the purposes of this section, an "extraordinary expense" means the collective
             321      expense which exceeds $500 for defense resources or any particular service or item such as
             322      experts, investigators, surveys, or demonstrative evidence.
             323          (2) The county or municipality shall reimburse expenses, exclusive of overhead and
             324      extraordinary expense not approved by the court in accordance with this chapter, reasonably
             325      incurred by assigned attorneys for indigent defendants through a contracted defense services
             326      provider or if so ordered by the court based on a hearing held in accordance with Subsections
             327      77-32-303 (2) and (3), or for an appointed counsel under Section 77-32-304.5 .
             328          (3) The assigned attorney shall file a motion with the court for approval of the
             329      proposed expenditure for any extraordinary expense before the expense is incurred. The
             330      motion shall be heard and ruled upon by a judge other than the trial judge if so requested by
             331      either party or upon the motion of the trial judge.
             332          Section 9. Section 77-32-306 is amended to read:
             333           77-32-306. County or municipal legislative body to provide legal defense.
             334          (1) The county or municipal legislative body shall either:
             335          (a) contract [to provide the legal defense, including counsel, defense resources, or both,

             336      as prescribed by this chapter, and as available, through:] with a defense services provider; or
             337          [(i) a legal aid association; or]
             338          [(ii) one or more defense associations or attorneys and qualified defense resources; or]
             339          (b) authorize the court to provide the services prescribed by this chapter by assigning a
             340      qualified attorney in each case.
             341          (2) A county may create a county legal defender's office to provide for the legal
             342      defense[, including counsel and defense resources or both,] as prescribed by this chapter.
             343          (3) A county legal defender's office may, through the county legislative body contract
             344      with other counties and municipalities within a judicial district to provide the legal services as
             345      prescribed.
             346          (4) Counties and municipalities are encouraged to enter into interlocal cooperation
             347      agreements pursuant to Title 11, Chapter 13, Interlocal Cooperation Act, for the provision of
             348      legal defense, including multiple counties and municipalities contracting with either a private
             349      defense services provider or with a legal defender's office. An interlocal agreement may
             350      provide for:
             351          (a) the creation of or contract with a private defense services provider, as defined in
             352      Subsection 77-32-201 (4);
             353          (b) multiple counties or municipalities to contract with a county legal defender's office,
             354      as defined in 77-32-201 (7); or
             355          (c) the creation of an interlocal entity under the provisions of Section 11-13-203 .
             356          [(4)] (5) When a county or municipality has contracted under Subsection (1)(a) or a
             357      county has created a legal defender's office as provided under Subsection (2) to provide the
             358      legal [counsel and] defense resources required by this chapter, the [contracted legal aid
             359      association or attorneys, contracted defense resources, and the county legal defender's office
             360      are] legal services provider is the exclusive source from which the legal defense may be
             361      provided, unless the court finds a compelling reason for the appointment of noncontracting
             362      attorneys and defense resources, under the provisions of Section 77-32-302 or 77-32-303 , in
             363      which case the judge shall state the compelling reason and the findings of the hearing held
             364      under Subsections 77-32-303 (2) and (3) on the record.
             365          (6) A county or municipality may, by ordinance, provide for some other means which
             366      are constitutionally adequate for legal defense of indigents.

             367          Section 10. Section 77-32-307 is amended to read:
             368           77-32-307. Expenditures of county or municipal funds declared proper -- Tax
             369      levy authorized.
             370          (1) An expenditure by any county or [incorporated] municipality is considered a proper
             371      use of public funds if the expenditure is necessary to carry out the purposes defined in this
             372      chapter.
             373          (2) A donation to a nonprofit legal aid or other association charged with the duty to
             374      provide the services is a proper use of public funds.
             375          (3) Any county or [incorporated area] municipality of the state is authorized to levy and
             376      collect taxes to meet the requirements of this chapter.
             377          Section 11. Section 77-32-401 is amended to read:
             378           77-32-401. Indigent Defense Funds Board -- Members -- Administrative support.
             379          (1) There is created within the Division of Finance the Indigent Defense Funds Board
             380      composed of the following nine members:
             381          (a) two members who are current commissioners or county executives of participating
             382      counties appointed by the board of directors of the Utah Association of Counties;
             383          (b) one member at large appointed by the board of directors of the Utah Association of
             384      Counties;
             385          (c) two members who are current county attorneys of participating counties appointed
             386      by the Utah Prosecution Council;
             387          (d) the director of the Division of Finance or his designee;
             388          (e) one member appointed by the Administrative Office of the Courts; and
             389          (f) two members who are private attorneys engaged in or familiar with the criminal
             390      defense practice appointed by the members of the board listed in Subsections (1)(a) through
             391      (e).
             392          (2) Members shall serve four-year terms[; however, one]. One of the county
             393      commissioners[,] and one of the county attorneys appointed to the initial board shall serve
             394      two-year terms, and the remaining other members of the initial board shall be appointed for
             395      four-year terms. After the initial two-year terms of the county commissioner and county
             396      attorney, those board positions shall have four-year terms.
             397          (3) A vacancy is created if a member appointed under:

             398          (a) Subsection (1)(a) no longer serves as a county commissioner or county executive;
             399      or
             400          (b) Subsection (1)(c) no longer serves as a county attorney.
             401          (4) When a vacancy occurs in the membership for any reason, a replacement shall be
             402      appointed for the remaining unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment.
             403          (5) The board may contract for administrative support for up to $15,000 annually to be
             404      paid proportionally from each fund.
             405          (6) A member may not receive compensation or benefits for the member's service, but
             406      may receive per diem and travel expenses in accordance with:
             407          (a) Section 63A-3-106 ;
             408          (b) Section 63A-3-107 ; and
             409          (c) rules made by the Division of Finance pursuant to Sections 63A-3-106 and
             410      63A-3-107 .
             411          (7) Per diem and expenses for board members shall be paid proportionally from each
             412      fund.
             413          (8) Five members shall constitute a quorum and, if a quorum is present, the action of a
             414      majority of the members present shall constitute the action of the board.

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