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First Substitute H.B. 194

This document includes House Committee Amendments incorporated into the bill on Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 11:08 AM by lerror. -->

Representative Derek E. Brown proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Derek E. Brown

Senate Sponsor: ____________

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the Code of Criminal Procedure by authorizing correctional facilities
             10      to involuntarily feed and hydrate prisoners who refuse sustenance and to petition the
             11      court to order involuntarily feeding or hydrating of prisoners if required for more than
             12      three consecutive days.
             13      Highlighted Provisions:
             14          This bill:
             15          .    provides that a correctional facility may administer food or fluids to a prisoner by
             16      involuntary means for up to three consecutive days if a panel, consisting of the
             17      correctional facility administrator, a licensed physician, and a mental health
             18      therapist determine that the administration is reasonably necessary because the
             19      prisoner is in imminent danger due to inadequate nutrition or hydration;
             20          .    authorizes the correctional facility administrator to petition the court for an order to
             21      administer food or fluids to a prisoner by involuntary means if required for more
             22      than three consecutive days;
             23          .    provides that the court shall hold a hearing within three business days of receiving a
             24      petition from a correctional facility administrator to administer food or fluids to a
             25      prisoner by involuntary means;

             26          .    provides that the prisoner has the right to attend the hearing, testify before the court,
             27      present evidence, and cross-examine witnesses;
             28          .    requires that any involuntary feeding or hydration by the correctional facility be
             29      conducted under medical supervision and in a reasonable manner; and
             30          .    provides exceptions to the provisions of this bill for medically imposed fasts or
             31      religious fasts of reasonable duration.
             32      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             33          None
             34      Other Special Clauses:
             35          None
             36      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             37      ENACTS:
             38          77-16b-101, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             39          77-16b-102, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             40          77-16b-103, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             41          77-16b-104, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             42          77-16b-105, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             43          77-16b-106, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             45      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             46          Section 1. Section 77-16b-101 is enacted to read:

             48          77-16b-101. Title.
             49          This chapter is known as the "Involuntary Feeding and Hydration of Inmates."
             50          Section 2. Section 77-16b-102 is enacted to read:
             51          77-16b-102. Definitions.
             52          As used in this chapter:
             53          (1) "Correctional facility" means a county jail or secure correctional facility as defined
             54      by Section 64-13-1 .
             55          (2) "Correctional facility administrator" means a county sheriff in charge of a county
             56      jail or a designee of the executive director of the Utah Department of Corrections.

             57          (3) "Medical supervision" means under the direction of a licensed physician, physician
             58      assistant, or nurse practitioner.
             59          (4) "Mental health therapist" has the same definition as in Section 58-60-102 .
             60          (5) "Prisoner" means any person who is a pretrial detainee or has been committed to
             61      the custody of a sheriff or the Utah Department of Corrections, and who is physically housed in
             62      a correctional facility.
             63          Section 3. Section 77-16b-103 is enacted to read:
             64          77-16b-103. Involuntary feeding or hydration of prisoners -- Emergency
             65      procedures.
             66          (1) If a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner determines at any
             67      time that a prisoner is in imminent danger of death because of inadequate nutrition or
             68      hydration, a panel consisting of the following members shall review the prisoner's status:
             69          (a) the correctional facility administrator;
             70          (b) a licensed physician; and
             71          (c) a mental health therapist who has been appointed by the correctional facility
             72      administrator.
             73          (2) If reasonably necessary and not contrary to a court order, the panel may authorize,
             74      by a majority vote, the involuntary feeding or hydration of a prisoner:
             75          (a) for up to three successive days;
             76          (b) under immediate medical supervision; and
             77          (c) in a medically recognized and acceptable manner.
             78          (3) Involuntary feeding or hydration for more than three successive days requires an
             79      order issued by the district court under this chapter.
             80          Section 4. Section 77-16b-104 is enacted to read:
             81          77-16b-104. Involuntary feeding or hydration of prisoners -- Petition procedures,
             82      venue -- Prisoner rights.
             83          (1) A correctional facility administrator may petition the district court where the
             84      correctional facility is located for an order permitting the involuntary feeding or hydration of
             85      any prisoner who is likely to suffer severe harm or death by refusing to accept sufficient
             86      nutrition or hydration.
             87          (2) Prior to the filing of a petition under this section, a mental health therapist who is

             88      designated by the correctional facility administrator shall conduct a mental health evaluation of
             89      the subject prisoner H. [ . ] , and shall explain what efforts have been made to address the
             89a      findings of the evaluation including provision of medication or other treatment. .H
             90          (3) Upon the filing of a petition, the district court shall hold a hearing within three
             91      working days. The court:
             92          (a) shall confidentially review the prisoner's medical and mental health records as they
             93      are available H. , including the evaluation referenced in this section .H ;
             94          (b) may hear testimony or receive evidence, subject to the Utah Rules of Evidence,
             95      concerning the circumstances of the prisoner's lack of nutrition or hydration; and
             96          (c) may exclude from the hearing any person whose presence is not necessary for the
             97      purposes of the hearing, due to the introduction of personal medical and mental health
             98      evidence.
             99          (4) After conducting the hearing under Subsection (3), the district court shall issue an
             100      order to involuntarily feed or hydrate the prisoner, if the court finds by a preponderance of
             101      evidence that:
             102          (a) (i) the prisoner is likely to suffer severe harm or death by refusing to accept
             103      sufficient nutrition or hydration; and
             104          (ii) the correctional facility's medical or penological objectives are valid and outweigh
             105      the prisoner's right to refuse treatment; or
             106          (b) the prisoner is refusing sufficient nutrition or hydration with the intent to obstruct
             107      or delay any judicial or administrative proceeding pending against the prisoner.
             108          (5) The district court shall state its findings of fact and conclusions of law on the
             109      record.
             110          (6) The correctional facility administrator shall serve copies of the petition and a notice
             111      of the district court hearing on the prisoner and the prisoner's counsel, if the prisoner is
             112      represented by counsel, at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing under Subsection (3).
             113          (7) The prisoner has the right to attend the hearing, testify, present evidence, and
             114      cross-examine witnesses.
             115          Section 5. Section 77-16b-105 is enacted to read:
             116          77-16b-105. Involuntary feeding or hydration of prisoners -- Standards,
             117      continuing jurisdiction, and records.
             118          (1) Any involuntary nutrition or hydration of a prisoner pursuant to this chapter shall

             119      be conducted under immediate medical supervision and in a medically recognized and
             120      acceptable manner.
             121          (2) Upon the filing of a petition pursuant to Section 77-16b-102 , the court has the
             122      continuing jurisdiction to review the prisoner's need for involuntary nutrition or hydration as
             123      long as the prisoner remains in custody of the correctional facility.
             124          (3) A correctional facility shall maintain records of any involuntary feeding or
             125      hydration of prisoners under this chapter.
             126          (a) The records are classified as "controlled" under Section 63G-2-304 of the
             127      Governmental Records Access and Management Act.
             128          (b) All medical or mental health records submitted to the court under this chapter shall
             129      be kept under seal.
             130          Section 6. Section 77-16b-106 is enacted to read:
             131          77-16b-106. Involuntary feeding or hydration of prisoners -- Exceptions.
             132          This chapter does not apply to medically imposed fasts for the purpose of conducting
             133      medical procedures or tests, or to religious fasts of reasonable duration.

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