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H.B. 464

This document includes House Committee Amendments incorporated into the bill on Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 10:37 AM by lerror. -->              1     




Chief Sponsor: Bill Wright

Senate Sponsor: ____________

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill enacts language related to a county general plan.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    amends the definition of "general plan";
             13          .    amends the requirements for a proposed general plan;
             14          .    requires a county legislative body to adopt a zoning ordinance and zoning map;
             15          .    amends provisions related to an exemption from a plat requirement; and
             16          .    makes technical corrections.
             17      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             18          None
             19      Other Special Clauses:
             20          None
             21      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             22      AMENDS:
             23          17-27a-103, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapters 47, 92, 107, and 407
             24          17-27a-403, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2008, Chapter 168
             25          17-27a-404, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2010, Chapter 90
             26          17-27a-405, as enacted by Laws of Utah 2005, Chapter 254
             27          17-27a-605, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 377

             29      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             30          Section 1. Section 17-27a-103 is amended to read:
             31           17-27a-103. Definitions.
             32          As used in this chapter:
             33          (1) "Affected entity" means a county, municipality, local district, special service
             34      district under Title 17D, Chapter 1, Special Service District Act, school district, interlocal
             35      cooperation entity established under Title 11, Chapter 13, Interlocal Cooperation Act, specified
             36      property owner, property owners association, public utility, or the Utah Department of
             37      Transportation, if:
             38          (a) the entity's services or facilities are likely to require expansion or significant
             39      modification because of an intended use of land;
             40          (b) the entity has filed with the county a copy of the entity's general or long-range plan;
             41      or
             42          (c) the entity has filed with the county a request for notice during the same calendar
             43      year and before the county provides notice to an affected entity in compliance with a
             44      requirement imposed under this chapter.
             45          (2) "Appeal authority" means the person, board, commission, agency, or other body
             46      designated by ordinance to decide an appeal of a decision of a land use application or a
             47      variance.
             48          (3) "Billboard" means a freestanding ground sign located on industrial, commercial, or
             49      residential property if the sign is designed or intended to direct attention to a business, product,
             50      or service that is not sold, offered, or existing on the property where the sign is located.
             51          (4) (a) "Charter school" means:
             52          (i) an operating charter school;
             53          (ii) a charter school applicant that has its application approved by a chartering entity in
             54      accordance with Title 53A, Chapter 1a, Part 5, The Utah Charter Schools Act; or
             55          (iii) an entity who is working on behalf of a charter school or approved charter
             56      applicant to develop or construct a charter school building.
             57          (b) "Charter school" does not include a therapeutic school.
             58          (5) "Chief executive officer" means the person or body that exercises the executive

             59      powers of the county.
             60          (6) "Conditional use" means a land use that, because of its unique characteristics or
             61      potential impact on the county, surrounding neighbors, or adjacent land uses, may not be
             62      compatible in some areas or may be compatible only if certain conditions are required that
             63      mitigate or eliminate the detrimental impacts.
             64          (7) "Constitutional taking" means a governmental action that results in a taking of
             65      private property so that compensation to the owner of the property is required by the:
             66          (a) Fifth or Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; or
             67          (b) Utah Constitution Article I, Section 22.
             68          (8) "Culinary water authority" means the department, agency, or public entity with
             69      responsibility to review and approve the feasibility of the culinary water system and sources for
             70      the subject property.
             71          (9) "Development activity" means:
             72          (a) any construction or expansion of a building, structure, or use that creates additional
             73      demand and need for public facilities;
             74          (b) any change in use of a building or structure that creates additional demand and need
             75      for public facilities; or
             76          (c) any change in the use of land that creates additional demand and need for public
             77      facilities.
             78          (10) (a) "Disability" means a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits
             79      one or more of a person's major life activities, including a person having a record of such an
             80      impairment or being regarded as having such an impairment.
             81          (b) "Disability" does not include current illegal use of, or addiction to, any federally
             82      controlled substance, as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C.
             83      802.
             84          (11) "Educational facility":
             85          (a) means:
             86          (i) a school district's building at which pupils assemble to receive instruction in a
             87      program for any combination of grades from preschool through grade 12, including
             88      kindergarten and a program for children with disabilities;
             89          (ii) a structure or facility:

             90          (A) located on the same property as a building described in Subsection (11)(a)(i); and
             91          (B) used in support of the use of that building; and
             92          (iii) a building to provide office and related space to a school district's administrative
             93      personnel; and
             94          (b) does not include:
             95          (i) land or a structure, including land or a structure for inventory storage, equipment
             96      storage, food processing or preparing, vehicle storage or maintenance, or similar use that is:
             97          (A) not located on the same property as a building described in Subsection (11)(a)(i);
             98      and
             99          (B) used in support of the purposes of a building described in Subsection (11)(a)(i); or
             100          (ii) a therapeutic school.
             101          (12) "Elderly person" means a person who is 60 years old or older, who desires or
             102      needs to live with other elderly persons in a group setting, but who is capable of living
             103      independently.
             104          (13) "Fire authority" means the department, agency, or public entity with responsibility
             105      to review and approve the feasibility of fire protection and suppression services for the subject
             106      property.
             107          (14) "Flood plain" means land that:
             108          (a) is within the 100-year flood plain designated by the Federal Emergency
             109      Management Agency; or
             110          (b) has not been studied or designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
             111      but presents a likelihood of experiencing chronic flooding or a catastrophic flood event because
             112      the land has characteristics that are similar to those of a 100-year flood plain designated by the
             113      Federal Emergency Management Agency.
             114          (15) "Gas corporation" has the same meaning as defined in Section 54-2-1 .
             115          (16) "General plan" means a document that a county adopts [that sets] to:
             116          (a) reflect current subdivision and land use patterns; and
             117          (b) set forth general guidelines for proposed future development of the unincorporated
             118      land within the county.
             119          (17) "Geologic hazard" means:
             120          (a) a surface fault rupture;

             121          (b) shallow groundwater;
             122          (c) liquefaction;
             123          (d) a landslide;
             124          (e) a debris flow;
             125          (f) unstable soil;
             126          (g) a rock fall; or
             127          (h) any other geologic condition that presents a risk:
             128          (i) to life;
             129          (ii) of substantial loss of real property; or
             130          (iii) of substantial damage to real property.
             131          (18) "Internal lot restriction" means a platted note, platted demarcation, or platted
             132      designation that:
             133          (a) runs with the land; and
             134          (b) (i) creates a restriction that is enclosed within the perimeter of a lot described on
             135      the plat; or
             136          (ii) designates a development condition that is enclosed within the perimeter of a lot
             137      described on the plat.
             138          (19) "Hookup fee" means a fee for the installation and inspection of any pipe, line,
             139      meter, or appurtenance to connect to a county water, sewer, storm water, power, or other utility
             140      system.
             141          (20) "Identical plans" means building plans submitted to a county that:
             142          (a) are clearly marked as "identical plans";
             143          (b) are substantially identical building plans that were previously submitted to and
             144      reviewed and approved by the county; and
             145          (c) describe a building that:
             146          (i) is located on land zoned the same as the land on which the building described in the
             147      previously approved plans is located;
             148          (ii) is subject to the same geological and meteorological conditions and the same law
             149      as the building described in the previously approved plans;
             150          (iii) has a floor plan identical to the building plan previously submitted to and reviewed
             151      and approved by the county; and

             152          (iv) does not require any additional engineering or analysis.
             153          (21) "Impact fee" means a payment of money imposed under Title 11, Chapter 36a,
             154      Impact Fees Act.
             155          (22) "Improvement assurance" means a surety bond, letter of credit, cash, or other
             156      security:
             157          (a) to guaranty the proper completion of an improvement;
             158          (b) that is required as a condition precedent to:
             159          (i) recording a subdivision plat; or
             160          (ii) beginning development activity; and
             161          (c) that is offered to a land use authority to induce the land use authority, before actual
             162      construction of required improvements, to:
             163          (i) consent to the recording of a subdivision plat; or
             164          (ii) issue a permit for development activity.
             165          (23) "Improvement assurance warranty" means a promise that the materials and
             166      workmanship of improvements:
             167          (a) comport with standards that the county has officially adopted; and
             168          (b) will not fail in any material respect within a warranty period.
             169          (24) "Interstate pipeline company" means a person or entity engaged in natural gas
             170      transportation subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under
             171      the Natural Gas Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 717 et seq.
             172          (25) "Intrastate pipeline company" means a person or entity engaged in natural gas
             173      transportation that is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory
             174      Commission under the Natural Gas Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 717 et seq.
             175          (26) "Land use application" means an application required by a county's land use
             176      ordinance.
             177          (27) "Land use authority" means a person, board, commission, agency, or other body
             178      designated by the local legislative body to act upon a land use application.
             179          (28) "Land use ordinance" means a planning, zoning, development, or subdivision
             180      ordinance of the county, but does not include the general plan.
             181          (29) "Land use permit" means a permit issued by a land use authority.
             182          (30) "Legislative body" means the county legislative body, or for a county that has

             183      adopted an alternative form of government, the body exercising legislative powers.
             184          (31) "Local district" means any entity under Title 17B, Limited Purpose Local
             185      Government Entities - Local Districts, and any other governmental or quasi-governmental
             186      entity that is not a county, municipality, school district, or the state.
             187          (32) "Lot line adjustment" means the relocation of the property boundary line in a
             188      subdivision between two adjoining lots with the consent of the owners of record.
             189          (33) "Moderate income housing" means housing occupied or reserved for occupancy
             190      by households with a gross household income equal to or less than 80% of the median gross
             191      income for households of the same size in the county in which the housing is located.
             192          (34) "Nominal fee" means a fee that reasonably reimburses a county only for time spent
             193      and expenses incurred in:
             194          (a) verifying that building plans are identical plans; and
             195          (b) reviewing and approving those minor aspects of identical plans that differ from the
             196      previously reviewed and approved building plans.
             197          (35) "Noncomplying structure" means a structure that:
             198          (a) legally existed before its current land use designation; and
             199          (b) because of one or more subsequent land use ordinance changes, does not conform
             200      to the setback, height restrictions, or other regulations, excluding those regulations that govern
             201      the use of land.
             202          (36) "Nonconforming use" means a use of land that:
             203          (a) legally existed before its current land use designation;
             204          (b) has been maintained continuously since the time the land use ordinance regulation
             205      governing the land changed; and
             206          (c) because of one or more subsequent land use ordinance changes, does not conform
             207      to the regulations that now govern the use of the land.
             208          (37) "Official map" means a map drawn by county authorities and recorded in the
             209      county recorder's office that:
             210          (a) shows actual and proposed rights-of-way, centerline alignments, and setbacks for
             211      highways and other transportation facilities;
             212          (b) provides a basis for restricting development in designated rights-of-way or between
             213      designated setbacks to allow the government authorities time to purchase or otherwise reserve

             214      the land; and
             215          (c) has been adopted as an element of the county's general plan.
             216          (38) "Person" means an individual, corporation, partnership, organization, association,
             217      trust, governmental agency, or any other legal entity.
             218          (39) "Plan for moderate income housing" means a written document adopted by a
             219      county legislative body that includes:
             220          (a) an estimate of the existing supply of moderate income housing located within the
             221      county;
             222          (b) an estimate of the need for moderate income housing in the county for the next five
             223      years as revised biennially;
             224          (c) a survey of total residential land use;
             225          (d) an evaluation of how existing land uses and zones affect opportunities for moderate
             226      income housing; and
             227          (e) a description of the county's program to encourage an adequate supply of moderate
             228      income housing.
             229          (40) "Plat" means a map or other graphical representation of lands being laid out and
             230      prepared in accordance with Section 17-27a-603 , 17-23-17 , or 57-8-13 .
             231          (41) "Potential geologic hazard area" means an area that:
             232          (a) is designated by a Utah Geological Survey map, county geologist map, or other
             233      relevant map or report as needing further study to determine the area's potential for geologic
             234      hazard; or
             235          (b) has not been studied by the Utah Geological Survey or a county geologist but
             236      presents the potential of geologic hazard because the area has characteristics similar to those of
             237      a designated geologic hazard area.
             238          (42) "Public agency" means:
             239          (a) the federal government;
             240          (b) the state;
             241          (c) a county, municipality, school district, local district, special service district, or other
             242      political subdivision of the state; or
             243          (d) a charter school.
             244          (43) "Public hearing" means a hearing at which members of the public are provided a

             245      reasonable opportunity to comment on the subject of the hearing.
             246          (44) "Public meeting" means a meeting that is required to be open to the public under
             247      Title 52, Chapter 4, Open and Public Meetings Act.
             248          (45) "Receiving zone" means an unincorporated area of a county that the county's land
             249      use authority designates as an area in which an owner of land may receive transferrable
             250      development rights.
             251          (46) "Record of survey map" means a map of a survey of land prepared in accordance
             252      with Section 17-23-17 .
             253          (47) "Residential facility for elderly persons" means a single-family or multiple-family
             254      dwelling unit that meets the requirements of Section 17-27a-515 , but does not include a health
             255      care facility as defined by Section 26-21-2 .
             256          (48) "Residential facility for persons with a disability" means a residence:
             257          (a) in which more than one person with a disability resides; and
             258          (b) (i) is licensed or certified by the Department of Human Services under Title 62A,
             259      Chapter 2, Licensure of Programs and Facilities; or
             260          (ii) is licensed or certified by the Department of Health under Title 26, Chapter 21,
             261      Health Care Facility Licensing and Inspection Act.
             262          (49) "Rules of order and procedure" means a set of rules that govern and prescribe in a
             263      public meeting:
             264          (a) parliamentary order and procedure;
             265          (b) ethical behavior; and
             266          (c) civil discourse.
             267          (50) "Sanitary sewer authority" means the department, agency, or public entity with
             268      responsibility to review and approve the feasibility of sanitary sewer services or onsite
             269      wastewater systems.
             270          (51) "Sending zone" means an unincorporated area of a county that the county's land
             271      use authority designates as an area from which an owner of land may transfer transferrable
             272      development rights to an owner of land in a receiving zone.
             273          (52) "Specified public agency" means:
             274          (a) the state;
             275          (b) a school district; or

             276          (c) a charter school.
             277          (53) "Specified public utility" means an electrical corporation, gas corporation, or
             278      telephone corporation, as those terms are defined in Section 54-2-1 .
             279          (54) "State" includes any department, division, or agency of the state.
             280          (55) "Street" means a public right-of-way, including a highway, avenue, boulevard,
             281      parkway, road, lane, walk, alley, viaduct, subway, tunnel, bridge, public easement, or other
             282      way.
             283          (56) (a) "Subdivision" means any land that is divided, resubdivided or proposed to be
             284      divided into two or more lots, parcels, sites, units, plots, or other division of land for the
             285      purpose, whether immediate or future, for offer, sale, lease, or development either on the
             286      installment plan or upon any and all other plans, terms, and conditions.
             287          (b) "Subdivision" includes:
             288          (i) the division or development of land whether by deed, metes and bounds description,
             289      devise and testacy, map, plat, or other recorded instrument; and
             290          (ii) except as provided in Subsection (56)(c), divisions of land for residential and
             291      nonresidential uses, including land used or to be used for commercial, agricultural, and
             292      industrial purposes.
             293          (c) "Subdivision" does not include:
             294          (i) a bona fide division or partition of agricultural land for agricultural purposes;
             295          (ii) a recorded agreement between owners of adjoining properties adjusting their
             296      mutual boundary if:
             297          (A) no new lot is created; and
             298          (B) the adjustment does not violate applicable land use ordinances;
             299          (iii) a recorded document, executed by the owner of record:
             300          (A) revising the legal description of more than one contiguous unsubdivided parcel of
             301      property into one legal description encompassing all such parcels of property; or
             302          (B) joining a subdivided parcel of property to another parcel of property that has not
             303      been subdivided, if the joinder does not violate applicable land use ordinances;
             304          (iv) a bona fide division or partition of land in a county other than a first class county
             305      for the purpose of siting, on one or more of the resulting separate parcels:
             306          (A) an electrical transmission line or a substation;

             307          (B) a natural gas pipeline or a regulation station; or
             308          (C) an unmanned telecommunications, microwave, fiber optic, electrical, or other
             309      utility service regeneration, transformation, retransmission, or amplification facility;
             310          (v) a recorded agreement between owners of adjoining subdivided properties adjusting
             311      their mutual boundary if:
             312          (A) no new dwelling lot or housing unit will result from the adjustment; and
             313          (B) the adjustment will not violate any applicable land use ordinance; or
             314          (vi) a bona fide division or partition of land by deed or other instrument where the land
             315      use authority expressly approves in writing the division in anticipation of further land use
             316      approvals on the parcel or parcels.
             317          (d) The joining of a subdivided parcel of property to another parcel of property that has
             318      not been subdivided does not constitute a subdivision under this Subsection (56) as to the
             319      unsubdivided parcel of property or subject the unsubdivided parcel to the county's subdivision
             320      ordinance.
             321          (57) "Therapeutic school" means a residential group living facility:
             322          (a) for four or more individuals who are not related to:
             323          (i) the owner of the facility; or
             324          (ii) the primary service provider of the facility;
             325          (b) that serves students who have a history of failing to function:
             326          (i) at home;
             327          (ii) in a public school; or
             328          (iii) in a nonresidential private school; and
             329          (c) that offers:
             330          (i) room and board; and
             331          (ii) an academic education integrated with:
             332          (A) specialized structure and supervision; or
             333          (B) services or treatment related to a disability, an emotional development, a
             334      behavioral development, a familial development, or a social development.
             335          (58) "Township" means a contiguous, geographically defined portion of the
             336      unincorporated area of a county, established under this part or reconstituted or reinstated under
             337      Section 17-27a-306 , with planning and zoning functions as exercised through the township

             338      planning commission, as provided in this chapter, but with no legal or political identity
             339      separate from the county and no taxing authority, except that "township" means a former
             340      township under Laws of Utah 1996, Chapter 308, where the context so indicates.
             341          (59) "Transferrable development right" means the entitlement to develop land within a
             342      sending zone that would vest according to the county's existing land use ordinances on the date
             343      that a completed land use application is filed seeking the approval of development activity on
             344      the land.
             345          (60) "Unincorporated" means the area outside of the incorporated area of a
             346      municipality.
             347          (61) "Water interest" means any right to the beneficial use of water, including:
             348          (a) each of the rights listed in Section 73-1-11 ; and
             349          (b) an ownership interest in the right to the beneficial use of water represented by:
             350          (i) a contract; or
             351          (ii) a share in a water company, as defined in Section 73-3-3.5 .
             352          (62) "Zoning map" means a map, adopted as part of a land use ordinance, that depicts
             353      land use zones, overlays, or districts.
             354          Section 2. Section 17-27a-403 is amended to read:
             355           17-27a-403. Plan preparation.
             356          (1) (a) The planning commission shall provide notice, as provided in Section
             357      17-27a-203 , of its intent to make a recommendation to the county legislative body for a general
             358      plan or a comprehensive general plan amendment when the planning commission initiates the
             359      process of preparing its recommendation.
             360          (b) The planning commission shall make and recommend to the legislative body a
             361      proposed general plan for the unincorporated area within the county.
             362          (c) (i) The plan may include planning for incorporated areas if, in the planning
             363      commission's judgment, they are related to the planning of the unincorporated territory or of
             364      the county as a whole.
             365          (ii) Elements of the county plan that address incorporated areas are not an official plan
             366      or part of a municipal plan for any municipality, unless it is recommended by the municipal
             367      planning commission and adopted by the governing body of the municipality.
             368          (2) [(a)] At a minimum, the proposed general plan, with the accompanying maps,

             369      charts, and descriptive and explanatory matter, shall:
             370          (a) accurately reflect H. [ , describe, and map ] .H the existing land uses, densities,
             370a      and recorded
             371      divisions of land; and
             372          (b) include the planning commission's recommendations for the following plan
             373      elements:
             374          (i) a land use element that:
             375          (A) designates the long-term goals and the proposed extent, general distribution, and
             376      location of land for housing, business, industry, agriculture, recreation, education, public
             377      buildings and grounds, open space, and other categories of public and private uses of land as
             378      appropriate; and
             379          (B) may include a statement of the projections for and standards of population density
             380      and building intensity recommended for the various land use categories covered by the plan;
             381          (ii) a transportation and traffic circulation element consisting of the general location
             382      and extent of existing and proposed freeways, arterial and collector streets, mass transit, and
             383      any other modes of transportation that the planning commission considers appropriate, all
             384      correlated with the population projections and the proposed land use element of the general
             385      plan; and
             386          (iii) an estimate of the need for the development of additional moderate income
             387      housing within the incorporated and unincorporated area of the county, and a plan to provide a
             388      realistic opportunity to meet estimated needs for additional moderate income housing if
             389      long-term projections for land use and development occur.
             390          [(b)] (3) In drafting the moderate income housing element, the planning commission:
             391          [(i)] (a) shall consider the Legislature's determination that counties and incorporated
             392      areas within a county should facilitate a reasonable opportunity for a variety of housing,
             393      including moderate income housing:
             394          [(A)] (i) to meet the needs of people desiring to live there; and
             395          [(B)] (ii) to allow persons with moderate incomes to benefit from and fully participate
             396      in all aspects of neighborhood and community life; and
             397          [(ii)] (b) may include an analysis of why the recommended means, techniques, or
             398      combination of means and techniques provide a realistic opportunity for the development of
             399      moderate income housing within the planning horizon, which means or techniques may include

             400      a recommendation to:
             401          [(A)] (i) support the annexation or incorporation of areas in order to rezone for
             402      densities necessary to assure the production of moderate income housing;
             403          [(B)] (ii) facilitate the rehabilitation or expansion of infrastructure that will encourage
             404      the construction of moderate income housing;
             405          [(C)] (iii) encourage the rehabilitation of existing uninhabitable housing stock into
             406      moderate income housing;
             407          [(D)] (iv) consider general fund subsidies to waive construction related fees that are
             408      otherwise generally imposed by the county or a local district;
             409          [(E)] (v) consider utilization of state or federal funds or tax incentives to promote the
             410      construction of moderate income housing;
             411          [(F)] (vi) consider utilization of programs offered by the Utah Housing Corporation
             412      within that agency's funding capacity; and
             413          [(G)] (vii) consider utilization of affordable housing programs administered by the
             414      Department of Community and Culture.
             415          [(c)] (4) In drafting the land use element, the planning commission shall:
             416          [(i)] (a) identify and consider each agriculture protection area within the
             417      unincorporated area of the county; and
             418          [(ii)] (b) avoid proposing a use of land within an agriculture protection area that is
             419      inconsistent with or detrimental to the use of the land for agriculture.
             420          [(3)] (5) The proposed general plan may include:
             421          (a) an environmental element that addresses:
             422          (i) the protection, conservation, development, and use of natural resources, including
             423      the quality of air, forests, soils, rivers and other waters, harbors, fisheries, wildlife, minerals,
             424      and other natural resources; and
             425          (ii) the reclamation of land, flood control, prevention and control of the pollution of
             426      streams and other waters, regulation of the use of land on hillsides, stream channels and other
             427      environmentally sensitive areas, the prevention, control, and correction of the erosion of soils,
             428      protection of watersheds and wetlands, and the mapping of known geologic hazards;
             429          (b) a public services and facilities element showing general plans for sewage, water,
             430      waste disposal, drainage, public utilities, rights-of-way, easements, and facilities for them,

             431      police and fire protection, and other public services;
             432          (c) a rehabilitation, redevelopment, and conservation element consisting of plans and
             433      programs for:
             434          (i) historic preservation;
             435          (ii) the diminution or elimination of blight; and
             436          (iii) redevelopment of land, including housing sites, business and industrial sites, and
             437      public building sites;
             438          (d) an economic element composed of appropriate studies and forecasts, as well as an
             439      economic development plan, which may include review of existing and projected county
             440      revenue and expenditures, revenue sources, identification of basic and secondary industry,
             441      primary and secondary market areas, employment, and retail sales activity;
             442          (e) recommendations for implementing all or any portion of the general plan, including
             443      the use of land use ordinances, capital improvement plans, community development and
             444      promotion, and any other appropriate action;
             445          (f) provisions addressing any of the matters listed in Subsection 17-27a-401 (2); and
             446          (g) any other element the county considers appropriate.
             447          Section 3. Section 17-27a-404 is amended to read:
             448           17-27a-404. Public hearing by planning commission on proposed general plan or
             449      amendment -- Notice -- Revisions to general plan or amendment -- Adoption or rejection
             450      by legislative body.
             451          (1) (a) After completing its recommendation for a proposed general plan, or proposal to
             452      amend the general plan, the planning commission shall schedule and hold a public hearing on
             453      the proposed plan or amendment.
             454          (b) The planning commission shall provide notice of the public hearing, as required by
             455      Section 17-27a-204 .
             456          (c) After the public hearing, the planning commission may modify the proposed
             457      general plan or amendment.
             458          (2) The planning commission shall forward the proposed general plan or amendment to
             459      the legislative body.
             460          (3) (a) As provided by local ordinance and by Section 17-27a-204 , the legislative body
             461      shall provide notice of its intent to consider the general plan proposal.

             462          (b) (i) In addition to the requirements of Subsections (1), (2), and (3)(a), the legislative
             463      body shall hold a public hearing in Salt Lake City on provisions of the proposed county plan
             464      regarding Subsection 17-27a-401 (3). The hearing procedure shall comply with this Subsection
             465      (3)(b).
             466          (ii) The hearing format shall allow adequate time for public comment at the actual
             467      public hearing, and shall also allow for public comment in writing to be submitted to the
             468      legislative body for not fewer than 90 days after the date of the public hearing.
             469          (c) (i) The legislative body shall give notice of the hearing in accordance with this
             470      Subsection (3) when the proposed plan provisions required by Subsection 17-27a-401 (3) are
             471      complete.
             472          (ii) Direct notice of the hearing shall be given, in writing, to the governor, members of
             473      the state Legislature, executive director of the Department of Environmental Quality, the state
             474      planning coordinator, the Resource Development Coordinating Committee, and any other
             475      citizens or entities who specifically request notice in writing.
             476          (iii) Public notice shall be given by publication:
             477          (A) in at least one major Utah newspaper having broad general circulation in the state;
             478          (B) in at least one Utah newspaper having a general circulation focused mainly on the
             479      county where the proposed high-level nuclear waste or greater than class C radioactive waste
             480      site is to be located; and
             481          (C) on the Utah Public Notice Website created in Section 63F-1-701 .
             482          (iv) The notice shall be published to allow reasonable time for interested parties and
             483      the state to evaluate the information regarding the provisions of Subsection 17-27a-401 (3),
             484      including:
             485          (A) in a newspaper described in Subsection (3)(c)(iii)(A), no less than 180 days before
             486      the date of the hearing to be held under this Subsection (3); and
             487          (B) publication described in Subsection (3)(c)(iii)(B) or (C) for 180 days before the
             488      date of the hearing to be held under this Subsection (3).
             489          (4) (a) After the public hearing required under this section, the legislative body may
             490      make any revisions to the proposed general plan that it considers appropriate.
             491          (b) The legislative body shall respond in writing and in a substantive manner to all
             492      those providing comments as a result of the hearing required by Subsection (3).

             493          (5) (a) The county legislative body may adopt or reject the proposed general plan or
             494      amendment either as proposed by the planning commission or after making any revision the
             495      county legislative body considers appropriate.
             496          (b) If the county legislative body rejects the proposed general plan or amendment, it
             497      may provide suggestions to the planning commission for its consideration.
             498          (6) The legislative body shall adopt:
             499          (a) a land use element as provided in Subsection 17-27a-403 (2)(a)(i);
             500          (b) a transportation and traffic circulation element as provided in Subsection
             501      17-27a-403 (2)[(a)(ii)](b)(ii); and
             502          (c) after considering the factors included in Subsection 17-27a-403 [(2)(b)](3), a plan to
             503      provide a realistic opportunity to meet estimated needs for additional moderate income housing
             504      if long-term projections for land use and development occur.
             505          Section 4. Section 17-27a-405 is amended to read:
             506           17-27a-405. Effect of general plan.
             507          (1) Except for the mandatory provisions in [Subsection] Subsections 17-27a-401 (3)(b)
             508      and 17-27a-403 (2)(a) and Section 17-27a-406 , the general plan is an advisory guide for land
             509      use decisions, the impact of which shall be determined by ordinance.
             510          (2) The legislative body:
             511          (a) may adopt an ordinance mandating compliance with a land use element of the
             512      general plan[,]; and
             513          (b) shall adopt:
             514          (i) an ordinance requiring compliance with all provisions of Subsection
             515      17-27a-401 (3)(b)[.]; and
             516          (ii) a zoning ordinance and zoning map that are consistent with Subsection
             517      17-27a-403 (2)(a).
             518          Section 5. Section 17-27a-605 is amended to read:
             519           17-27a-605. Exemptions from plat requirement.
             520          (1) Notwithstanding Sections 17-27a-603 and 17-27a-604 , the land use authority may
             521      approve the subdivision of unincorporated land into 10 lots or less without a plat, by certifying
             522      in writing that:
             523          (a) the county has provided notice as required by ordinance; and

             524          (b) the proposed subdivision:
             525          (i) is not traversed by the mapped lines of a proposed street as shown in the general
             526      plan and does not require the dedication of any land for street or other public purposes;
             527          (ii) has been approved by the culinary water authority and the sanitary sewer authority;
             528          (iii) is located in a zoned area; and
             529          (iv) conforms to all applicable land use ordinances or has properly received a variance
             530      from the requirements of an otherwise conflicting and applicable land use ordinance.
             531          (2) (a) Subject to Subsection (1), a lot or parcel resulting from a division of agricultural
             532      land is exempt from the plat requirements of Section 17-27a-603 if the lot or parcel:
             533          (i) qualifies as land in agricultural use under Section 59-2-502 ; and
             534          [(ii) meets the minimum size requirement of applicable land use ordinances; and]
             535          [(iii)] (ii) is not used and will not be used for any nonagricultural purpose.
             536          (b) The boundaries of each lot or parcel exempted under Subsection (2)(a) shall be
             537      graphically illustrated on a record of survey map that[, after receiving the same approvals as are
             538      required for a plat under Section 17-27a-604 ,] shall be recorded with the county recorder.
             539          (c) If a lot or parcel exempted under Subsection (2)(a) is used for a nonagricultural
             540      purpose, the county shall require the lot or parcel to comply with the requirements of Section
             541      17-27a-603 .
             542          (3) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (4), a document recorded in the county
             543      recorder's office that divides property by a metes and bounds description does not create an
             544      approved subdivision allowed by this part unless the land use authority's certificate of written
             545      approval required by Subsection (1) is attached to the document.
             546          (b) The absence of the certificate or written approval required by Subsection (1) does
             547      not:
             548          (i) prohibit the county recorder from recording a document; or
             549          (ii) affect the validity of a recorded document.
             550          (c) A document which does not meet the requirements of Subsection (1) may be
             551      corrected by the recording of an affidavit to which the required certificate or written approval is
             552      attached in accordance with Section 57-3-106 .
             553          (4) (a) As used in this Subsection (4):
             554          (i) "Divided land" means land that:

             555          (A) is described as the land to be divided in a notice under Subsection (4)(b)(ii); and
             556          (B) has been divided by a minor subdivision.
             557          (ii) "Land to be divided" means land that is proposed to be divided by a minor
             558      subdivision.
             559          (iii) "Minor subdivision" means a division of at least 100 contiguous acres of
             560      agricultural land in a county of the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth class to create one new lot that,
             561      after the division, is separate from the remainder of the original 100 or more contiguous acres
             562      of agricultural land.
             563          (iv) "Minor subdivision lot" means a lot created by a minor subdivision.
             564          (b) Notwithstanding Sections 17-27a-603 and 17-27a-604 , an owner of at least 100
             565      contiguous acres of agricultural land may make a minor subdivision by submitting for
             566      recording in the office of the recorder of the county in which the land to be divided is located:
             567          (i) a recordable deed containing the legal description of the minor subdivision lot; and
             568          (ii) a notice:
             569          (A) indicating that the owner of the land to be divided is making a minor subdivision;
             570          (B) referring specifically to this section as the authority for making the minor
             571      subdivision; and
             572          (C) containing the legal description of:
             573          (I) the land to be divided; and
             574          (II) the minor subdivision lot.
             575          (c) A minor subdivision lot:
             576          (i) may not be less than one acre in size;
             577          (ii) may not be within 1,000 feet of another minor subdivision lot; and
             578          (iii) is not subject to the subdivision ordinance of the county in which the minor
             579      subdivision lot is located.
             580          (d) Land to be divided by a minor subdivision may not include divided land.
             581          (e) A county:
             582          (i) may not deny a building permit to an owner of a minor subdivision lot based on:
             583          (A) the lot's status as a minor subdivision lot; or
             584          (B) the absence of standards described in Subsection (4)(e)(ii); and
             585          (ii) may, in connection with the issuance of a building permit, subject a minor

             586      subdivision lot to reasonable health, safety, and access standards that the county has established
             587      and made public.

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