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H.R. 2






Chief Sponsor: John Dougall

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This rules resolution modifies procedures for appointing, selecting, and replacing
             10      committee members and chairs.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This resolution:
             13          .    provides procedures for assigning membership to standing committees and
             14      appropriations subcommittees to members of the House of Representatives;
             15          .    defines requirements for committee membership, both in number of members and
             16      the partisan makeup of committees;
             17          .    provides procedures for representatives to give notice of committee preferences;
             18          .    defines terms;
             19          .    provides procedures for the selection of House committee members for House
             20      standing committees and appropriations subcommittees;
             21          .    provides procedures for appointing House members to the Retirement and
             22      Independent Ethics Committee;
             23          .    provides procedures for the appointment of House standing committee and
             24      appropriations subcommittee chairs;
             25          .    provides procedures for calling and conducting organizational meetings for
             26      committees; and
             27          .    provides procedures for replacement of House standing committee and

             28      appropriations subcommittee members and chairs.
             29      Special Clauses:
             30              This resolution provides an effective date.
             31      Legislative Rules Affected:
             32      AMENDS:
             33          HR3-2-201
             34      ENACTS:
             35          HR3-2-201.5
             37      Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the state of Utah:
             38          Section 1. HR3-2-201 is amended to read:
             39           HR3-2-201. House Standing Committees.
             40          (1) [The Speaker shall appoint the] Members of the House of Representatives shall
             41      serve on the following standing committees[, including appointing a chair and vice-chair]:
             42          (a) Business and Labor;
             43          (b) Education;
             44          (c) Government Operations;
             45          (d) Health and Human Services;
             46          (e) House Rules;
             47          (f) Judiciary;
             48          (g) Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice;
             49          (h) Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment;
             50          (i) Political Subdivisions;
             51          (j) Public Utilities and Technology;
             52          (k) Revenue and Taxation;
             53          (l) Transportation; [and]
             54          (m) Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development[.]; and
             55          [(2) The members of the Retirement and Independent Entities Committee created in
             56      Utah Code Section 63E-1-201 who are appointed from the House of Representatives are a
             57      standing committee.]
             58          (n) Retirement and Independent Entities Committee, as provided in Utah Code Section

             59      63E-1-201 .
             60          (2) Each committee shall have a maximum of 15 and a minimum of seven members.
             61          Section 2. HR3-2-201.5 is enacted to read:
             62          HR3-2-201.5. Selection of House Members for Service on Committees -- Selection
             63      of Chairs -- Vacancies.
             64          (1) (a) Following each regular general election, the speaker of the House of
             65      Representatives shall assign each representative to:
             66          (i) at least one House standing committee, as listed in HR3-2-201; and
             67          (ii) one appropriations subcommittee, as listed in JR3-2-302.
             68          (b) The speaker shall have the discretion to appoint a representative to more than one
             69      House standing committee and more than one appropriations subcommittee.
             70          (2) The speaker shall make committee assignments according to the following
             71      procedures:
             72          (a) on each committee or subcommittee, the speaker shall appoint members of the
             73      majority and minority parties in a proportion approximately equal to the proportion of majority
             74      and minority parties in the House of Representatives as a whole, as that proportion exists
             75      according to the results of the regular general election occurring immediately before selections
             76      are made under this section;
             77          (b) on or before November 15, the speaker shall send to each representative a
             78      committee rotation list, showing the committees that meet during each time block;
             79          (c) on or before December 1, each representative shall submit to the speaker:
             80          (i) a list of every committee and subcommittee described in Subsection (1), ranked in
             81      order of the representative's preference;
             82          (ii) a statement as to whether the representative is interested in serving on more than
             83      one House standing committee; and
             84          (iii) a statement as to whether the representative is interested in serving on more than
             85      one appropriations subcommittee; and
             86          (d) (i) subject to Subsection (2)(d)(iii), the speaker shall, using a round-robin selection
             87      method, assign each representative to a committee or subcommittee based upon each
             88      representative's ranked preference starting with the representative having the highest seniority,
             89      as determined under Subsection (3), and continuing through the member having the lowest

             90      seniority, and repeating round-robin rounds as necessary to assign those members to
             91      committees as provided in Subsection (1)(a);
             92          (ii) when making round-robin assignments, if the number of representatives requesting
             93      assignment to a particular committee exceeds the number of members permitted on that
             94      committee or the number of members of that party permitted on that committee due to
             95      majority/minority requirements, that member shall be assigned to the member's next
             96      highest-ranked committee;
             97          (iii) the speaker shall assign each representative that did not submit a ranked list to a
             98      House standing committee and an appropriations subcommittee of the speaker's choice after the
             99      speaker has made the round-robin selection;
             100          (iv) the speaker may choose to appoint representatives to additional committees
             101      consistent with the requirements of this section, except that the speaker may, but is not required
             102      to consider, preference rankings or representatives' requests for service on additional
             103      committees when making selections under this Subsection (2)(d)(iv); and
             104          (v) the speaker shall publish the committee and subcommittee assignments on or
             105      before December 15.
             106          (3) For the purposes of this section:
             107          (a) seniority shall be determined by the total number of months of service in the House
             108      of Representatives, whether that service is interrupted or uninterrupted;
             109          (b) calculation of seniority shall not include consideration of service in the Utah
             110      Senate; and
             111          (c) if members have the same seniority based on the above calculations, seniority
             112      among those members shall be determined by random selection that is newly generated each
             113      time appointments are made under this section.
             114          (4) When making appointments to the Retirement and Independent Entities Committee
             115      under Utah Code Section 63E-1-201 , the speaker shall:
             116          (a) appoint those representatives selected under the requirements and procedures of this
             117      section to the committee; and
             118          (b) designate the representative who is chosen by a vote of a majority of the
             119      representatives appointed to the committee as House cochair.
             120          (5) When making appointments to an appropriations subcommittee under JR3-2-302,

             121      the speaker shall:
             122          (a) appoint those representatives selected under the requirements of this section to each
             123      subcommittee; and
             124          (b) appoint the representatives who were chosen by a vote of a majority of the
             125      representatives appointed to the subcommittee as chair and vice-chair.
             126          (6) (a) On or before January 15, the speaker shall call meetings of all of the House
             127      standing committees and appropriations subcommittees in order to organize the committees.
             128          (b) At the organizational meeting the committee shall, by a majority vote:
             129          (i) select a chair for the committee; and
             130          (ii) select a vice-chair for the committee.
             131          (c) The speaker shall appoint a temporary committee chair for the purpose of
             132      commencing the meeting and conducting the votes for chair and vice-chair.
             133          (7) If a member of a committee ceases to serve due to resignation, death, or other
             134      discontinuation of service in the Legislature, the person replacing that representative shall take
             135      the representative's place on the committee:
             136          (a) if that member is the chair of a standing committee, the standing committee shall
             137      select a new chair and vice-chair by a majority vote;
             138          (b) if that member is a vice-chair of a standing committee, the standing committee shall
             139      select a new vice-chair by a majority vote;
             140          (c) if that member is the House chair of an appropriations subcommittee, the House
             141      members of the subcommittee shall select a new chair and vice-chair by a majority vote; and
             142          (d) if that member is the House vice-chair of an appropriations subcommittee, the
             143      House members of that subcommittee shall select a new vice-chair by a majority vote.
             144          Section 3. Effective date.
             145          This resolution takes effect upon approval by a constitutional majority vote of all
             146      members of the House of Representatives on November 1, 2012.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 2-22-12 1:24 PM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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