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S.R. 3

This document includes Senate 2nd and 3rd Reading Floor Amendments incorporated into the bill on Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 4:34 PM by cmillar. -->              1     




Chief Sponsor: Benjamin M. McAdams


             6      LONG TITLE
             7      General Description:
             8          This resolution of the Senate encourages instruction on ways to improve air quality and
             9      the harmful effects of vehicle emissions, and encourages Utah motorists to take
             10      responsibility to improve air quality.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This resolution:
             13          .    encourages the State Board of Education and the Driver License Division to
             14      include, in their curriculum for driver education, instruction on ways to improve air
             15      quality and the harmful effects of vehicle emissions; and
             16          .    encourages all motor vehicle drivers to be conscientious regarding their driving
             17      choices and take personal responsibility to help improve Utah's air quality.
             18      Special Clauses:
             19          None

             21      Be it resolved by the Senate of the state of Utah:
             22          WHEREAS, Utahns value clean air and healthy lifestyles;
             23          WHEREAS, Utah's beautiful landscapes and outdoor recreation activities are a draw for
             24      residents, visitors, and businesses;
             25          WHEREAS, the Governor of the state of Utah, the Economic Development
             26      Corporation of Utah, and the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce have made improving air
             27      quality a priority;

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- 2 -

Senate 2nd & 3rd Reading Amendments 3-5-2012 cm/sch
         WHEREAS, in its 2011 State of the Air Report, the American Lung Association gave a
             29      failing grade to Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Clearfield for short-term particle pollution;
             30          WHEREAS, the same report ranked the Salt Lake City-Clearfield-Ogden area fifth
             31      among cities with the most short-term particle pollution;
             32          WHEREAS, the same report ranked Provo sixth and ranked Logan ninth;
             33          WHEREAS, the same report gave Box Elder, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber
             34      Counties failing grades for high ozone days;
             35          WHEREAS, more than 72,000 Utahns are afflicted with asthma;
             36          WHEREAS, air pollution exacerbates, and may cause, major health problems,
             37      including asthma, heart attacks, strokes, and premature births;
             38          WHEREAS, more than half of the air pollution and its precursors in Utah's populated
             39      valleys is caused by vehicular emissions;
             39a           S. WHEREAS, strides have been made to reduce vehicle emissions through
             39b      development of innovative traffic flow interchanges, by supporting transportation
             39c      infrastructure development for mass transit, and by promoting car sharing iniatives and
             39d      carpooling; .S
             40          WHEREAS, a driver can reduce vehicular emissions by keeping a car well maintained,
             41      planning good routes and timing, sharing rides, and incorporating other travel modes and smart
             42      driving techniques;
             43          WHEREAS, driver education provides a critical opportunity for new drivers to acquire
             44      good habits concerning the use and operation of cars, and the current driver education
             45      curriculum contains little information on best practices to minimize vehicle emissions and
             46      contains no information on air quality;
             47          WHEREAS, for young drivers who have not yet established their driving habits, the
             48      driver education program would be an ideal forum to teach them smart driving techniques that
             49      reduce air pollution and save energy;
             50          WHEREAS, information regarding air quality and smart driving techniques is available
             51      from the Department of Environmental Quality, Travelwise, U-CAIR, Utah Clean Cities, and
             52      other programs that may provide the needed resources to develop driver education curriculum;
             53      and
             54          WHEREAS, air quality can be improved by the collective actions of individuals:
             55          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate of the state of Utah urges the
             56      State Board of Education and the Driver License Division to include, in their curriculum for
             57      driver education, instruction on ways to improve air quality and the harmful effects of vehicle
             58      emissions.

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- 3 -
         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate of the state of Utah encourages all
             60      motor vehicle drivers to be conscientious in their driving choices and to take personal
             61      responsibility to help improve our air quality.
             62          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the State Board
             63      of Education, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the Utah Driver License
             64      Division, and the Utah Department of Health.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 2-22-12 4:49 PM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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