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S.B. 4 Enrolled

    Chief Sponsor: Jerry W. Stevenson
    House Sponsor: Todd E. Kiser

Committee Note:
    The Executive Appropriations Committee recommended this bill.
General Description:
    This bill appropriates funds for the support and operation of state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2013.
Highlighted Provisions:
    This bill:
    .    provides appropriations for the use and support of certain state agencies;
    .    provides appropriations for other purposes as described.
Money Appropriated in this Bill:
    This bill appropriates for fiscal year 2013:
    .    $85,314,700 from the General Fund;
    .    $18,751,800 from the Education Fund;
    .    $525,227,900 from various sources as detailed in this bill.
Other Special Clauses:
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2012.
Utah Code Sections Affected:
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
    Section 1. Under the terms and conditions of Utah Code Title 63J, the following sums of money are appropriated from the funds or fund accounts indicated for the use and support of the government of the State of Utah for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2013.
Department of Community and Culture
Item 1    To Department of Community and Culture - Administration
From General Fund    2,861,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    102,900

    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director's Office    680,600
Information Technology    1,119,500
Administrative Services    1,164,400
Item 2    To Department of Community and Culture - Historical Society
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    102,000
    Schedule of Programs:
State Historical Society    102,000
Item 3    To Department of Community and Culture - State History
From General Fund    2,039,400
From Federal Funds    840,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    110,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    366,600
Library and Collections    529,700
Public History, Communication and Information    423,400
Historic Preservation and Antiquities    1,644,700
History Projects    25,000
Item 4    To Department of Community and Culture - Division of Arts and Museums
From General Fund    2,538,500
From Federal Funds    775,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    426,900
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    678,000
Grants to Non-profits    1,101,800
Community Arts Outreach    1,961,400
Item 5    To Department of Community and Culture - Division of Arts and Museums - Office of Museum Services
From General Fund    270,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Office of Museum Services    270,600
Item 6    To Department of Community and Culture - State Library
From General Fund    4,193,700
From Federal Funds    1,824,500
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,918,800
    Schedule of Programs:

Administration    1,793,400
Blind and Disabled    1,744,800
Library Development    2,329,000
Library Resources    2,069,800
Item 7    To Department of Community and Culture - Indian Affairs
From General Fund    201,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    25,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Indian Affairs    226,400
Item 8    To Department of Community and Culture - Housing and Community Development
From General Fund    3,169,100
From Federal Funds    51,809,200
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,742,500
From General Fund Restricted - Pamela Atkinson Homeless Account    732,000
From General Fund Restricted - Methamphetamine Housing Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Account    8,600
From Permanent Community Impact    1,312,400
From Revenue Transfers    2,000,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Community Development Administration    913,400
Ethnic Affairs Commission    250,000
Community Development    7,733,500
Housing Development    1,061,700
Special Housing    145,000
Homeless Committee    5,965,600
HEAT    28,472,500
Weatherization Assistance    8,414,500
Community Services    3,738,600
Commission on Volunteers    3,783,900
Emergency Food Network    295,100
Item 9    To Department of Community and Culture - Community Development Capital Budget
From Permanent Community Impact    69,100,000
From Repayments    34,000,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Permanent Community Impact Board    103,100,000

Item 10    To Department of Community and Culture - Community Development Capital - Special Service Districts
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Lease    6,509,700
    Schedule of Programs:
Special Service Districts    6,509,700
Item 11    To Department of Community and Culture - Zoos
From General Fund    908,400
    Schedule of Programs:
Zoos    908,400
Governor's Office of Economic Development
Item 12    To Governor's Office of Economic Development - Administration
From General Fund    3,324,800
From Federal Funds    500,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    3,824,800
Item 13    To Governor's Office of Economic Development - Office of Tourism
From General Fund    4,004,500
From Transportation Fund    118,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    189,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    988,200
Operations and Fulfillment    2,574,600
Film Commission    748,700
Item 14    To Governor's Office of Economic Development - Business Development
From General Fund    7,144,500
From Federal Funds    885,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    251,000
From General Fund Restricted - Industrial Assistance Account    223,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    50,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Business Creation    2,493,400
Business Growth    4,779,100
Corporate Recruitment and Incentives    1,281,500
Item 15    To Governor's Office of Economic Development - Incentive Funds
From General Fund    148,600

From Dedicated Credits Revenue    63,200
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    20,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Pete Suazo Utah Athletics Commission    231,800
Utah State Tax Commission
Item 16    To Utah State Tax Commission - Tax Administration
From General Fund    23,688,800
From Education Fund    18,751,800
From Transportation Fund    5,857,400
From Federal Funds    521,200
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    7,968,000
From General Fund Restricted - Electronic Payment Fee Restricted Account    6,886,300
From General Fund Restricted - Tax Commission Administrative Charge    8,945,500
From General Fund Restricted - Tobacco Settlement Account    76,800
From Transportation Fund Restricted - Uninsured Motorist I.D.    133,800
From Revenue Transfers    136,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    5,856,500
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (3,550,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration Division    10,419,900
Auditing Division    10,558,200
Multi-State Tax Compact    243,200
Technology Management    8,762,600
Tax Processing Division    7,394,800
Seasonal Employees    167,900
Tax Payer Services    9,830,900
Property Tax Division    4,300,600
Motor Vehicles    20,517,600
Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division    3,076,500
Item 17    To Utah State Tax Commission - License Plates Production
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,709,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,119,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,595,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
License Plates Production    2,233,300
Item 18    To Utah State Tax Commission - Rural Health Care Facilities Distribution

From General Fund Restricted - Rural Healthcare Facilities Fund    555,000
From Lapsing Balance    (336,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Rural Health Care Facilities Distribution    218,800
Item 19    To Utah State Tax Commission - Liquor Profit Distribution
From General Fund Restricted-Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement & Treatment    5,308,900
    Schedule of Programs:
Liquor Profit Distribution    5,308,900
Utah Science Technology and Research Governing Authority
Item 20    To Utah Science Technology and Research Governing Authority
From General Fund    13,952,700
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    5,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    5,215,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    665,600
Technology Outreach    1,125,000
Research Teams    17,382,700
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Item 21    To Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control - Alcoholic Beverage Control
From Liquor Control Fund    29,944,900
    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director    1,755,600
Administration    5,188,400
Operations    2,432,000
Warehouse and Distribution    370,900
Stores and Agencies    20,198,000
Item 22    To Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control - Parents Empowered
From Liquor Control Fund    1,473,700
    Schedule of Programs:
Parents Empowered    1,473,700
Labor Commission
Item 23    To Labor Commission
From General Fund    5,426,300
From Federal Funds    2,682,300
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    25,000

From General Fund Restricted - Industrial Accident Restricted Account    2,422,500
From General Fund Restricted - Workplace Safety    1,563,600
From Employers' Reinsurance Fund    73,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    1,663,500
Industrial Accidents    1,403,500
Appeals Board    17,700
Adjudication    1,216,200
Boiler, Elevator and Coal Mine Safety Division    1,318,900
Workplace Safety    1,128,300
Anti-Discrimination and Labor    1,715,900
Utah Occupational Safety and Health    3,578,000
Building Operations and Maintenance    151,300
Item 24    To Labor Commission - Employers Reinsurance Fund
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    21,842,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Employers Reinsurance Fund    21,842,500
Item 25    To Labor Commission - Uninsured Employers Fund
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    3,083,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Uninsured Employers Fund    3,083,500
Department of Commerce
Item 26    To Department of Commerce - Commerce General Regulation
From Federal Funds    644,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,287,500
From General Fund Restricted - Commerce Service Account    18,826,100
From General Fund Restricted - Commerce Service Fund - Public Utilities Regulatory Fund    4,433,300
From General Fund Restricted - Factory Built Housing Fees    104,700
From General Fund Restricted - Geologist Education and Enforcement Account    10,000
From General Fund Restricted - Nurse Education & Enforcement Account    10,000
From General Fund Restricted - Pawnbroker Operations    129,000
From General Fund Restricted - Utah Housing Opportunity Restricted Account    20,000
From Pass-through    50,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    3,152,700
Occupational & Professional Licensing    9,164,300

Securities    2,011,300
Consumer Protection    1,682,800
Corporations and Commercial Code    2,307,200
Real Estate    2,184,600
Public Utilities    3,743,600
Committee of Consumer Services    996,300
Building Operations and Maintenance    272,600
Item 27    To Department of Commerce - Building Inspector Training
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    260,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Building Inspector Training    260,000
Item 28    To Department of Commerce - Public Utilities Professional & Technical Services
From General Fund Restricted - Commerce Service Fund - Public Utilities Regulatory Fund    150,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    150,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Professional & Technical Services    300,000
Item 29    To Department of Commerce - Committee of Consumer Services Professional and Technical Services
From General Fund Restricted - Commerce Service Fund - Public Utilities Regulatory Fund    500,100
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    500,100
    Schedule of Programs:
Professional & Technical Services    1,000,200
Financial Institutions
Item 30    To Financial Institutions - Financial Institutions Administration
From General Fund Restricted - Financial Institutions    5,994,700
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    5,774,700
Building Operations and Maintenance    220,000
Insurance Department
Item 31    To Insurance Department - Insurance Department Administration
From Federal Funds    1,255,800
From General Fund Restricted - Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver    89,000
From General Fund Restricted - Insurance Department Account    5,894,900
From General Fund Restricted - Insurance Fraud Investigation Account    1,984,500

From General Fund Restricted - Relative Value Study Account    90,000
From General Fund Restricted - Technology Development    645,700
From General Fund Restricted - Criminal Background Check    165,000
From General Fund Restricted - Captive Insurance    688,800
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    7,010,700
Relative Value Study    90,000
Insurance Fraud Program    2,124,500
Captive Insurers    688,800
Electronic Commerce Fee    645,700
GAP Waiver Program    89,000
Criminal Background Checks    165,000
Item 32    To Insurance Department - Federal Health Insurance Pool
From Federal Funds    62,591,100
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    8,901,200
    Schedule of Programs:
Federal HIPUtah    71,492,300
Item 33    To Insurance Department - Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool
From General Fund    8,075,000
From Federal Funds    1,900,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    25,542,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    14,343,800
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (8,420,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool    41,440,000
Item 34    To Insurance Department - Risk Adjuster
From General Fund Restricted - Health Insurance Actuarial Review Account    147,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Risk Adjuster    147,000
Item 35    To Insurance Department - Bail Bond Program
From General Fund Restricted - Bail Bond Surety Administration    23,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Bail Bond Program    23,500
Item 36    To Insurance Department - Title Insurance Program
From General Fund    3,900
From General Fund Restricted - Title Licensee    79,900
    Schedule of Programs:

Title Insurance Program    83,800
Public Service Commission
Item 37    To Public Service Commission
From Federal Funds - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act    2,330,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    201,200
From General Fund Restricted - Commerce Service Fund - Public Utilities Regulatory Fund    1,408,700
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    3,712,700
Building Operations and Maintenance    27,200
Energy Independent Evaluator    200,000
Item 38    To Public Service Commission - Speech and Hearing Impaired
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,975,700
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,361,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,465,400)
    Schedule of Programs:
Speech and Hearing Impaired    1,871,500
Item 39    To Public Service Commission - Universal Telecommunications Support Fund
From Universal Public Telecom Service Fund    5,579,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,231,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,425,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
Universal Telecom Service Fund    5,385,000
Restricted Revenue - Business, Economic Development, & Labor
Item 40    To Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund
From General Fund    2,242,900
From Federal Funds    5,825,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,250,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund    9,317,900
Item 41    To Permanent Community Impact Fund
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Lease    66,300,000
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Bonus    7,100,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Permanent Community Impact Fund    73,400,000
Item 42    To General Fund Restricted - Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust

From General Fund    565,000
    Schedule of Programs:
General Fund Restricted - Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust    565,000
Item 43    To General Fund Restricted - Rural Health Care Facilities Fund
From General Fund    555,000
    Schedule of Programs:
GFR - Rural Health Care Facilities Fund    555,000
    Section 2. Effective Date.
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2012.

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