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S.B. 142





Chief Sponsor: Todd Weiler

House Sponsor: Derek E. Brown

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the Transportation code by repealing the Traffic Management
             10      Committee.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This bill:
             13          .    repeals the Traffic Management Committee; and
             14          .    makes conforming changes.
             15      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             16          None
             17      Other Special Clauses:
             18          None
             19      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             20      AMENDS:
             21          72-6-115, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2010, Chapter 286
             23      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             24          Section 1. Section 72-6-115 is amended to read:
             25           72-6-115. Traffic Management Systems.
             26          [(1) As used in this section, "committee" means the Traffic Management Committee
             27      created in this section.]

             28          [(2) (a) There is created within the Department of Transportation the Traffic
             29      Management Committee comprising up to 13 members knowledgeable about traffic
             30      engineering, traffic flow, air quality, or intelligent transportation systems as follows:]
             31          [(i) two members designated by the executive director of the department;]
             32          [(ii) one member designated by the Utah Association of Counties;]
             33          [(iii) one member designated by the Department of Environmental Quality;]
             34          [(iv) one member designated by the Wasatch Front Regional Council;]
             35          [(v) one member designated by the Mountainland Association of Governments;]
             36          [(vi) one member designated by the Commissioner of Public Safety;]
             37          [(vii) one member designated by the Utah League of Cities and Towns;]
             38          [(viii) one member designated by the general manager of a public transit district with
             39      more than 200,000 people residing within the public transit district boundaries;]
             40          [(ix) up to four additional members designated by the committee for one-year terms;
             41      and]
             42          [(x) a designating entity under Subsections (2)(a)(i) through (viii) may designate an
             43      alternative member to serve in the absence of its designated member.]
             44          [(b) The committee shall:]
             45          [(i) advise the department on matters related to the implementation and administration
             46      of this section;]
             47          [(ii) make recommendations to law enforcement agencies related to traffic flow and
             48      incident management during heavy traffic periods;]
             49          [(iii) make recommendations to the department, counties, and municipalities on
             50      increasing the safety and efficiency of highways using current traffic management systems,
             51      including traffic signal coordination, traffic monitoring, freeway ramp metering, variable
             52      message signing, and incident management; and]
             53          [(iv) evaluate the cost effectiveness of implementing a specific traffic management
             54      system on a highway considering:]
             55          [(A) existing traffic volume in the area;]
             56          [(B) the necessity and potential of reducing vehicle emissions in the area;]
             57          [(C) the feasibility of the traffic management system on the highway; and]
             58          [(D) whether traffic congestion will be reduced by the system.]

             59          [(c) The committee shall annually elect a chair and a vice chair from its members.]
             60          [(d) When a vacancy occurs in the membership for any reason, the replacement shall be
             61      appointed.]
             62          [(e) The committee shall meet as it determines necessary to accomplish its duties.]
             63          [(f) Reasonable notice shall be given to each member of the committee prior to any
             64      meeting.]
             65          [(g) A majority of the committee constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.]
             66          [(h) A member may not receive compensation or benefits for the member's service, but
             67      may receive per diem and travel expenses in accordance with:]
             68          [(i) Section 63A-3-106 ;]
             69          [(ii) Section 63A-3-107 ; and]
             70          [(iii) rules made by the Division of Finance pursuant to Sections 63A-3-106 and
             71      63A-3-107 .]
             72          [(3)] (1) (a) The Department of Transportation shall implement and administer traffic
             73      management systems to:
             74          (i) facilitate the efficient flow of motor vehicle traffic on state highways to improve
             75      regional mobility[,]; and [to]
             76          (ii) reduce motor vehicle emissions where those improvements are cost effective[, as
             77      determined by the committee in accordance with criteria under Subsection (2)(b)].
             78          (b) A traffic management system shall be designed to allow safe, efficient, and
             79      effective:
             80          (i) integration of existing traffic management systems;
             81          (ii) additions of highways and intersections under county and city administrative
             82      jurisdiction;
             83          (iii) incorporation of other traffic management systems; and
             84          (iv) adaptation to future traffic needs.
             85          [(4)] (2) (a) The cost of implementing and administering a traffic management system
             86      shall be shared pro rata by the department and the counties and municipalities using it.
             87          (b) The department shall enter into an agreement or contract under Title 11, Chapter
             88      13, Interlocal Cooperation Act, with a county or municipality to share costs incurred under this
             89      section.

             90          [(5)] (3) Additional highways and intersections under the administrative jurisdiction of
             91      a county or municipality may be added to a traffic management system upon application of the
             92      county or municipality after:
             93          [(a) a recommendation of the committee;]
             94          [(b)] (a) approval by the department;
             95          [(c)] (b) determination of the appropriate cost share of the addition under Subsection
             96      [(4)] (2)(a); and
             97          [(d)] (c) an agreement under Subsection [(4)] (2)(b).
             98          [(6) The committee may establish technical advisory committees as needed to assist in
             99      accomplishing its duties under this section.]

Legislative Review Note
    as of 1-25-12 2:23 PM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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