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ROOM 250
FEBRUARY 14 , 2012

Members Present:        Sen. Allen M. Christensen, Chair
                Sen. Patricia W. Jones
                Sen. Mark B. Madsen
                Sen. Stuart C. Reid
                Sen. Luz Robles
Staff Present:            Mr. Mark D. Andrews, Policy Analyst
                Ms. Karen C. Allred, Committee Secretary

A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Acting Chair Reid called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM

MOTION:    Sen. Jones moved to approve the minutes of February 13, 2012. The motion passed unanimously.

S.B. 85    Medicaid Cost Control Amendments (Sen. A. Christensen)

Sen. Christensen introduced and explained the bill.
MOTION:    Sen. Jones moved to replace S.B. 85 with 1st Sub. S.B. 85. The motion passed with Sen. Robles voting in opposition.

Spoke against the bill:    Adam Trupp, General Counsel, Utah Association of Counties

MOTION:    Sen. Christensen moved to amend 1st Sub. S.B. 85 as follows:

1.    Page 3, Line 80 :    

             80          (e) The department shall

    (i) allow a three day emergency supply of a non-preferred psychotropic drug for an out-patient psychiatric patient while the pre-authorization process is pending; and
grant a prior authorization for a psychotropic drug that is not

        The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION:    Sen. Christensen moved to pass 1st Sub. S.B. 85 out favorably. The motion passed with Sen. Jones and Sen. Robles voting in opposition.

S.B. 208    Healthcare Compact (Sen. J. S. Adams)

Sen. Adams asked that this bill not be considered today, but be moved to a future agenda.

H.B. 113    High Risk Insurance Pool Amendments (Rep. J. Dunnigan)

Rep. Dunnigan introduced and explained the bill.

Spoke for the bill:    Tomi Ossana, Executive Director, HIPUtah

MOTION:    Sen. Jones moved to pass H.B. 113 out favorably. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION:     Sen. Jones moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 4:33 p.m.

Minutes reported by Karen C. Allred, Secretary.

                     Sen. Allen M. Christensen, Committee Chair