H.B. 11

House Floor Amendments

Amendment 1 February 9, 2012 12:07 PM

Representative Kay L. McIff proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 3, Lines 60 through 62 :    

             60      issued by the grand jury.
  (f) The service requirement of Subsection (3)(d) may be asserted by a parent or legal guardian of the minor in the minor's behalf.

    (g) If the managing judge finds it necessary to prevent any of the actions enumerated in Subsections (3)(d)(i) through (iv), the judge may appoint a guardian ad litem to protect the interests of the minor.  

             61          [(d)]
{   (f)   }        (h)       The managing judge may enter any order necessary to secure compliance with

             62      any subpoena issued in the name of the grand jury.

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