H.B. 11

House Floor Amendments

Amendment 2 February 14, 2012 11:48 AM

Representative LaVar Christensen proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 2, Line 48 through Page 3, Line 64 :    

             48          (c) [ A] Except as provided in Subsection (3)
{   (d)   }        (e)       , a subpoena requiring a minor, who is a

             49      victim of a crime, to testify before a grand jury

may not be served less than 72 hours before the

             50      victim is required to testify

    (ii) shall be served upon the parent or guardian of the minor  

  (d) If a parent of the minor is the subject of the investigation, the subpoena shall be served upon the other parent or another responsible adult;      

{   (d)   }        (e)       A subpoena may be served upon a      {   minor   }        minor's parent or guardian, or responsible adult       less than 72 hours before      {   the   }        a       minor is

             52      required to testify if the managing judge finds that the minor was intentionally concealed to
             53      prevent service or that a shorter period is reasonably necessary to prevent:
             54          (i) a risk to the minor's safety;
             55          (ii) the concealment or removal of the minor from the jurisdiction;
             56          (iii) intimidation or coercion of the minor or a family member of the minor;
{   or   }

             57          (iv) undue influence on the minor regarding the minor's testimony
  ; or

    (v) no other sufficient means is readily available to protect the minor and provide full due process and constitutional protections  

             58          (e) The service requirement in Subsection (3)(c) may be asserted only by or on behalf
             59      of the minor
{   and is not a basis for invalidation of the minor's testimony or any indictment

             60      issued by the grand jury  
  (g) The managing judge shall provide added protections to a minor as necessary and appropriate to ensure due process of law, including rights against self incrimination, to remain silent, and have an attorney present.      

             61          [(d)] (f) Themanaging judge may enter any order necessary to secure compliance with
             62      any subpoena issued in the name of the grand jury
  , subject to due process of law requirements and constitutional protections afforded parents and children       .

             63          (4) (a) Any witness who appears before the grand jury shall be advised, by the attorney
             64      for the state or the special prosecutor, of his right to be represented by counsel.
  Added precautions are required to properly advise and protect a minor.      

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