1st Sub. H.B. 104

Senate Floor Amendments

Amendment 5 March 6, 2012 4:33 PM

Senator Benjamin M. McAdams proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Line 13
    House Floor Amendments
    2-24-2012 :

             13          .    provides definitions;
  . provides that a local highway authority may adopt an ordinance that requires a ground transportation vehicle to conform to state safety standards and reasonable annual appearance requirements;      

2.    Page 2, Line 32a
    House Floor Amendments
    2-24-2012 :

{   H. 41-6a-214, as renumbered and amended by Laws of Utah 2005, Chapter 2 .H   }

3.    Page 3, Line 87 through Page 4, Line 88 :    

             87          (t) prohibiting drivers of ambulances from exceeding maximum speed limits;
{   or   }

             88          (u) adopting other traffic ordinances as specifically authorized by this chapter
  ; or

    (v) adopting an ordinance that requires a ground transportation vehicle to conform to state safety standards and reasonable annual appearance requirements  

4.    Page 4, Lines 97b through 97j
    House Floor Amendments
    2-24-2012 :

             97b          (ii) provides that a person must be issued at least three warning citations
{   within a

             97c      one-year period  
before imposing a fine;
             97d          (iii) has the same fine structure as a parking violation;
             97e          (iv) provides for the safety of law enforcement personnel who enforce the
             97f      ordinance; and
             97g          (v) provides that the ordinance may
{   only   } be enforced on        :

    (A) public property; or
private property      {   or on a

             97h      quasi-public road or parking area as defined in Section 41-6a-214 if the owner of the private

             97i      property requests, through written or electronic means, that the ordinance be enforced on the
             97j      private property  
  that is open to the general public unless the private property owner:

    (I) has a private business that has a drive-through service as a component of the private property owner's business operations and posts a sign acceptable to the local highway authority informing its customers and the public of the local highway authority's time limit for idling vehicle engines  
; or .H

  (II) adopts an idle reduction education policy approved by the local highway authority.      

5.    Page 4, Line 109a through Page 4a, Line 109r
    House Floor Amendments
    2-24-2012 :

     H. Section 2. Section 41-6A-214 is amended to read:
             109b          41-6a-214.   Quasi-public roads and parking areas -- Local ordinances.              109c          (1) As used in this section, "quasi-public road or parking area" means a privately owned and
             109d      maintained road or parking area that is generally held open for use of the public for purposes of
             109e      vehicular travel or parking.
             109f          (2) (a) [Any] Except as provided in Section 41-6a-208, any municipality or county may by
             109g      ordinance provide that a quasi-public road or parking area within the municipality or county is
             109h      subject to this chapter.
             109i          (b) An ordinance may not be enacted under this section without:
             109j          (i) a public hearing; and
             109k          (ii) the agreement of a majority of the owners of the quasi-public road or parking area
             109l      involved.
             109m          (3) This section:
             109n          (a) supercedes conflicting provisions under Section 41-6a-215;
             109o          (b) does not require a peace officer to patrol or enforce any provisions of this chapter on any
             109p      quasi-public road or parking area; or
             109q          (c) does not affect the duty of a peace officer to enforce those provisions of this chapter
             109r      applicable to private property other than under this section. .H  

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