H.B. 346

House Committee Amendments

Amendment 1 February 24, 2012 5:54 PM

Representative Kay L. McIff proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Lines 15 through 16 :    

             15      trial to
{   include   }        provide       for the court's consideration      {   all available and relevant evidence   }        the totality of the circumstances       ,

             16      including
{   testimony of witnesses who have been in contact with the defendant   }        testimony of lay witnesses       ; and

2.    Page 5, Lines 130 through 133 :    

             130          (11)
{   (a) The court, in   }        In       determining the defendant's competency to stand trial,        the court       shall

             131      consider the totality of the circumstances, which
{   includes   }        may include            {   the information presented under

             132      Subsection (11)(b)  
  the testimony of lay witnesses,       in addition to the expert testimony, studies, and reports provided under this

             133      section.

3.    Page 5, Lines 134 through 141 :    

{   (b) The information to be considered by the court shall include all available and

             135      relevant evidence, witnesses, and testimony to ensure that there is no manipulation of the
             136      process or a wrongful or artificial attempt or motivation on the part of the defendant to avoid
             137      being found competent to stand trial.
             138          (c) All witnesses and evidence regarding the defendant's personal contact with
             139      individuals which may relate to the competency of the defendant to stand trial shall be
             140      considered by the court and applied to its determination of the defendant's competency under
             141      this section.  

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