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1st Sub. S.B. 119

Senate Committee Amendments

Amendment 3 February 29, 2012 3:40 PM

Senator Ross I. Romero proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 20, Lines 603 through 608 :    

             603          (116) "Trade show" means a private event that is:
             604          (a) hosted by one or more industry representatives for the purpose of sampling and
             605      analyzing retail licensee samples of liquor furnished by the industry representatives in
             606      accordance with Subsection 32B-4-705 (7);
             607          (b) attended by the department and retail licensees;
{   and   }

             608          (c) overseen by the department
{   .   }        ;

(d) held in a convention center, hotel, or similar facility approved by the department;
(e) attended by at least 15 individuals; and
(f) hosted by an industry representative described in Subsection (116)(a) no more frequently than four times during a calendar year.  

2.    Page 24, Line 737 through Page 25, Line 743 :    

             737          (d) (i) A retail licensee sample of liquor may not exceed one liter.
             738          (ii) Notwithstanding Subsection (7)(d)(i), a retail licensee sample of the following may
             739      not exceed
{   1.5 liters   }        one liter       unless that exact product is only commercially packaged in a larger size,

             740      not to exceed 5 liters:
             741          (A) wine;
             742          (B) heavy beer; or
             743          (C) a flavored malt beverage.

3.    Page 25, Lines 744 through 753 :    

             744          (e) (i) The sampling and analysis of a retail licensee sample by a retail licensee under
             745      this Subsection (7) may only occur at:
             746          (A) a state store
  , notwithstanding Subsection 32B-2-503(7)(b)       ;

             747          (B) a package agency
  , notwithstanding Subsection 32B-2-605(15)(b)       ; or

             748          (C) a trade show.
(ii) For a tasting and analysis held at a trade show, the department shall assess the one or more industry representatives hosting the trade show the actual cost of the department attending and overseeing the trade show and the industry representatives shall pay the cost assessed as a

condition to conducting the tasting and analysis.

{   (ii)   }        (iii)       An industry representative      {   described in Subsection (7)(e)(i)   } may participate in the

             750      tasting and analysis of a retail licensee sample.
{   (iii)   }        (iv)       Only an owner, manager, or other individual who purchases an alcoholic product

             752      for a retail licensee may on behalf of the retail licensee taste and analyze one or more retail
             753      licensee samples.

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