S.B. 173

Senate Floor Amendments

Amendment 2 February 23, 2012 10:06 AM

Senator Benjamin M. McAdams proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 2, Line 45 :    

             45          (3)
  (a)       Before an owner and a prospective renter enter into a rental agreement, the owner

2.    Page 2, Line 47 :    

             47      unit.
  (b) An owner complies with the requirement of Subsection (3)(a) with respect to ordinary wear and tear items of an inventory of the condition of a residential rental unit if the owner:

    (i) furnishes the renter a form to document those items; and
    (ii) allows the resident a reasonable time after the renter's occupancy of the residential rental unit to complete and return the form.  

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