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H.B. 1 Enrolled

    Chief Sponsor: Keith Grover
    Senate Sponsor: Stephen H. Urquhart

General Description:
    This bill appropriates funds for the support and operation of higher education for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.
Highlighted Provisions:
    This bill:
    .    provides appropriations for the use and support of higher education agencies and institutions;
    .    provides appropriations for the use and support of the Utah Medical Education Council;
    .    provides appropriations for other purposes as described.
Money Appropriated in this Bill:
    This bill appropriates $1,397,274,700 in operating and capital budgets for fiscal year 2014, including:
    .    $426,214,400 from the General Fund;
    .    $308,566,300 from the Education Fund;
    .    $662,494,000 from various sources as detailed in this bill.
Other Special Clauses:
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2013.
Utah Code Sections Affected:
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
    Section 1. FY 2014 Appropriations. The following sums of money are appropriated for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.
    Subsection 1(a). Operating and Capital Budgets. Under the terms and conditions of Utah Code Title 63J, the Legislature appropriates the following sums of money from the funds or fund accounts indicated for the use and support of the government of the State of Utah.
University of Utah

Item 1    To University of Utah - Education and General
From General Fund    120,142,000
From Education Fund    78,128,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    204,400,000
From Dedicated Credits - Land Grant Management    502,100
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    3,699,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    14,558,800
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (14,558,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    406,871,900
Item 2    To University of Utah - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    612,100
From Education Fund    62,300
From Revenue Transfers - Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice    34,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    252,100
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (252,100)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    708,900
Item 3    To University of Utah - School of Medicine
From General Fund    906,100
From Education Fund    19,712,500
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    15,794,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,897,700
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,897,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
School of Medicine    36,412,600
Item 4    To University of Utah - Health Sciences
From General Fund    1,762,100
From General Fund Restricted - Cigarette Tax Restricted Account    4,800,000
From General Fund Restricted - Tobacco Settlement Account    4,000,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,042,900
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,042,900)
    Schedule of Programs:
Health Sciences    10,562,100
Item 5    To University of Utah - University Hospital
From General Fund    3,854,400
From Education Fund    684,000

From Dedicated Credits - Land Grant Management    455,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    174,700
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (174,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
University Hospital    4,450,400
Miners' Hospital    543,800
Item 6    To University of Utah - Regional Dental Education Program
From General Fund    481,000
From Education Fund    44,300
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    304,600
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (5,900)
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    5,900
    Schedule of Programs:
Regional Dental Education Program    829,900
Item 7    To University of Utah - Public Service
From General Fund    1,130,800
From Education Fund    1,675,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    187,800
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (187,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Seismograph Stations    685,800
Museum of Natural History    2,007,100
State Arboretum    113,400
Item 8    To University of Utah - Statewide TV Administration
From General Fund    2,095,300
From Education Fund    286,200
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    644,600
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (644,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Public Broadcasting    2,381,500
Item 9    To University of Utah - Poison Control Center
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,587,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,060,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,060,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Poison Control Center    1,587,800
Item 10    To University of Utah - Utah Tele-Health Network

From General Fund    451,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    12,000
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (12,000)
    Schedule of Programs:
Utah Tele-Health Network    451,400
Item 11    To University of Utah - Center on Aging
From General Fund    100,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Center on Aging    100,000
Item 12    To University of Utah - Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
From General Fund Restricted - Workplace Safety Account    151,300
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    7,100
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (7,100)
    Schedule of Programs:
Center for Occupational and Environmental Health    151,300
Utah State University
Item 13    To Utah State University - Education and General
From General Fund    96,711,300
From Education Fund    13,381,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    78,023,300
From Dedicated Credits - Land Grant Management    150,600
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    615,600
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,139,600
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (2,139,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    188,882,600
Item 14    To Utah State University - USU - Eastern Education and General
From General Fund    64,700
From Education Fund    11,984,900
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,700,000
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    184,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,377,300
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,377,300)
    Schedule of Programs:
USU - Eastern Education and General    14,934,000
Item 15    To Utah State University - Educationally Disadvantaged

From General Fund    236,100
From Education Fund    21,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    8,100
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (8,100)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    257,600
Item 16    To Utah State University - USU - Eastern Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    103,100
From Education Fund    1,900
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    11,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (11,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
USU - Eastern Educationally Disadvantaged    105,000
Item 17    To Utah State University - USU - Eastern Career and Technical Education
From General Fund    343,300
From Education Fund    964,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    35,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    297,100
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (297,100)
    Schedule of Programs:
USU - Eastern Career and Technical Education    1,342,900
Item 18    To Utah State University - Uintah Basin Regional Campus
From General Fund    2,493,000
From Education Fund    1,563,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,319,600
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    353,600
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (353,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Uintah Basin Regional Campus    6,376,400
Item 19    To Utah State University - Southeastern Continuing Education Center
From General Fund    662,600
From Education Fund    93,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,203,100
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    52,500

From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (52,500)
    Schedule of Programs:
Southeastern Continuing Education Center    1,959,300
Item 20    To Utah State University - Brigham City Regional Campus
From General Fund    346,700
From Education Fund    1,466,500
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    23,111,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    652,400
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (652,400)
    Schedule of Programs:
Brigham City Regional Campus    24,925,000
Item 21    To Utah State University - Tooele Regional Campus
From General Fund    923,800
From Education Fund    1,427,100
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    8,565,300
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    498,900
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (498,900)
    Schedule of Programs:
Tooele Regional Campus    10,916,200
Item 22    To Utah State University - Water Research Laboratory
From General Fund    1,323,900
From Education Fund    412,000
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Lease    1,745,800
From General Fund Restricted - Land Exchange Distribution Account    232,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    5,368,600
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (5,368,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Water Research Laboratory    3,714,100
Item 23    To Utah State University - Agriculture Experiment Station
From General Fund    883,200
From Education Fund    11,025,800
From Federal Funds    1,813,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    3,549,400
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (3,549,400)
    Schedule of Programs:
Agriculture Experiment Station    13,722,800
Item 24    To Utah State University - Cooperative Extension

From General Fund    948,900
From Education Fund    11,029,900
From Federal Funds    2,088,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,268,900
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (2,268,900)
    Schedule of Programs:
Cooperative Extension    14,067,300
Item 25    To Utah State University - Prehistoric Museum
From General Fund    145,200
From Education Fund    106,200
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    137,600
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (137,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Prehistoric Museum    251,400
Item 26    To Utah State University - San Juan Center
From General Fund    1,781,800
From Education Fund    482,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,356,000
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    32,200
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    268,000
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (268,000)
    Schedule of Programs:
San Juan Center    3,652,600
Weber State University
Item 27    To Weber State University - Education and General
From General Fund    62,207,900
From Education Fund    1,123,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    65,285,300
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    367,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    5,110,500
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (5,110,500)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    128,983,600
Item 28    To Weber State University - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    296,700
From Education Fund    47,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    60,800

From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (60,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    344,500
Southern Utah University
Item 29    To Southern Utah University - Education and General
From General Fund    11,280,300
From Education Fund    18,702,100
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    35,728,400
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    157,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,022,000
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,022,000)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    65,868,300
Item 30    To Southern Utah University - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    81,400
From Education Fund    8,100
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    100
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    6,800
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (6,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    89,600
Item 31    To Southern Utah University - Shakespeare Festival
From General Fund    9,100
From Education Fund    12,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Shakespeare Festival    21,600
Item 32    To Southern Utah University - Rural Development
From General Fund    82,700
From Education Fund    13,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    5,000
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (5,000)
    Schedule of Programs:
Rural Development    96,100
Utah Valley University
Item 33    To Utah Valley University - Education and General
From General Fund    57,242,000
From Education Fund    4,840,300

From Dedicated Credits Revenue    100,667,000
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    822,900
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    8,661,400
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (9,484,300)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    162,749,300
Item 34    To Utah Valley University - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    138,900
From Education Fund    19,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,500
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,500)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    158,400
Snow College
Item 35    To Snow College - Education and General
From General Fund    1,532,300
From Education Fund    16,211,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    8,907,200
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    143,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,263,300
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,263,300)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    26,794,500
Item 36    To Snow College - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    32,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    32,000
Item 37    To Snow College - Career and Technical Education
From General Fund    1,256,200
From Education Fund    8,900
    Schedule of Programs:
Career and Technical Education    1,265,100
Dixie State College of Utah
Item 38    To Dixie State College of Utah - Education and General
From General Fund    2,283,400
From Education Fund    19,440,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    21,576,200

From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    451,600
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,173,300
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (2,173,300)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    43,751,600
Item 39    To Dixie State College of Utah - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    25,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    900
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (900)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    25,500
Item 40    To Dixie State College of Utah - Zion Park Amphitheater
From General Fund    47,000
From Education Fund    4,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    33,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (14,300)
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    14,300
    Schedule of Programs:
Zion Park Amphitheater    84,500
Salt Lake Community College
Item 41    To Salt Lake Community College - Education and General
From General Fund    9,850,600
From Education Fund    49,202,700
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    56,870,900
From Transfers - Utah System of Higher Education    565,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    3,955,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (3,955,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Education and General    116,489,700
Item 42    To Salt Lake Community College - Educationally Disadvantaged
From General Fund    178,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    48,700
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (48,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
Educationally Disadvantaged    178,400
Item 43    To Salt Lake Community College - School of Applied Technology
From General Fund    4,140,200

From Education Fund    1,715,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,140,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    179,100
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (179,100)
    Schedule of Programs:
School of Applied Technology    6,995,600
State Board of Regents
Item 44    To State Board of Regents - Administration
From General Fund    2,788,800
From Federal Funds    303,100
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    126,400
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (72,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    2,842,400
Federal Programs    303,100
Item 45    To State Board of Regents - Student Assistance
From General Fund    7,449,300
From Education Fund    5,708,200
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    211,700
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (61,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
Regents' Scholarship    4,177,100
Student Financial Aid    3,252,800
Minority Scholarships    36,200
New Century Scholarships    2,083,900
Success Stipend    1,391,200
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education    888,600
T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loans Program    1,477,700
Item 46    To State Board of Regents - Student Support
From General Fund    760,200
From Education Fund    805,800
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    4,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (4,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Services for Hearing Impaired Students    796,300
Concurrent Enrollment    428,400
Articulation Support    264,700

Campus Compact    76,600
Item 47    To State Board of Regents - Technology
From General Fund    3,997,200
From Education Fund    3,186,300
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,100
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,100)
    Schedule of Programs:
Higher Education Technology Initiative    4,573,500
Utah Academic Library Consortium    2,610,000
Item 48    To State Board of Regents - Economic Development
From General Fund    2,850,700
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    36,400
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (36,400)
    Schedule of Programs:
Engineering Initiative    2,500,000
Engineering Loan Repayment    38,400
Economic Development Initiatives    312,300
Item 49    To State Board of Regents - Education Excellence
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,148,500
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Education Excellence    2,150,000
Utah College of Applied Technology
Item 50    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Administration
From General Fund    2,962,100
From Education Fund    1,813,300
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,300)
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,300
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    1,555,100
Equipment    561,100
Custom Fit    2,659,200
Item 51    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Bridgerland Applied Technology College
From General Fund    4,100,600
From Education Fund    5,045,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,440,000

From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,100)
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,100
    Schedule of Programs:
Bridgerland Applied Technology College    10,586,000
Item 52    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Davis Applied Technology College
From General Fund    4,168,400
From Education Fund    5,779,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,265,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Davis Applied Technology College    12,212,800
Item 53    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Dixie Applied Technology College
From General Fund    82,800
From Education Fund    2,188,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    115,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Dixie Applied Technology College    2,386,600
Item 54    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Mountainland Applied Technology College
From Education Fund    5,311,300
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    670,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Mountainland Applied Technology College    5,981,300
Item 55    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Ogden/Weber Applied Technology College
From General Fund    5,057,400
From Education Fund    5,685,100
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,719,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,700
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (2,700)
    Schedule of Programs:
Ogden/Weber Applied Technology College    12,462,000
Item 56    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Southwest Applied Technology College
From General Fund    161,400
From Education Fund    2,301,100

From Dedicated Credits Revenue    394,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Southwest Applied Technology College    2,857,100
Item 57    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Tooele Applied Technology College
From General Fund    844,000
From Education Fund    920,200
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    157,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Tooele Applied Technology College    1,921,200
Item 58    To Utah College of Applied Technology - Uintah Basin Applied Technology College
From General Fund    1,275,200
From Education Fund    3,916,700
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    615,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Uintah Basin Applied Technology College    5,806,900
Medical Education Council
Item 59    To Medical Education Council
From General Fund    528,900
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    474,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    487,800
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (302,300)
    Schedule of Programs:
Medical Education Council    1,188,800
    Section 2. Effective Date.
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2013.

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