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H.B. 6 Enrolled

    Chief Sponsor: Gage Froerer
    Senate Sponsor: Wayne A. Harper

Committee Note:
    The Executive Appropriations Committee recommended this bill.
General Description:
    This bill appropriates funds for the support and operation of state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.
Highlighted Provisions:
    This bill:
    .    provides appropriations for the use and support of certain state agencies;
    .    provides appropriations for other purposes as described;
    .    approves employment levels for internal service funds;
    .    approves capital acquisition amounts for internal service funds.
Money Appropriated in this Bill:
    This bill appropriates $1,399,202,000 in operating and capital budgets for fiscal year 2014, including:
    .    $103,576,600 from the General Fund;
    .    $38,736,100 from the Education Fund;
    .    $1,256,889,300 from various sources as detailed in this bill.
    This bill appropriates $287,500,200 in business-like activities for fiscal year 2014.
    This bill appropriates $504,032,700 in capital project funds for fiscal year 2014.
Other Special Clauses:
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2013.
Utah Code Sections Affected:
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
    Section 1. FY 2014 Appropriations. The following sums of money are appropriated for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.

    Subsection 1(a). Operating and Capital Budgets. Under the terms and conditions of Utah Code Title 63J, the Legislature appropriates the following sums of money from the funds or fund accounts indicated for the use and support of the government of the State of Utah.
Item 1    To Transportation - Support Services
From Transportation Fund    27,428,400
From Federal Funds    1,955,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Administrative Services    2,469,400
Risk Management    2,680,300
Building and Grounds    987,500
Human Resources Management    1,268,300
Procurement    1,193,700
Comptroller    2,570,300
Data Processing    9,494,800
Internal Auditor    811,700
Community Relations    598,400
Ports of Entry    7,309,600
Item 2    To Transportation - Engineering Services
From Transportation Fund    15,921,300
From Federal Funds    14,824,900
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,150,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Program Development and Research    10,912,000
Preconstruction Administration    1,880,500
Environmental    844,600
Structures    2,896,900
Materials Lab    4,270,600
Engineering Services    2,085,400
Right-of-Way    2,002,200
Research    2,690,900
Construction Management    3,926,600
Civil Rights    386,500
Item 3    To Transportation - Operations/Maintenance Management
From Transportation Fund    134,876,100
From Federal Funds    8,624,500
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,282,100

    Schedule of Programs:
Maintenance Administration    5,333,700
Region 1    20,296,200
Region 2    28,456,200
Region 3    19,409,300
Region 4    39,744,700
Seasonal Pools    919,700
Lands & Buildings    5,524,000
Field Crews    11,079,000
Traffic Safety/Tramway    3,528,000
Traffic Operations Center    8,696,500
Maintenance Planning    1,795,400
Item 4    To Transportation - Construction Management
From General Fund    1,470,600
From Transportation Fund    26,852,600
From Federal Funds    152,831,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,550,000
From Designated Sales Tax    40,033,100
    Schedule of Programs:
Federal Construction - New    132,540,300
Rehabilitation/Preservation    90,197,400
Item 5    To Transportation - Region Management
From Transportation Fund    22,480,200
From Federal Funds    3,502,100
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,232,200
    Schedule of Programs:
Region 1    5,469,500
Region 2    9,867,900
Region 3    4,778,600
Region 4    6,407,900
Richfield    70,700
Price    285,800
Cedar City    334,100
Item 6    To Transportation - Equipment Management
From Transportation Fund    1,043,900
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    26,615,600
    Schedule of Programs:

Equipment Purchases    6,022,200
Shops    21,637,300
Item 7    To Transportation - Aeronautics
From Federal Funds    20,000,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    383,600
From Aeronautics Restricted Account    6,912,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration    492,200
Airport Construction    23,536,100
Civil Air Patrol    80,000
Aid to Local Airports    2,240,000
Airplane Operations    947,800
Item 8    To Transportation - B and C Roads
From Transportation Fund    129,243,000
    Schedule of Programs:
B and C Roads    129,243,000
Item 9    To Transportation - Safe Sidewalk Construction
From Transportation Fund    500,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Sidewalk Construction    500,000
Item 10    To Transportation - Mineral Lease
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Lease    73,349,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Mineral Lease Payments    70,880,000
Payment in Lieu    2,469,000
Item 11    To Transportation - Share the Road
From General Fund Restricted - Share the Road Bicycle Support    11,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Share the Road    11,000
Item 12    To Transportation - Transportation Investment Fund Capacity Program
From Transportation Investment Fund of 2005    172,722,100
    Schedule of Programs:
Transportation Investment Fund Capacity Program    172,722,100
Department of Administrative Services
Item 13    To Department of Administrative Services - Executive Director
From General Fund    702,000

From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    27,100
    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director    643,700
Parental Defense    85,400
Item 14    To Department of Administrative Services - Administrative Rules
From General Fund    368,700
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,000
    Schedule of Programs:
DAR Administration    369,700
Item 15    To Department of Administrative Services - DFCM Administration
From General Fund    2,232,100
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,509,200
From Capital Projects Fund    1,971,800
From Capital Project Fund - Project Reserve    200,000
From Capital Project Fund - Contingency Reserve    82,300
    Schedule of Programs:
DFCM Administration    5,117,000
Governor's Residence    119,200
Energy Program    759,200
Item 16    To Department of Administrative Services - State Archives
From General Fund    2,105,500
From Federal Funds    100,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    51,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Archives Administration    933,300
Records Analysis    228,200
Preservation Services    255,800
Patron Services    508,500
Records Services    330,700
Item 17    To Department of Administrative Services - Finance Administration
From General Fund    5,959,000
From Transportation Fund    450,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,405,700
From General Fund Restricted - Internal Service Fund Overhead    1,299,600
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    716,100
    Schedule of Programs:

Finance Director's Office    476,700
Payroll    1,877,000
Payables/Disbursing    1,610,500
Technical Services    971,400
Financial Reporting    1,654,700
Financial Information Systems    3,240,100
Item 18    To Department of Administrative Services - Finance - Mandated
From General Fund    11,000,000
From General Fund Restricted - Economic Incentive Restricted Account    5,817,300
From General Fund Restricted - Land Exchange Distribution Account    11,200,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Land Exchange Distribution    11,200,000
Development Zone Partial Rebates    5,817,300
Jail Reimbursement    11,000,000
Item 19    To Department of Administrative Services - Finance - Elected Official Post-Retirement Benefits Contribution
From General Fund    2,030,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Elected Official Post-Retirement Trust Fund    2,030,000
Item 20    To Department of Administrative Services - Post Conviction Indigent Defense
From General Fund    33,900
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    51,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Post Conviction Indigent Defense Fund    85,500
Item 21    To Department of Administrative Services - Judicial Conduct Commission
From General Fund    210,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Judicial Conduct Commission    210,600
Item 22    To Department of Administrative Services - Purchasing
From General Fund    761,100
    Schedule of Programs:
Purchasing and General Services    761,100
Department of Technology Services
Item 23    To Department of Technology Services - Chief Information Officer
From General Fund    539,600

From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    60,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Chief Information Officer    599,600
Item 24    To Department of Technology Services - Integrated Technology Division
From General Fund    1,396,500
From Federal Funds    950,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,698,500
From General Fund Restricted - Statewide Unified E-911 Emergency Account    328,400
    Schedule of Programs:
Automated Geographic Reference Center    3,723,400
Statewide Interoperable Communications    650,000
Capital Budget
Item 25    To Capital Budget - Capital Improvements
From General Fund    20,167,300
From Education Fund    21,571,800
    Schedule of Programs:
Capital Improvements    41,739,100
State Board of Bonding Commissioners - Debt Service
Item 26    To State Board of Bonding Commissioners - Debt Service - Debt Service
From General Fund    54,599,700
From Education Fund    17,164,300
From Transportation Investment Fund of 2005    331,310,600
From Federal Funds    16,999,900
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    23,700,000
From County of First Class State Hwy Fund    21,870,400
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    8,247,200
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (58,483,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Debt Service    415,408,500
    Subsection 1(b). Business-like Activities. The Legislature has reviewed the following proprietary funds. Under the terms and conditions of Utah Code 63J-1-410, for any included Internal Service Fund the Legislature approves budgets, full-time permanent positions, and capital acquisition amounts as indicated, and appropriates to the funds as indicated estimated revenue from rates, fees, and other charges. Where applicable, the Legislature authorizes the State Division of Finance to transfer amounts among funds and accounts as indicated.

Department of Administrative Services Internal Service Funds
Item 27    To Department of Administrative Services - Division of Finance
From Dedicated Credits - Intragovernmental Revenue    1,801,200
    Schedule of Programs:
ISF - Purchasing Card    320,000
ISF - Consolidated Budget and Accounting    1,481,200
Budgeted FTE    20.0
Item 28    To Department of Administrative Services - Division of Purchasing and General Services
From Dedicated Credits - Intragovernmental Revenue    20,355,900
    Schedule of Programs:
ISF - Central Mailing    13,500,000
ISF - Cooperative Contracting    2,220,600
ISF - Print Services    3,560,700
ISF - State Surplus Property    1,028,500
ISF - Federal Surplus Property    46,100
Budgeted FTE    84.7
Authorized Capital Outlay    3,445,900
Item 29    To Department of Administrative Services - Division of Fleet Operations
From Dedicated Credits - Intragovernmental Revenue    76,789,100
From Sale of Fixed Assets    600,000
    Schedule of Programs:
ISF - Motor Pool    28,233,600
ISF - Fuel Network    48,595,500
ISF - Travel Office    560,000
Budgeted FTE    24.0
Authorized Capital Outlay    20,913,800
Item 30    To Department of Administrative Services - Risk Management
From Premiums    30,496,800
From Interest Income    311,000
From Risk Management - Workers Compensation Fund    7,208,500
    Schedule of Programs:
ISF - Risk Management Administration    30,807,800
ISF - Workers' Compensation    7,208,500
Budgeted FTE    27.0
Authorized Capital Outlay    200,000

Item 31    To Department of Administrative Services - Division of Facilities Construction and Management - Facilities Management
From Dedicated Credits - Intragovernmental Revenue    29,156,200
    Schedule of Programs:
ISF - Facilities Management    29,156,200
Budgeted FTE    134.0
Authorized Capital Outlay    63,000
Department of Technology Services Internal Service Funds
Item 32    To Department of Technology Services - Operations
From Dedicated Credits - Intragovernmental Revenue    120,781,500
    Schedule of Programs:
ISF - Enterprise Technology Division    120,781,500
Budgeted FTE    847.0
Authorized Capital Outlay    9,415,000
    Subsection 1(c). Capital Project Funds. The Legislature has reviewed the following capital project funds. Where applicable, the Legislature authorizes the State Division of Finance to transfer amounts among funds and accounts as indicated.
Item 33    To Transportation - Transportation Investment Fund of 2005
From Transportation Fund    76,633,600
From Licenses/Fees    75,276,700
From Designated Sales Tax    346,122,400
From Revenue Transfers    6,000,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Transportation Investment Fund    504,032,700
    Section 2. Effective Date.
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2013.

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