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H.B. 8 Enrolled

    Chief Sponsor: Ronda Rudd Menlove
    Senate Sponsor: Allen M. Christensen

General Description:
    This bill appropriates funds for the support and operation of state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.
Highlighted Provisions:
    This bill:
    .    provides appropriations for the use and support of certain state agencies; and,
    .    provides appropriations for other purposes as described.
Money Appropriated in this Bill:
    This bill appropriates $4,024,022,600 in operating and capital budgets for fiscal year 2014, including:
    .    $807,638,200 from the General Fund;
    .    $18,241,600 from the Education Fund;
    .    $3,198,142,800 from various sources as detailed in this bill.
    This bill appropriates $140,486,400 in expendable funds and accounts for fiscal year 2014, including:
    .    $2,242,900 from the General Fund;
    .    $138,243,500 from various sources as detailed in this bill.
    This bill appropriates $274,942,500 in business-like activities for fiscal year 2014.
    This bill appropriates $565,000 in restricted fund and account transfers for fiscal year 2014, all of which is from the General Fund.
Other Special Clauses:
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2013.
Utah Code Sections Affected:
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
    Section 1. FY 2014 Appropriations. The following sums of money are appropriated for the

fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.
    Subsection 1(a). Operating and Capital Budgets. Under the terms and conditions of Utah Code Title 63J, the Legislature appropriates the following sums of money from the funds or fund accounts indicated for the use and support of the government of the State of Utah.
Department of Health
Item 1    To Department of Health - Executive Director's Operations
From General Fund    4,780,500
From Federal Funds    4,796,700
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,863,000
From General Fund Restricted - Kurt Oscarson Children's Organ Transplant    100,600
From Organ Donation Contribution Fund    113,000
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    (87,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director    2,556,600
Center for Health Data    5,374,100
Program Operations    4,084,500
Office of Internal Audit    551,400
Item 2    To Department of Health - Family Health and Preparedness
From General Fund    15,195,100
From Federal Funds    79,319,500
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    14,503,000
From General Fund Restricted - Autism Treatment Account    50,000
From Revenue Transfers - Human Services    1,010,000
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    4,526,100
From Revenue Transfers - Public Safety    145,000
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    409,600
From Revenue Transfers - Workforce Services    1,613,000
From Pass-through    (940,500)
    Schedule of Programs:
Director's Office    2,057,800
Maternal and Child Health    60,058,500
Child Development    21,697,100
Children with Special Health Care Needs    11,283,100
Public Health Preparedness    9,969,600
Emergency Medical Services    4,238,900
Facility Licensure, Certification, and Resident Assessment    4,536,700
Primary Care    1,989,100

Item 3    To Department of Health - Disease Control and Prevention
From General Fund    12,007,100
From Federal Funds    29,460,500
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    8,126,400
From General Fund Restricted - Cancer Research Account    20,000
From General Fund Restricted - Cigarette Tax Restricted Account    3,150,000
From General Fund Restricted - Prostate Cancer Support Account    26,600
From General Fund Restricted - State Lab Drug Testing Account    432,200
From General Fund Restricted - Tobacco Settlement Account    3,887,400
From Department of Public Safety Account    100,000
From Revenue Transfers - Human Services    10,000
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    1,647,700
From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    136,600
From Revenue Transfers - Public Safety    41,700
From Revenue Transfers - State Office of Education    17,000
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    143,600
From Revenue Transfers - Workforce Services    2,751,200
    Schedule of Programs:
Director's Office    1,526,300
Health Promotion    23,528,800
Epidemiology    23,550,500
Microbiology    5,309,800
Office of the Medical Examiner    3,872,800
Chemical and Environmental Services    1,834,700
Forensic Toxicology    1,258,500
Laboratory Improvement    1,076,600
Item 4    To Department of Health - Local Health Departments
From General Fund    2,122,400
    Schedule of Programs:
Local Health Department Funding    2,122,400
Item 5    To Department of Health - Medicaid and Health Financing
From General Fund    4,645,200
From Federal Funds    55,072,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    7,349,900
From General Fund Restricted - Nursing Care Facilities Account    641,300
From Transfers - Medicaid - Department of Human Services    8,565,700
From Transfers - Medicaid - Department of Workforce Services    18,147,800

From Transfers - Medicaid - Juvenile Justice Services    41,900
From Transfers - Medicaid - Governor's Office of Planning and Budget    1,307,500
From Transfers - Medicaid - Department of Health Internal    185,000
From Revenue Transfers - State Office of Rehabilitation    166,900
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    5,059,800
    Schedule of Programs:
Director's Office    1,616,600
Financial Services    10,488,900
Medicaid Operations    4,679,900
Managed Health Care    3,370,700
Long-term Care    2,568,000
Contracts    1,845,200
Coverage and Reimbursement    2,577,400
Eligibility Policy    2,906,200
Department of Workforce Services' Seeded Services    36,295,600
Other Seeded Services    34,834,900
Item 6    To Department of Health - Medicaid Sanctions
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    250,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,082,900
From Closing Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    (1,082,900)
    Schedule of Programs:
Medicaid Sanctions    250,000
Item 7    To Department of Health - Children's Health Insurance Program
From General Fund    5,373,300
From Federal Funds    70,042,300
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,880,200
From General Fund Restricted - Tobacco Settlement Account    11,482,800
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    82,400
    Schedule of Programs:
Children's Health Insurance Program    88,861,000
Item 8    To Department of Health - Medicaid Mandatory Services
From General Fund    280,720,200
From Federal Funds    750,461,200
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    4,772,600
From General Fund Restricted - Nursing Care Facilities Account    19,878,100
From Hospital Provider Assessment Fund    41,500,000
From Transfers - Medicaid - Department of Health Internal    1,832,000

From Transfers - Medicaid - Utah Department of Corrections    600,000
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    919,000
From Pass-through    136,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Inpatient Hospital    382,142,100
Managed Health Care    231,069,100
Nursing Home    170,651,100
Outpatient Hospital    84,690,800
Physician Services    95,821,400
Crossover Services    14,410,600
Medical Supplies    15,454,000
State-run Primary Care Case Management    515,000
Other Mandatory Services    106,065,500
Item 9    To Department of Health - Medicaid Optional Services
From General Fund    129,720,800
From Federal Funds    566,357,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    165,865,800
From General Fund Restricted - Nursing Care Facilities Account    2,851,300
From Transfers - Medicaid - Department of Human Services    76,489,500
From Transfers - Medicaid - Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind    336,000
From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    158,100
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    1,195,600
From Revenue Transfers - Workforce Services    741,200
From Revenue Transfers - Youth Corrections    1,577,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    2,250,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Pharmacy    182,618,200
Home and Community Based Waiver Services    179,715,700
Capitated Mental Health Services    152,034,000
Intermediate Care Facilities for Intellectually Disabled    84,215,600
Non-service Expenses    96,905,400
Buy-in/Buy-out    41,196,000
Dental Services    38,837,800
Clawback Payments    28,713,700
Disproportionate Hospital Payments    34,964,600
Hospice Care Services    13,948,700
Vision Care    2,265,700

Other Optional Services    92,127,500
Department of Workforce Services
Item 10    To Department of Workforce Services - Administration
From General Fund    2,670,600
From Federal Funds    8,036,200
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    54,700
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    754,900
    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director's Office    2,829,100
Communications    965,400
Human Resources    1,159,600
Administrative Support    5,925,600
Internal Audit    636,700
Item 11    To Department of Workforce Services - Operations and Policy
From General Fund    51,824,300
From Federal Funds    616,264,900
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,914,800
From Revenue Transfers - Human Services    15,000
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    20,017,500
    Schedule of Programs:
Facilities and Pass-Through    8,929,900
Workforce Development    66,403,000
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families    45,000,000
Refugee Assistance    6,000,000
Workforce Research and Analysis    2,447,200
Trade Adjustment Act Assistance    5,000,000
Eligibility Services    59,073,900
Child Care Assistance    46,500,000
Nutrition Assistance    410,000,000
Workforce Investment Act Assistance    8,000,000
Other Assistance    7,460,000
Information Technology    26,222,500
Item 12    To Department of Workforce Services - General Assistance
From General Fund    4,813,800
    Schedule of Programs:
General Assistance    4,813,800
Item 13    To Department of Workforce Services - Unemployment Insurance

From General Fund    563,600
From Federal Funds    20,651,300
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    400,000
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    150,400
    Schedule of Programs:
Unemployment Insurance Administration    18,656,600
Adjudication    3,108,700
Item 14    To Department of Workforce Services - Housing and Community Development
From General Fund    2,857,600
From Federal Funds    46,596,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,522,900
From General Fund Restricted - Pamela Atkinson Homeless Account    732,000
From General Fund Restricted - Methamphetamine Housing Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Account    8,600
From Permanent Community Impact Loan Fund    1,317,500
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    1,500,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Community Development Administration    940,500
Community Development    8,795,300
Housing Development    1,057,700
Special Housing    145,000
Homeless Committee    7,578,300
HEAT    24,323,400
Weatherization Assistance    8,869,100
Community Services    3,530,800
Emergency Food Network    295,100
Item 15    To Department of Workforce Services - Zoos
From General Fund    908,400
    Schedule of Programs:
Zoos    908,400
Item 16    To Department of Workforce Services - Special Service Districts
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Lease    7,350,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Special Service Districts    7,350,000
Item 17    To Department of Workforce Services - Community Development Capital Budget

From Permanent Community Impact Loan Fund    129,126,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Community Impact Board    129,126,000
Department of Human Services
Item 18    To Department of Human Services - Executive Director Operations
From General Fund    7,108,500
From Federal Funds    4,776,100
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    1,099,900
From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    3,500
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    427,600
    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director's Office    971,900
Legal Affairs    1,412,800
Information Technology    1,390,600
Fiscal Operations    3,592,800
Human Resources    43,100
Local Discretionary Pass-Through    1,202,000
Office of Services Review    1,448,800
Office of Licensing    2,566,800
Utah Developmental Disabilities Council    786,800
Item 19    To Department of Human Services - Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
From General Fund    86,736,000
From Federal Funds    27,133,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    3,405,500
From General Fund Restricted - Intoxicated Driver Rehabilitation Account    1,500,000
From General Fund Restricted - Tobacco Settlement Account    2,325,400
From Revenue Transfers - Child Nutrition    75,000
From Revenue Transfers - Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice    150,000
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    8,236,200
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration - DSAMH    2,618,800
Community Mental Health Services    7,166,900
Mental Health Centers    27,426,000
Residential Mental Health Services    241,900
State Hospital    53,267,100
State Substance Abuse Services    7,741,700

Local Substance Abuse Services    23,290,500
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Fines    1,500,000
Drug Offender Reform Act (DORA)    2,590,900
Drug Courts    3,717,700
Item 20    To Department of Human Services - Division of Services for People with Disabilities
From General Fund    63,180,600
From Federal Funds    1,493,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,990,600
From General Fund Restricted - Account for People with Disabilities    100,000
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    146,067,400
From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    750,000
From Beginning Nonlapsing Appropriation Balances    570,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration - DSPD    3,000,500
Service Delivery    6,491,000
Utah State Developmental Center    34,335,100
Community Supports Waiver    163,659,600
Acquired Brain Injury Waiver    2,947,700
Physical Disabilities Waiver    1,850,900
Non-waiver Services    1,866,800
Item 21    To Department of Human Services - Office of Recovery Services
From General Fund    12,535,400
From Federal Funds    25,486,600
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    3,193,800
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    2,216,800
From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    147,200
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration - ORS    1,159,700
Financial Services    6,592,200
Electronic Technology    8,639,900
Child Support Services    21,380,500
Children in Care Collections    494,600
Attorney General Contract    3,015,500
Medical Collections    2,297,400
Item 22    To Department of Human Services - Division of Child and Family Services

From General Fund    107,089,800
From Federal Funds    54,913,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,397,800
From General Fund Restricted - Choose Life Adoption Support Account    25,000
From General Fund Restricted - Children's Account    400,000
From General Fund Restricted - Victims of Domestic Violence Services Account    968,600
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    (5,305,700)
From Revenue Transfers - Other Agencies    (53,700)
From Revenue Transfers - Within Agency    (61,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration - DCFS    4,147,400
Service Delivery    72,633,500
In-Home Services    2,383,700
Out-of-Home Care    38,932,100
Facility-based Services    4,025,600
Minor Grants    5,814,800
Selected Programs    3,458,000
Special Needs    2,108,500
Domestic Violence    5,530,400
Children's Account    400,000
Adoption Assistance    14,183,100
Child Welfare Management Information System    6,757,300
Item 23    To Department of Human Services - Division of Aging and Adult Services
From General Fund    12,517,500
From Federal Funds    11,230,800
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    100
From Revenue Transfers - Medicaid    (618,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Administration - DAAS    1,374,900
Local Government Grants - Formula Funds    12,464,200
Non-Formula Funds    1,398,700
Adult Protective Services    2,767,200
Aging Waiver Services    1,100,300
Aging Alternatives    4,024,300
State Board of Education
Item 24    To State Board of Education - State Office of Rehabilitation

From General Fund    267,500
From Education Fund    18,241,600
From Federal Funds    67,039,400
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    1,075,300
    Schedule of Programs:
Executive Director    2,435,500
Blind and Visually Impaired    6,462,000
Rehabilitation Services    63,022,800
Disability Determination    12,104,400
Deaf and Hard of Hearing    2,599,100
    Subsection 1(b). Expendable Funds and Accounts. The Legislature has reviewed the following expendable funds. Where applicable, the Legislature authorizes the State Division of Finance to transfer amounts among funds and accounts as indicated. Outlays and expenditures from the recipient funds or accounts may be made without further legislative action according to a fund or account's applicable authorizing statute.
Department of Health
Item 25    To Department of Health - Traumatic Brain Injury Fund
From Beginning Fund Balance    13,800
From Ending Fund Balance    (13,800)
Item 26    To Department of Health - Traumatic Head and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Fund
From Beginning Fund Balance    228,400
From Ending Fund Balance    (228,400)
Department of Workforce Services
Item 27    To Department of Workforce Services - Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund
From General Fund    2,242,900
From Federal Funds    7,500,000
    Schedule of Programs:
Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund    9,742,900
Item 28    To Department of Workforce Services - Permanent Community Impact Fund
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    2,379,100
From Interest Income    7,617,900
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Lease    85,343,500
From General Fund Restricted - Land Exchange Distribution Account    420,000
From General Fund Restricted - Mineral Bonus    9,200,000

From Repayments    35,900,000
From Beginning Fund Balance    612,861,200
From Ending Fund Balance    (623,278,200)
    Schedule of Programs:
Permanent Community Impact Fund    130,443,500
Item 29    To Department of Workforce Services - Intermountain Weatherization Training Fund
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    300,000
From Beginning Fund Balance    1,800
From Ending Fund Balance    (1,800)
    Schedule of Programs:
Intermountain Weatherization Training Fund    300,000
    Subsection 1(c). Business-like Activities. The Legislature has reviewed the following proprietary funds. Under the terms and conditions of Utah Code 63J-1-410, for any included Internal Service Fund the Legislature approves budgets, full-time permanent positions, and capital acquisition amounts as indicated, and appropriates to the funds as indicated estimated revenue from rates, fees, and other charges. Where applicable, the Legislature authorizes the State Division of Finance to transfer amounts among funds and accounts as indicated.
Department of Workforce Services
Item 30    To Department of Workforce Services - Unemployment Compensation Fund
From Federal Funds    16,575,000
From Premiums    334,463,900
From Interest Income    13,444,900
From Beginning Fund Balance    623,566,100
From Ending Fund Balance    (721,471,600)
    Schedule of Programs:
Unemployment Compensation Fund    266,578,300
Item 31    To Department of Workforce Services - Small Business Program
From Federal Funds    9,000,000
From Dedicated Credits Revenue    349,200
From Repayments    15,000
From Beginning Fund Balance    7,000,000
From Ending Fund Balance    (8,000,000)
    Schedule of Programs:
State Small Business Credit Initiative Program Fund    8,364,200
    Subsection 1(d). Restricted Fund and Account Transfers. The Legislature authorizes

the State Division of Finance to transfer the following amounts among the following funds or accounts as indicated. Expenditures and outlays from the recipient funds must be authorized elsewhere in an appropriations act.
Fund and Account Transfers
Item 32    To Fund and Account Transfers - GFR - Homeless Account
From General Fund    565,000
    Schedule of Programs:
General Fund Restricted - Pamela Atkinson Homeless Account    565,000
    Section 2. Effective Date.
    This bill takes effect on July 1, 2013.

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