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Chief Sponsor: Brad R. Wilson

Senate Sponsor: Jerry W. Stevenson

             8      LONG TITLE
             9      General Description:
             10          This joint resolution of the Legislature honors the life and legacy of John Price.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This resolution:
             13          .    honors the life and legacy of John Price as entrepreneur, philanthropist, former
             14      United States ambassador, humanitarian, and founder of Price Development
             15      Company, JP Realty, Inc., and Alta Industries Corporation; and
             16          .    honors John Price as husband, father, grandfather, and friend.
             17      Special Clauses:
             18          None
             20      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             21          WHEREAS, John Price was born in Germany on August 18, 1933;
             22          WHEREAS, Mr. Price fled Germany with his parents and older brother on April 8,
             23      1939;
             24          WHEREAS, Mr. Price graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1950;
             25          WHEREAS, Mr. Price attended City College of New York in the evenings and spent
             26      his days working in a variety of different jobs, each of which taught him different skills and
             27      talents and eventually led him to study geology;
             28          WHEREAS, in 1954, Mr. Price drove across the country in search of geology jobs,
             29      which were in high demand, at the time, given the country's quest for uranium;

             30          WHEREAS, Mr. Price settled in Salt Lake City after falling in love with the beauty of
             31      the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges;
             32          WHEREAS, in 1956, Mr. Price graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in
             33      geological engineering;
             34          WHEREAS, Mr. Price married Marcia Lee Poulsen on August 17, 1957;
             35          WHEREAS, in the autumn of 1957, Mr. Price purchased three lots in the Avenues of
             36      Salt Lake City and began J. Price Construction Company;
             37          WHEREAS, Marcia, who was employed by Universal Travel Agency at the time, also
             38      worked in the evenings assisting John with his new company;
             39          WHEREAS, a determined entrepreneur, Mr. Price founded his second company, John
             40      Price Associates, Inc. (JPA), in 1960, which evolved into Price Development Company (PDC),
             41      in 1977;
             42          WHEREAS, the business model was then expanded to include development, design,
             43      construction, management, and most importantly, ownership of properties;
             44          WHEREAS, with the company's expertise expanding, PDC quickly became one of the
             45      top 25 developers in the United States as the dominant retail and industrial builder and
             46      developer in the Intermountain and western regions of the United States;
             47          WHEREAS, PDC pioneered new integrated building and construction management
             48      concepts;
             49          WHEREAS, PDC began developing enclosed retail malls, the first being the Cache
             50      Valley Mall in Logan, Utah;
             51          WHEREAS, over the next 27 years PDC developed 18 enclosed malls including Red
             52      Cliffs Mall in St. George, Provo Towne Center, and Cottonwood Mall in Salt Lake City, with
             53      more than 45 retail community centers, and a number of office and industrial park complexes,
             54      totaling almost 20,000,000 square feet of building space;
             55          WHEREAS, in 1975, Mr. Price oversaw the Utah's Bicentennial Arts Project as
             56      construction manager, which included the renovation of the Capitol Theater and construction
             57      of Abravanel Hall and the adjacent Salt Lake Art Center;

             58          WHEREAS, Mr. Price's ambition and determination led him to many great working
             59      relationships with both large and small companies that were willing to let him prove himself
             60      capable of developing at a regional and national level;
             61          WHEREAS, Mr. Price and PDC's reputation for performance, workmanship, and
             62      competitive pricing opened new doors and the company flourished;
             63          WHEREAS, PDC's construction division included projects for Kennecott Copper,
             64      Anaconda, Alta High School, and several radio and television station buildings located in the
             65      first business and industrial parks in the state;
             66          WHEREAS, PDC also constructed landmark office buildings, such as City Center,
             67      numerous car dealerships, and a myriad of shopping centers, grocery stores, and drug stores for
             68      Albertsons, Safeway, Skaggs, Smith's, and Grand Central/Fred Meyer;
             69          WHEREAS, in 1993, Mr. Price merged PDC and 83 real estate partnerships into JP
             70      Realty, Inc., and formed a New York Stock Exchange listed Real Estate Investment Trust
             71      (REIT), which merged with General Growth Properties in 2002;
             72          WHEREAS, many of the thousands of people Mr. Price employed over the years refer
             73      to their time spent working with Mr. Price as attending "Price University";
             74          WHEREAS, Mr. Price was an incredible example, mentor, and teacher who would
             75      expect nothing but the best and would work from dusk until dawn reading every newspaper
             76      possible and researching and strategizing new innovative marketing concepts;
             77          WHEREAS, Mr. Price's courage and motivation led him to accomplish some of the
             78      world's most strenuous and challenging physical activities, such as numerous marathons;
             79          WHEREAS, Mr. Price completed the ultimate Iron Man Triathlon event in Hawaii,
             80      completed the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 desert truck racing events, trekked into the base camp of
             81      Mt. Everest and climbed adjacent peaks, and climbed Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina;
             82          WHEREAS, Mr. Price has always had a strong desire to lead and to give back to his
             83      country;
             84          WHEREAS, Mr. Price's patriotism led him to run for Salt Lake City Commissioner in
             85      1957 and for the Utah House of Representatives in 1958;

             86          WHEREAS, involved in Africa since 1970, including humanitarian missions, Mr. Price
             87      was appointed by President George W. Bush as United States Ambassador to Mauritius,
             88      Seychelles, and Comoros in 2002, and served until 2005;
             89          WHEREAS, John and Marcia formed the John and Marcia Price Family Foundation,
             90      which emphasizes investments in the arts and education and supports the Utah Symphony,
             91      Utah Opera, Ballet West, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and numerous other arts and education
             92      organizations;
             93          WHEREAS, these contributions built the Price Family Holocaust Memorial Garden, the
             94      Marcia and John Price Museum Building of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and, soon, the new
             95      International Studies Building at the University of Utah;
             96          WHEREAS, these contributions also helped to build a number of school projects in
             97      Kenya, Mali, and Somaliland;
             98          WHEREAS, Mr. Price currently serves as a resident scholar at the University of Utah's
             99      Hinckley Institute of Politics;
             100          WHEREAS, Mr. Price is the author of the book "When the White House Calls,"
             101      regularly writes commentaries on Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and recently produced a
             102      documentary film, "The Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt," chronicling the
             103      historical significance of the Bonneville Salt Flats; and
             104          WHEREAS, Mr. Price has brought great honor and distinction to the state of Utah and
             105      its people:
             106          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah
             107      honors the life and legacy of John Price as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, former United
             108      States ambassador, humanitarian, and founder of Price Development Company, JP Realty, Inc.,
             109      and Alta Industries Corporation.
             110          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature honors John Price as husband,
             111      father of children Steven, Deirdra, and Jennifer, grandfather of Ashleigh, Chelsea, Garrett,
             112      Hannah, Alexandra, Savannah, Jackson, and Lucy Sophia, and friend.
             113          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to Mr. John Price.


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