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H.B. 237





Chief Sponsor: Richard A. Greenwood

Senate Sponsor: Scott K. Jenkins

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill clarifies that providing false information on a surety bond affidavit is a third
             10      degree felony.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This bill:
             13          .    clarifies that providing false information on a surety bond affidavit is a third degree
             14      felony.
             15      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             16          None
             17      Other Special Clauses:
             18          None
             19      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             20      AMENDS:
             21          52-1-13, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             23      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             24          Section 1. Section 52-1-13 is amended to read:
             25           52-1-13. Sureties -- Approval -- Personal surety bond -- Requirements.
             26          (1) In all cases where a bond is required of any public officer in this state, either a
             27      corporate surety bond or a personal surety bond may be given. [Such] The bonds shall be

             28      subject to approval as provided by law. [No] A personal surety bond [shall] may not be
             29      approved except with two or more sureties [and each such].
             30          (2) Each surety shall first make and file an affidavit [setting forth] declaring that [he]
             31      the individual is a resident [and freeholder within] of the state of Utah and is worth the sum
             32      specified in the undertaking, over and above all of [his just] the individual's debts and liabilities
             33      and exclusive of property exempt from execution [and]. The individual shall include in [such]
             34      the affidavit a detailed statement of all of [his] the individual's assets and liabilities[; and the
             35      making of any].
             36          (3) Any person who makes a material false statement [in] with respect [thereto shall
             37      constitute a] to Subsection (2) is guilty of a third degree felony[; provided further, that when].
             38          (4) If there are more than two sureties [thereon], they may express in their affidavits
             39      that they are [severally] worth amounts less than that expressed in the bond if the whole
             40      amount of all sureties is equivalent to double the penalty of the bond.
             41          (5) No premium on any surety bond with personal sureties [shall] may be paid from
             42      any public funds.
             43          (6) The several boards, courts, or officers authorized by law to approve surety bonds
             44      [herein referred to] may require sureties on personal surety bonds to justify annually [and, in].
             45      In the case of failure to [so] justify, [such] the boards or officers may require additional sureties
             46      or a new bond. In case of failure of any public officer to have [his] the public officer's sureties
             47      justify when [so] required or to furnish additional sureties when required, [as herein provided,]
             48      the board or officer charged with the duty of approving the bond of [such] the officer shall
             49      declare [such] the office vacant within 60 days after notice personally served upon the officer[,
             50      and at]. At the expiration of [said] the 60-day period [such], the office shall become vacant
             51      unless [such] the sureties justify or additional qualified sureties [be] are furnished within [said]
             52      the period.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 2-6-13 2:21 PM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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