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S.B. 101 Enrolled





Chief Sponsor: Margaret Dayton

House Sponsor: Keith Grover

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies provisions of Title 73, Water and Irrigation, regarding fixed time
             10      period applications and claims to surface or underground water not otherwise
             11      represented.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This bill:
             14          .    modifies provisions of Title 73, Water and Irrigation, regarding:
             15              .     fixed time period applications; and
             16              .    claims to surface or underground water not otherwise represented; and
             17          .    makes technical changes.
             18      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             19          None
             20      Other Special Clauses:
             21          This bill coordinates with S.B. 30, Water and Irrigation Amendments, by providing a
             22      technical amendment.
             23          This bill coordinates with H.B. 29, Adjudication of Water Rights, by providing a
             24      substantive amendment.
             25      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             26      AMENDS:
             27          73-3-10, as last amended by Laws of Utah 1997, Chapter 48
             28          73-3-18, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapter 86
             29          73-3-20, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2012, Chapter 163

             30          73-5-13, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2001, Chapter 136
             31      Utah Code Sections Affected by Coordination Clause:
             32          73-5-13, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2001, Chapter 136
             34      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             35          Section 1. Section 73-3-10 is amended to read:
             36           73-3-10. Approval or rejection of application.
             37          [(1) When the approval or rejection of an application is decided, a record of the
             38      decision shall be made in the state engineer's office.]
             39          (1) When the state engineer approves or rejects an application, the state engineer shall
             40      record the approval decision or rejection decision in the state engineer's office.
             41          [(2) The state engineer's decision shall be mailed to the applicant.]
             42          (2) On the same day on which the state engineer makes an approval decision or
             43      rejection decision described in Subsection (1), the state engineer shall mail the decision to the
             44      applicant.
             45          (3) If [the] an application is approved, the applicant [shall be authorized upon receipt
             46      of the decision to:] may, upon receipt of the approval decision:
             47          (a) proceed with the construction of the necessary works;
             48          (b) take any steps required to apply the water to the use [named] described in the
             49      application; and
             50          (c) perfect the proposed application.
             51          (4) If the application is rejected, the applicant [shall take no] may not take steps toward
             52      the prosecution of [the proposed work or the diversion and use of the public water under the
             53      application.]:
             54          (a) the work proposed in the application; or
             55          (b) the proposed diversion and use of the public water in the application.
             56          [(5) The state engineer shall state in any decision approving an application the time
             57      within which the construction work must be completed and the water applied to beneficial use.]

             58          (5) In a decision approving an application, other than an application for a fixed time
             59      period, the state engineer shall state the time within which:
             60          (a) the construction work must be completed; and
             61          (b) the water must be applied to beneficial use.
             62          Section 2. Section 73-3-18 is amended to read:
             63           73-3-18. Lapse of application -- Notice -- Reinstatement -- Priorities --
             64      Assignment of application -- Filing and recording -- Constructive notice -- Effect of
             65      failure to record.
             66          (1) When an application lapses for failure of the applicant to comply with this title's
             67      provisions or the state engineer's order, the state engineer shall promptly give notice of the
             68      lapse [shall promptly be given] to the applicant by regular mail.
             69          (2) Within 60 days after notice of a lapse described in Subsection (1), the state engineer
             70      may, upon a showing of reasonable cause, reinstate the application with the date of priority
             71      changed to the date of reinstatement.
             72          (3) The original priority date of a lapsed application may not be reinstated, except upon
             73      a showing of fraud or mistake of the state engineer.
             74          (4) Except as provided in Section 73-3-5.6 , Section 73-3-12 , Section 73-3-20 , or
             75      Subsection (2), the priority of an application is determined by the day on which the state
             76      engineer's office receives the written application.
             77          (5) Before the state engineer issues a certificate of appropriation, a right claimed under
             78      an application for the appropriation of water may be transferred or assigned by a written
             79      instrument.
             80          [(4) The priority of an application shall be determined by the date of receiving the
             81      written application in the state engineer's office, except as provided in Section 73-3-12 and as
             82      provided in this section.]
             83          [(5) Before issuance of a certificate of appropriation, rights claimed under applications
             84      for the appropriation of water may be transferred or assigned by instruments in writing.]
             85          (6) An instrument transferring or assigning a right described in Subsection (5), when

             86      acknowledged or proved and certified in the manner provided by law for the acknowledgment
             87      or proving of conveyances of real estate, may be filed in the office of the state engineer and
             88      shall from time of filing impart notice to all persons of the contents thereof.
             89          (7) [Every assignment of an application] An instrument described in Subsection (6)
             90      that is not filed as [provided by this section] described in Subsection (6) is void [as] against any
             91      subsequent assignee in good faith and for valuable consideration of the same application or any
             92      portion [thereof where] of the same application, if the subsequent assignee's own assignment is
             93      [first duly filed] filed as described in Subsection (6) first.
             94          Section 3. Section 73-3-20 is amended to read:
             95           73-3-20. Right to divert appropriated waters into natural streams --
             96      Requirements -- Storage in reservoir -- Information required by state engineer -- Lapse
             97      of application.
             98          (1) Upon application in writing and approval of the state engineer, any appropriated
             99      water may, for the purpose of preventing waste and facilitating distribution, be turned from the
             100      channel of any stream or any lake or other body of water, into the channel of any natural stream
             101      or natural body of water or into a reservoir constructed across the bed of any natural stream,
             102      and commingled with its waters, and a like quantity less the quantity lost by evaporation and
             103      seepage may be taken out, either above or below the point where emptied into the stream, body
             104      of water or reservoir. In so doing, the original water in such stream, body of water, or reservoir
             105      must not be deteriorated in quality or diminished in quantity for the purpose used, and the
             106      additional water turned in shall bear its share of the expense of maintenance of such reservoir
             107      and an equitable proportion of the cost of the reservoir site and its construction. Any person
             108      having stored that person's appropriated water in a reservoir for a beneficial purpose shall be
             109      permitted to withdraw the water at the times and in the quantities as the person's necessities
             110      may require if the withdrawal does not interfere with the rights of others.
             111          (2) (a) The state engineer may require an owner of an approved exchange application to
             112      provide:
             113          (i) information about the diverting works constructed;

             114          (ii) information about the extent to which the development under the exchange has
             115      occurred; or
             116          (iii) other information the state engineer considers necessary to:
             117          (A) ensure that the exchange is taking place;
             118          (B) establish that the owner still has a legal interest in the underlying water right used
             119      as the basis for the exchange; or
             120          (C) determine the quantity of water being exchanged.
             121          (b) The owner of an exchange application shall provide the information requested by
             122      the state engineer within 60 days after the day on which the owner received the notification
             123      from the state engineer.
             124          (3) The state engineer may lapse an approved exchange application described in
             125      Subsection (1) if:
             126          (a) the applicant has lost a legal interest in the underlying right used to facilitate the
             127      exchange;
             128          (b) the exchange can no longer be carried out as stated in the application;
             129          (c) the applicant has not complied with the conditions established in approving the
             130      exchange; or
             131          (d) the applicant fails to provide the information requested by the state engineer under
             132      Subsection (2).
             133          (4) (a) Notwithstanding Section 73-3-18 , the state engineer may reinstate an exchange
             134      application that was lapsed by the state engineer under Subsection (3), if:
             135          (i) the applicant files with the state engineer a written request to reinstate the exchange
             136      application;
             137          (ii) the exchange application is for a small amount of water, as defined in Section
             138      73-3-5.6 ;
             139          (iii) the applicant demonstrates that, before the exchange application lapsed, the
             140      applicant or the applicant's predecessor in interest, in accordance with the exchange
             141      application:

             142          (A) constructed and occupied a residence; and
             143          (B) beneficially used the water at the residence; and
             144          (iv) the applicant demonstrates that none of the conditions described in Subsection (3)
             145      for lapsing an approved exchange application still exist.
             146          (b) [Notwithstanding Section 73-3-18 , the] The priority of an exchange application
             147      reinstated under this section shall be the day on which the applicant files a request to reinstate
             148      an exchange application that was lapsed by the state engineer.
             149          Section 4. Section 73-5-13 is amended to read:
             150           73-5-13. Claim to surface or underground water not otherwise represented --
             151      Information required -- Corrections -- Filing -- Investigation -- Publication -- Judicial
             152      action to determine validity -- Rules.
             153          (1) (a) [All claimants] A claimant to the right to the use of water, including both
             154      surface and underground water, whose [rights are] right is not represented by [certificates] a
             155      certificate of appropriation issued by the state engineer, by [applications] an application filed
             156      with the state engineer, by [court decrees] a court decree, or by a notice of claim filed pursuant
             157      to law, shall submit the claim to the state engineer in accordance with this section.
             158          (b) Subsections (2) through (7) [shall] only apply to claims or corrected claims
             159      submitted to the state engineer [pursuant to] in accordance with this section on or after May [4,
             160      1997] 14, 2013.
             161          (2) (a) [Each] A claim submitted under this section shall be verified under oath by the
             162      claimant or the claimant's duly appointed representative and submitted on forms [furnished]
             163      provided by the state engineer setting forth any information the state engineer requires,
             164      including:
             165          (i) the name and [post office] mailing address of the person making the claim;
             166          (ii) the quantity of water claimed in acre-feet or rate of flow in second-feet, or both,
             167      where appropriate;
             168          (iii) the source of supply;
             169          (iv) the priority date of the right;

             170          (v) the location of the point of diversion with reference to a United States land survey
             171      corner;
             172          (vi) the place of use;
             173          (vii) the nature and extent of use;
             174          (viii) the time during which the water has been used each year; and
             175          (ix) the date when the water was first used.
             176          (b) The claim shall also include the following information verified under oath by a
             177      registered engineer or land surveyor:
             178          (i) measurements of the amount of water diverted;
             179          (ii) a statement that the quantity of water claimed either in acre-feet or cubic feet per
             180      second is consistent with the beneficial use claimed and the supply [which] that the source is
             181      capable of producing; and
             182          (iii) a map showing the original diversion and conveyance works and where the water
             183      was placed to beneficial use, including irrigated lands, if irrigation is the claimed beneficial
             184      use.
             185          (c) The state engineer may require additional information as necessary to evaluate any
             186      claim including:
             187          (i) affidavits setting forth facts of which the affiant has personal knowledge;
             188          (ii) authenticated or historic photographs, plat or survey maps, or surveyors' notes;
             189          (iii) authenticated copies of original diaries, personal histories, or other historical
             190      documents [which] that document the claimed use of water; and
             191          (iv) other relevant records on file with any county recorder's, surveyor's, or assessor's
             192      office.
             193          [(3) (a) A claim may be corrected by submitting to the state engineer a verified
             194      corrected claim designated as such and bearing the same number as the original claim.]
             195          [(b) No fee shall be charged for submitting a corrected claim.]
             196          (3) (a) A claimant, or a claimant's successor in interest, as shown in the records of the
             197      state engineer may file a corrected claim that:

             198          (i) is designated as a corrected claim;
             199          (ii) includes the information described in Subsection (2); and
             200          (iii) bears the same number as the original claim.
             201          (b) If a corrected claim that meets the requirements described in Subsection (3)(a) is
             202      filed before the state engineer publishes the original claim in accordance with Subsection
             203      (4)(a)(iv), the state engineer may not charge an additional fee for filing the corrected claim.
             204          (c) The state engineer shall treat a corrected claim that is filed in accordance with
             205      Subsection (3)(a) as if the corrected claim were the original claim.
             206          (4) (a) Upon submission by a claimant of a claim that is acceptably complete under
             207      Subsection (2) and the deposit of money by a claimant with the state engineer sufficient to pay
             208      the expenses of conducting a field investigation and publishing a notice of the claim, the state
             209      engineer shall:
             210          (i) file the claim;
             211          (ii) endorse the date of its receipt;
             212          (iii) assign the claim a water right number; and
             213          (iv) publish a notice of the claim following the same procedures as provided in Section
             214      73-3-6 .
             215          (b) Any claim not acceptably complete under Subsection (2) shall be returned to the
             216      claimant.
             217          (c) The acceptance of any claim filed under this section by the state engineer may not
             218      be considered to be an adjudication by the state engineer of the validity of the claimed water
             219      right.
             220          (5) (a) The state engineer shall:
             221          (i) conduct a field investigation of each claim filed; and
             222          (ii) prepare a report of the investigation.
             223          (b) The report of the investigation shall:
             224          (i) become part of the file on the claim; and
             225          (ii) be admissible in any administrative or judicial proceeding [on] regarding the

             226      validity of the claim.
             227          (6) (a) Any person who may be damaged by a diversion and use of water as described
             228      in a claim submitted pursuant to this section may file an action in district court to determine the
             229      validity of the claim, [whether or not the claim has been accepted for filing by the state
             230      engineer] regardless of whether the state engineer has filed the claim in accordance with
             231      Subsection (4)(a).
             232          (b) Venue for [the] an action brought under Subsection (6)(a) shall be in the county [in
             233      which] where the point of diversion listed in the claim is located, or in a county where the place
             234      of use, or some part of it, is located.
             235          (c) The action shall be brought against the claimant to the use of water or the claimant's
             236      successor in interest.
             237          (d) In any action brought to determine the validity of a claim to the use of water under
             238      this section, the claimant shall have the initial burden of proof as to the validity of the claimed
             239      right.
             240          (e) (i) [Any] A person filing an action challenging the validity of a claim to the use of
             241      water under this section shall notify the state engineer of the pendency of the action in [a
             242      manner prescribed by the state engineer] accordance with state engineer rules.
             243          (ii) Upon receipt of the notice, the state engineer may take no action on any change or
             244      exchange applications founded on the claim that is the subject of the pending litigation[,] until
             245      the court adjudicates the matter.
             246          (f) Upon the entering of any final order or decree in [any] a judicial action to determine
             247      the validity of a claim under this section, the prevailing party shall file a certified copy of the
             248      order or decree with the state engineer, [which shall become part of] who shall incorporate the
             249      order into the state engineer's file on the claim.
             250          (7) (a) In a general adjudication of water rights under Title 73, Chapter 4,
             251      Determination of Water Rights, after completion of final summons in accordance with Section
             252      73-4-22 , a district court may, by decree, prohibit future claims from being filed under this
             253      section in the general adjudication area.

             254          (b) If the state engineer receives a claim for an area where a court has prohibited filing
             255      under Subsection (7)(a), the state engineer shall return the claim to the claimant without further
             256      action.
             257          [(7)] (8) The state engineer may make rules consistent with this section specifying
             258      information required to be included in a claim and claim procedures.
             259          Section 5. Coordinating S.B. 101 with S.B. 30 -- Technical amendments.
             260          If this S.B. 101 and S.B. 30, Water and Irrigation Amendments, both pass and become
             261      law, the Legislature intends that Subsection 73-5-13 (1)(b) in this S.B. 101 supersedes
             262      Subsection 73-5-13 (1)(b) in S.B. 30, when the Office of Legislative Research and General
             263      Counsel prepares the Utah Code database for publication.
             264          Section 6. Coordinating S.B. 101 with H.B. 29 -- Substantive amendments.
             265          If this S.B. 101 and H.B. 29, Adjudication of Water Rights, both pass and become law,
             266      the Legislature intends that the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel shall
             267      prepare the Utah Code database for publication by amending Subsection 73-5-13 (7)(a) to read
             268      as follows:
             269          "(7) (a) In a general adjudication of water rights under Title 73, Chapter 4,
             270      Determination of Water Rights, after completion of final summons in accordance with Section
             271      73-4-22 , a district court may, by decree, prohibit future claims from being filed under this
             272      section in the general adjudication area, division, or subdivision."

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