H.B. 229





Chief Sponsor: Jerry B. Anderson

Senate Sponsor: ____________

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies Title 19, Environmental Quality Code, Chapter 2, Air Conservation
             10      Act, by amending definitions.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This bill:
             13          .    amends the definition of "air contaminant" to clarify that natural components of the
             14      atmosphere do not constitute a contaminant; and
             15          .    makes technical changes.
             16      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             17          None
             18      Other Special Clauses:
             19          None
             20      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             21      AMENDS:
             22           19-2-102 , as last amended by Laws of Utah 2012, Chapter 360
             24      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             25          Section 1. Section 19-2-102 is amended to read:
             26           19-2-102. Definitions.
             27          As used in this chapter:

             28          (1) (a) "Air contaminant" means any particulate matter or any gas, vapor, suspended
             29      solid, or any combination of them[, excluding steam and water vapors].
             30          (b) "Air contaminant" does not mean the natural components of the atmosphere,
             31      including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and other noble gases, water vapor, steam, and carbon
             32      dioxide in amounts less than 500 parts per million, or any combination of them.
             33          (2) "Air contaminant source" means all sources of emission of air contaminants
             34      whether privately or publicly owned or operated.
             35          (3) "Air pollution" means the presence in the ambient air of one or more air
             36      contaminants in the quantities and duration and under conditions and circumstances as is or
             37      tends to be injurious to human health or welfare, animal or plant life, or property, or would
             38      unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of life or use of property, as determined by the rules
             39      adopted by the board.
             40          (4) "Ambient air" means the surrounding or outside air.
             41          (5) "Asbestos" means the asbestiform varieties of serpentine (chrysotile), riebeckite
             42      (crocidolite), cummingtonite-grunerite, anthophyllite, and actinolite-tremolite.
             43          (6) "Asbestos-containing material" means any material containing more than 1%
             44      asbestos, as determined using the method adopted in 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M, National
             45      Emission Standard for Asbestos.
             46          (7) "Asbestos inspection" means an activity undertaken to determine the presence or
             47      location, or to assess the condition of, asbestos-containing material or suspected
             48      asbestos-containing material, whether by visual or physical examination, or by taking samples
             49      of the material.
             50          (8) (a) "Board" means the Air Quality Board.
             51          (b) "Board" means, as used in Sections 19-2-123 through 19-2-126 , the Air Quality
             52      Board or the Water Quality Board.
             53          (9) "Clean school bus" has the same meaning as defined in 42 U.S.C. Sec. 16091.
             54          (10) "Director" means the director of the Division of Air Quality.
             55          (11) "Division" means the Division of Air Quality, created in Subsection
             56      19-1-105 (1)(a).
             57          (12) (a) "Facility" means machinery, equipment, structures, or any part or accessories
             58      of them, installed or acquired for the primary purpose of controlling or disposing of air

             59      pollution.
             60          (b) "Facility" does not include an air conditioner, fan, or other similar facility for the
             61      comfort of personnel.
             62          (13) "Friable asbestos-containing material" means any material containing more than
             63      1% asbestos, as determined using the method adopted in 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M, National
             64      Emission Standard for Asbestos, that hand pressure can crumble, pulverize, or reduce to
             65      powder when dry.
             66          (14) "Indirect source" means a facility, building, structure, or installation which attracts
             67      or may attract mobile source activity that results in emissions of a pollutant for which there is a
             68      national standard.
             69          (15) (a) "Pollution control facility" or "facility" means, as used in Sections 19-2-123
             70      through 19-2-126 , any land, structure, building, installation, excavation, machinery, equipment,
             71      or device, or any addition to, reconstruction, replacement or improvement of, land or an
             72      existing structure, building, installation, excavation, machinery, equipment, or device
             73      reasonably used, erected, constructed, acquired, or installed by any person if the primary
             74      purpose of the use, erection, construction, acquisition, or installation is the prevention, control,
             75      or reduction of air or water pollution by:
             76          (i) the disposal or elimination of or redesign to eliminate waste and the use of treatment
             77      works for industrial waste as defined in Title 19, Chapter 5, Water Quality Act; or
             78          (ii) the disposal, elimination, or reduction of or redesign to eliminate or reduce air
             79      contaminants or air pollution or air contamination sources and the use of air cleaning devices.
             80          (b) "Pollution control facility" or "facility" does not include air conditioners, septic
             81      tanks, or other facilities for human waste, nor any property installed, constructed, or used for
             82      the moving of sewage to the collection facilities of a public or quasi-public sewerage system.

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