S.B. 232 Enrolled





Chief Sponsor: Daniel W. Thatcher

House Sponsor: Steve Eliason

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill enacts provisions related to a statewide School Safety Tip Line.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    defines terms;
             13          .    establishes the School Safety Tip Line Commission within the Office of the
             14      Attorney General;
             15          .    requires the School Safety Tip Line Commission to:
             16              .    accomplish certain tasks; and
             17              .    report to the Education Interim Committee and the Executive Appropriations
             18      Committee; and
             19          .    establishes a repeal date.
             20      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             21          None
             22      Other Special Clauses:
             23          None
             24      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             25      AMENDS:
             26           63I-1-253 , as last amended by Laws of Utah 2012, Chapter 369
             27      ENACTS:
             28           53A-11-1501 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             29           53A-11-1502 , Utah Code Annotated 1953

             30           53A-11-1503 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             31           53A-11-1504 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             32           53A-11-1505 , Utah Code Annotated 1953
             34      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             35          Section 1. Section 53A-11-1501 is enacted to read:
Part 15. School Safety Tip Line

             37          53A-11-1501. Title.
             38          This part is known as "School Safety Tip Line."
             39          Section 2. Section 53A-11-1502 is enacted to read:
             40          53A-11-1502. Definitions.
             41          As used in this part, "commission" means the School Safety Tip Line Commission
             42      established in Section 53A-11-1504 .
             43          Section 3. Section 53A-11-1503 is enacted to read:
             44          53A-11-1503. School Safety Tip Line established.
             45          A School Safety Tip Line is established to provide a means for a public school student,
             46      parent, school employee, or citizen to make anonymous reports concerning unsafe, violent, or
             47      criminal activities, or the threat of such activities.
             48          Section 4. Section 53A-11-1504 is enacted to read:
             49          53A-11-1504. School Safety Tip Line Commission established -- Members.
             50          (1) There is created the School Safety Tip Line Commission, within the Office of the
             51      Attorney General, composed of the following members:
             52          (a) one member who represents the Office of the Attorney General, appointed by the
             53      attorney general;
             54          (b) two members who represent the Utah Public Education System, appointed by the
             55      State Board of Education;
             56          (c) one member who represents the Utah Department of Health, appointed by the
             57      executive director of the Department of Health;

             58          (d) two members of the House of Representatives, appointed by the speaker of the
             59      House of Representatives; and
             60          (e) two members of the Senate, appointed by the president of the Senate.
             61          (2) (a) The attorney general's designee shall serve as chair of the commission.
             62          (b) The chair shall set the agenda for commission meetings.
             63          (3) Attendance of a simple majority of the members constitutes a quorum for the
             64      transaction of official commission business.
             65          (4) Formal action by the commission requires a majority vote of a quorum.
             66          (5) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (5)(b), a member may not receive
             67      compensation, benefits, per diem, or travel expenses for the member's service.
             68          (b) Compensation and expenses of a member who is a legislator are governed by
             69      Section 36-2-2 and Legislative Joint Rules, Title 5, Legislative Compensation and Expenses.
             70          (6) The Office of the Attorney General shall provide staff support to the commission.
             71          Section 5. Section 53A-11-1505 is enacted to read:
             72          53A-11-1505. School Safety Tip Line Commission duties -- Reporting
             73      requirements.
             74          (1) (a) The commission shall:
             75          (i) designate a School Safety Tip Line provider network after consideration of the
             76      ability of the proposed provider network's ability to:
             77          (A) provide the services described in Section 53A-11-1503 24 hours a day, seven days
             78      a week; and
             79          (B) employ, as operators, social workers licensed by the Division of Occupational and
             80      Professional Licensing under Section 58-60-204 ;
             81          (ii) estimate the cost of operating a School Safety Tip Line including the extent to
             82      which operations will be funded through private donations and grants; and
             83          (iii) designate a phone number for the School Safety Tip Line.
             84          (b) The commission may conduct other business related to establishing a School Safety
             85      Tip Line.

             86          (2) The commission shall report to the Education Interim Committee and the Executive
             87      Appropriations Committee before November 30, 2014, regarding:
             88          (a) how the commission fulfilled its duties during the year; and
             89          (b) recommendations for future legislation related to a School Safety Tip Line.
             90          Section 6. Section 63I-1-253 is amended to read:
             91           63I-1-253. Repeal dates, Titles 53, 53A, and 53B.
             92          The following provisions are repealed on the following dates:
             93          (1) Section 53-3-232 , Conditional licenses, is repealed July 1, 2015.
             94          (2) Title 53A, Chapter 1a, Part 6, Public Education Job Enhancement Program is
             95      repealed July 1, 2020.
             96          (3) Title 53A, Chapter 11, Part 15, School Safety Tip Line, is repealed July 1, 2015.
             97          [(3)] (4) The State Instructional Materials Commission, created in Section 53A-14-101 ,
             98      is repealed July 1, 2016.
             99          [(4)] (5) Subsections 53A-16-113 (3) and (4) are repealed December 31, 2016.
             100          [(5)] (6) Section 53A-16-114 is repealed December 31, 2016.
             101          [(6)] (7) Section 53A-17a-163 , Performance-based Compensation Pilot Program is
             102      repealed July 1, 2016.
             103          [(7)] (8) Subsection 53C-3-203 (4)(b)(vii), which provides for the distribution of money
             104      from the Land Exchange Distribution Account to the Geological Survey for test wells, other
             105      hydrologic studies, and air quality monitoring in the West Desert, is repealed July 1, 2020.

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