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Chief Sponsor: Margaret Dayton

House Sponsor: Michael S. Kennedy

             8      LONG TITLE
             9      General Description:
             10          This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor expresses support for
             11      the master plan to serve Utahns with disabilities.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This resolution:
             14          .    expresses support for the Utah State Development Center's master plan to provide
             15      services for people with mental disabilities.
             16      Special Clauses:
             17          None
             19      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
             20          WHEREAS, in 1929, the Legislature of the state of Utah established the Utah State
             21      Training Center to assist with the care, protection, treatment, and education of people with
             22      mental disabilities;
             23          WHEREAS, the Utah State Training Center, later known as the Utah State
             24      Development Center (USDC), was established during an era when relatively little was known
             25      about the causes of mental disabilities;
             26          WHEREAS, like other states, Utah built a public institution in a remote location and
             27      within a broad perimeter of land that provided a physical barrier between the institution and the

             28      nearest rural homes and communities;
             29          WHEREAS, residents were supervised in large groups, with staff ratios as high as one
             30      staff member to 60 residents;
             31          WHEREAS, since its establishment in 1929, the USDC has evolved and improved with
             32      each major change in thinking regarding what public services should be provided for persons
             33      with mental disabilities and how to provide those services;
             34          WHEREAS, since state governments first acknowledged a public interest in and
             35      accepted some fiscal responsibility for citizens with disabilities, states have made sweeping
             36      changes in the philosophy and practice of providing public services;
             37          WHEREAS, these paradigm shifts have resulted from a growing knowledge about
             38      disabilities, including their causes, prevention, interventions, and accommodations;
             39          WHEREAS, also contributing to the paradigm shifts was an improving regard for
             40      persons who experience disabilities, as evidenced by public laws that affirm and promote their
             41      rights, an expansion of publicly funded services, and greater inclusion by their communities;
             42          WHEREAS, in April, 1999, Utah's Lieutenant Governor, Olene Walker, issued a set of
             43      guiding principles entitled "Principles to Guide the Delivery of Publicly Funded Services for
             44      People with Disabilities in Utah";
             45          WHEREAS, these principles were developed by a group of individuals representing the
             46      governor's office, the state Legislature, state agencies, service providers, and parent advocates;
             47          WHEREAS, the principles were distributed in the community and public comment was
             48      received at a meeting conducted by the Lieutenant Governor on April 13, 1999;
             49          WHEREAS, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health
             50      subsequently adopted these principles to guide how they provide services;
             51          WHEREAS, like providers of community-based services, USDC is currently working
             52      to support and promote more person-centered services, a greater choice of services and
             53      supports, and increased opportunities for inclusion of people with mental disabilities in the
             54      community;
             55          WHEREAS, today, Utah's citizens are served from across the entire state of Utah under
             56      the direction of the Utah Department of Human Services and the Division of Services for
             57      People with Disabilities;
             58          WHEREAS, the USDC provides 24-hour residential care, is Utah's only state-operated

             59      intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities, and takes great pride in
             60      serving these most vulnerable of Utah's citizens;
             61          WHEREAS, as other providers in the state of Utah struggle to provide care for
             62      individuals with complex emotional, medical, and behavioral issues, USDC is in the unique
             63      position of providing most of the essential services needed in a single location;
             64          WHEREAS, central to its present and future success in providing services for people
             65      with mental disabilities is USDC's development of a master plan to guide its service;
             66          WHEREAS, master plan development was facilitated and led by the competent,
             67      respected, and trusted companies of Design Workshop, Stantec civil engineers, and Fehr &
             68      Peers transportation planners, which have developed several successful master plans
             69      nationwide;
             70          WHEREAS, the master plan was developed in conjunction with an overall strategic
             71      vision for the future use of the USDC;
             72          WHEREAS, the strategic planning group included a wide range of stakeholders and
             73      was vetted by conducting over 30 public meetings and planning sessions;
             74          WHEREAS, input for the planning process was received from people living at the
             75      USDC and their families; from neighborhoods, counties, and cities surrounding the USDC;
             76      community advocacy groups representing people with disabilities; and community service
             77      providers who regularly work with the USDC;
             78          WHEREAS, the USDC master plan creates a long-term vision for undeveloped
             79      property that is in accordance with the original purpose of the Legislature in creating this
             80      resource for Utahns with disabilities;
             81          WHEREAS, the master plan provides a long-term revenue source for people with
             82      disabilities living in Utah, while preserving the original purpose of the land and maximizing
             83      development potential;
             84          WHEREAS, the master plan was created with a sustainable methodology, including a
             85      balance between environmental sensitivity, community connections, artistic beauty, and
             86      economic viability;
             87          WHEREAS, USDC's mission is "dedication to providing an array of resources and
             88      supports for people with disabilities with complex or acute needs in Utah";
             89          WHEREAS, the USDC vision is to "provide an effective, efficient array of critical

             90      services and supports that promote independence and quality of life for Utah's most vulnerable
             91      people with disabilities in partnership with families, guardians and the community"; and
             92          WHEREAS, by following the master plan, USDC is in a position to better assist people
             93      with disabilities to achieve their highest potential in an atmosphere that preserves personal
             94      dignity:
             95          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
             96      Governor concurring therein, express support for the Utah State Development Center's master
             97      plan.
             98          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Utah State
             99      Development Center, the Utah Department of Human Services, and the Utah Department of
             100      Health.

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    as of 1-20-14 3:11 PM

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