Invasive Species Management on Sovereign Lands - Ivan D. Djambov
Last Updated: November 24, 2014

In FY 2014, the Legislature appropriated $400,000 to the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands for control of invasive species on sovereign lands. The division was able to secure an additional $308,000 from local, federal, and state partners. The funding was used to complete 13 invasive species removal projects in Utah Lake, Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake and on the Green, Colorado, Jordan, and Bear Rivers.  The projects included removal of Phragmites, Russian Olive, and Tamarisk, along with treatment for other noxious weeds. 

In addition to these removal efforts, in FY 2014, the division worked on several re-vegetation projects with the goal to establish native vegetation in areas previously dominated by invasive species. Some of the beneficial results included: greater recreational access to the state public lands, increased wildlife habitat, and improved ecological function within each of the resource communities.  

For the current FY 2015, the division has an appropriation of $700,000 for weed control: $400,000 ongoing for general weed control on sovereign lands and $300,000 one time for Phragmites control on the Great Salt Lake. 

The division plans to use the $400,000, along with $221,000 in matching funds, to complete 35 individual invasive species projects. The $300,000 will be used to begin actively treating 2,500 acres (of the estimated 26,000 total acres) of invasive Phragmites located on the eastern shores of the Great Salt Lake. This funding would allow division staff to actively manage and control invasive species on the sovereign lands, and improve the recreational and ecological function of these lands.