Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee - October 16, 2019

25 House Building

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 Committee Business
 Chair Grover called the meeting to order at 1:22 p.m.
 1a - Sexual Assault Kit Processing, Annual Report [Department of Public Safety]
 John Feinauer noted that the Annual Report from the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services on Sexual Assault Kit Processing was available for viewing on the committee's web page.
 John Feinauer also indicated that the committee chairs have opened a committee bill file to address issues raised by Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training, and that the draft legislation will be presented at the November interim meeting.
 Firearm Violence and Data
 2a - Testimony Utah on Red Flag Laws and Universal Background Checks [Crime Prevention Research Center]
 Curtis Oda introduced Dr. John R. Lott, Jr.
 Dr. John Lott, Jr., President, Crime Prevention Research Center, spoke to the issues of red flag laws and universal background checks.
 Ed Rutan, Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah, discussed some mental health aspects related to gun violence.
 Meg Walter, Silicon Slopes, spoke in favor of red flag laws.
 Blake McClary, Silicon Slopes, spoke in support of red flag laws.
 Mitch Vilos, attorney, commented on statistics in Utah related to gun crimes.
 Rep. Stenquist moved to approve the minutes of the September 18, 2018, meeting.
 Firearm Safety Program
 3a - Firearm Violence and Suicide Prevention Amendments [Utah Department of Human Services]
 3b - Brochure - Creating Safety: Preventing Suicides in Utah [Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition]
 3c - Utah Suicide Facts: Update
 Kim Myers, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services Administrator, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, discussed the implementation of the firearm safety program created in 2019 General Session H.B. 17, "Firearm Violence and Suicide Prevention Amendments."
 Firearms and Domestic Violence
 4a - Lethality Assessment Program Update
 4b - Domestic Violence and Firearms in Utah
 Jennifer Oxborrow, Executive Director, Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, discussed the use of firearms in domestic violence cases.
 Clark Aposhian, Chair, Utah Shooting Sports Council, requested specific types of data on individuals involved with domestic violence and suicides involving firearms.
 Dangerous Weapons at School
 5a - Presentation, Threats & Dangerous Weapons in Schools
 Will Carlson, Chief Policy Advisor, Justice Division, Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office, discussed statutory responses to threats and dangerous weapons in schools.
 Pam Vickrey, Executive Director, Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys, responding to the committee's discussion, noted that a lack of cases being prosecuted does not indicate a lack of public safety.
 Nancy Halden, citizen, noted that some incidents at schools involving dangerous weapons have not been counted as school incidents if they took place outside of regular school-day hours.
 Sen. Thatcher moved to open a committee bill file involving civil commitment firearm restrictions.
 Other Items/Adjourn
 Sen. Riebe moved to adjourn the meeting.
 Chair Grover adjourned the meeting at 3:33 p.m.
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