Senate - 2018 General Session - Day 25

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer-Kyra Syme
 Roll Call
 Introduction of Bills
 Court McGee Citation, Stephenson
 HCR5 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Thomas S. Monson, Okerlund
 1SB31 Utah Mobile Crisis Outreach Team Act, Thatcher
 SB55 Motor Vehicle Registration Amendments, Harper
 1SB87 School Security Locks, Weiler
 3SCR1 Concurrent Resolution Recommending Replacement of Statue of Philo Farnsworth in United States Capitol, Weiler
 Conference Committee Report
 1HB13 Public Safety Peer Counseling Provisions, Thatcher
 HB91 Utah Anatomical Gift Act Amendments, Escamilla
 SB30 Aggravated Murder Amendments, Mayne
 SCR7 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Firefighters and Fire Prevention Efforts, Iwamoto
 1HB15 Community Reinvestment Agency Amendments, Harper
 1HB39 Department of Insurance Amendments, Bramble
 1HB20 Political Activities and Elections, Harper
 1HB66 Local Government Modifications, Hemmert
 HB108 SAFE Act Exemptions, Hemmert
 HB89 Health Facility Licensing Amendments, Hemmert
 1HB46 Educator Licensing Modifications, Millner
 HB33 Energy Producer States' Agreement Amendments, Van Tassell
 HB93 Agriculture Commodity Zone Amendments, Hinkins
 1HB140 Air Quality Technical Amendments, Weiler
 2HB150 Single Sign-on Database Amendments, Bramble
 HCR8 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Historic and Economic Relationships Between Canada, the United States, and Utah, Bramble
 Committee of the Whole-Consul General Lessard
 Standing Committee Reports
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