Senate - 2019 General Session - Day 17

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pledge
 Roll Call
 SCR5 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Edward T. Alter for His Service as Utah State Treasurer, Okerlund
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 HB140 Civic and Character Education Reports Amendments, Hillyard
 HB132 Occupational and Professional Licensing Amendments, Hinkins
 2SB34 Affordable Housing Modifications, Anderegg
 3SB34 Affordable Housing Modifications, Anderegg
 1SB81 Native American Remains Amendments, Iwamoto
 SB101 Navajo Code Talker Recognition, Iwamoto
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 2SB50 Local Government Office Amendments, Vickers
 SB60 Automatic Local District Withdrawal Amendments, Fillmore
 SB61 Poll Hours for Early Voting, Iwamoto
 1SB70 Unclaimed Property Amendments, Hillyard
 1SB89 Conflict Disclosure Amendments, Iwamoto
 1SB104 Removal or Disruption of Survey Monuments, Buxton
 Mother of the Year-Amy Kroff
 SB28 Income Tax Revisions, Bramble
 1SB62 Campaign Finance Revisions, Iwamoto
 SB49 Homeless Shelter Funding Amendments, Davis
 SB79 Sales and Use Tax Changes, Harper
 SB99 Sales Tax Amendments, Harper
 1SB74 Air Ambulance Committee Amendments, Harper
 SB49 Homeless Shelter Funding Amendments, Davis
 SB83 Partnerships for Healthy Communities, Millner
 SB85 Secure Transport Designation Amendments, Vickers
 HB40 Amendments to Criminal Provisions, Mayne
 HB249 Revisor
 HB43 Support Animals Amendments, Bramble
 HCR1 Concurrent Resolution Urging the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to Approve a Pharmaceutical Drop Box Pilot Program, Vickers
 HB24 Property Tax Exemptions, Deferrals, and Abatements Amendments, McCay
 HB25 Tax Commission Amendments, Fillmore
 HB18 Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments, Harper
 HB95 Bad Check Fee Amendments, Harper
 HB159 Certified Public Accountant Exam Amendments, Bramble
 HB27 Public Education Definitions Amendments, Millner
 HB28 Public Education Definitions Coordination, Millner
 1HB29 Special Education Recodification, Hillyard
 HB45 Higher Education Credit Amendments, Millner
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