Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 28

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer -Marc Briggs, American Heart Association Board of Directors
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 Personal Privilege -Hillyard
 Personal Privilege -Vickers
 Personal Privilege -Dabakis
 Consent Calendar
 1HB 40 -Christensen, Beer Excise Tax Revenue Amendments
 HB 95 -Urquhart, Applied Technology College Governance Amendments
 Third Reading Calendar
 1HB 75 -Madsen, Restoration of Civil Rights for Nonviolent Felons
 HCR 4 -Valentine, Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
 HB 14 -Stephenson, Administrative Rulemaking Amendments, uncircled
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 HB 250 -Reid, Local School Board Amendments
 HB 29 -Okerlund, County Recorder Index Amendments
 HB 274 -Osmond, Committee Subpoena Powers Amendment
 1HB 34 -Jenkins, Tourism Marketing Performance Account Amendments, tabled
 1HB 219 -Knudson, Veterans Separation Amendments, circled
 HB 272 -Weiler, Municipal Election Amendments -Office Hours,
 1HB 219 -Knudson, Veterans Separation Amendments, uncircled
 Time Certain -Congressman Chaffetz
 Time Certain 2HB 275 -Knudson, Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day
 HB 50 -Madsen, Involuntary Feeding and Hydration of Inmates Amendments
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 HB 53 -Valentine, Restitution Amendments, circled
 Personal Privilege -Dayton
 1SB 45 -Stevenson, Military Installation Development Authority Amendments, uncircled, substituted, circled
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Introduction of Bills
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 Senate Bills Second Reading Calendar
 SB 158 -Jenkins, Cemetery Amendments, uncircled, amended
 Personal Privilege -Adams
 HB 20 -Weiler, Emergency Vehicle Operator Duty of Care Revisions, uncircled, substituted, circled
 SB 178 -Vickers, Controlled Substance Database, uncircled, amended
 1SB 44 -Mayne, Workers Compensation and Employee Misconduct
 SB 96 -Mayne, Veterans Assistance Registry
 SB 43 -Reid, Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools
 2SB 111 -Osmond, Education Funding Equalization, amended, circled
 SB 89 -Urquhart, Amendments to Definition of Public Utility, uncircled, amended
 1SB 118 -Jones, School Funding Through Income Tax Revisions, circled
 SB 150 -Reid, Education Task Force Reauthorization
 2SB 97 -Weiler, Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments, amendment 1
 SB 135 -Jenkins, Voter Registration Amendments, substituted
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