Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 39

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer -Stephen Peterson
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Standing Committee Reports
 Consent Calendar
 HB 279 -Madsen, Judiciary Interim Committee Sunset Provisions
 HB 301 -Valentine, Concealed Weapon Permit for Servicemembers
 SB 259 -Madsen, Victim Reparations Fund Amendments
 SB 260 -Thatcher, Sex Offender and Kidnap Offender Registration Amendments
 HB 353 -Hillyard, Repeal of Agriculture Conservation Easement Account, circled
 HB 365 -Hillyard, Natural Resources Related Account Repeals, circled
 HB 85 -Thatcher, Electronic Filing of Traffic Citations and Accident Reports Amendments
 1HB 331 -Valentine, Identification Card Amendments
 HB 311 -Stevenson, Budgeting Amendments
 1HJR 11 -Stevenson, Joint Rules Resolution on Budget Process Amendments
 Concurrence Calendar
 1SB 137 -Weiler, Health Care Professional Truth in Advertising, concur
 Third Reading Calendar
 1HB 119 -Shiozawa, Opiate Overdose Emergency Treatment
 HB 334 -Hillyard, Bail Bondsmen Amendments
 Personal Privilege -Reid
 Personal Privilege -Jones
 Personal Privilege -Weiler
 Consent Calendar
 HB 353 -Hillyard, Repeal of Agriculture Conservation Easement Account, uncricled
 HB 365 -Hillyard, Natural Resources Related Account Repeals, uncircled
 Second Reading Calendar
 SB 181 -Stephenson, Online Course Reporting Requirements, circled
 SB 157 -Stephenson, School-based Budgeting Amendments, circled
 SB 219 -Henderson, Public Education Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission, circled
 SB 71 -Harper, Informed Consent Amendments
 SJR 9 -Robles, Joint Resolution Urging Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information
 1SJR 15 -Jenkins, Joint Resolution on Political Parties, circled
 1SB 221 -Weiler, Indigent Counsel in Juvenile Court
 SB 222 -Weiler, Automatic License Plate Reader System,Amendments
 SB 227 -Weiler, Exposure of Children to Pornography
 1SB 229 -Weiler, Adoption Act Amendments, substituted, circled
 Personal Privilege -Davis
 Personal Privilege -Knudson
 2SB 153 -Urquhart, Association Foreclosure Amendments, uncircled, amended, failed
 SB 181 -Stephenson, Online Course Reporting Requirements, unrcircled
 1SB 73 -Okerlund, Agricultural Environmental Amendments, circled
 Personal Privilege -Shiozawa
 SB 231 -Hinkins, Agricultural Amendments, amended
 1HJR 11 -Stevenson, Joint Rules Resolution on Budget Process Amendments, motion to reconsider actions, amended
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Standing Committee Reports
 Third Reading Calendar
 Second Reading Calendar
 1SB 216 - Mayne, Municipal Formation Amendments, substituted, circled
 1SB 179 - Jenkins, Procurement Revisions, substituted, amended
 SB 75 -Christensen, Primary Care Grants Amendments, amended
 SB 251 -Shiozawa, Amendments to Medicaid and Health Care, circled
 SB 74 -Adams, Career and Technical Education Funding for Charter Schools, circled
 SB 104 -Osmond, Improvement of Reading Instruction, amended
 1SB 122 -Osmond, Parental Rights in Public Education, substituted
 SB 232 -Thatcher, School Safety Tip Line, substituted, circled
 SJR 12 -Reid, Joint Resolution on State Superintendent of Public Instruction
 1SB 69 -Urquhart, Prejudgment Interest Revisions, substituted, circled
 SB 241 -Jenkins, County Jail Contracting Amendments, amended
 3SB 216 -Mayne, Political Subdivisions Revisions, uncircled, amended
 Third Reading Calendar
 2SB 122 -Osmond, Parent Rights in Public Education
 Second Reading Calendar
 3SB 229 -Weiler, Adoption Act Amendments
 2SB 69 -Urquhart, Prejudgment Interest Revisions, uncircled
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