Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 1

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsPledge, Quorum
 Present Colors Utah National Guard
 Pledge Of Allegiance Commissioner Dell LeFevre
 National Anthem UVU Horn Choir, Dr. Jeb Wallace
 Musical Presentation UVU Horn Choir
 Membership Certification Leslie McLean
 Opening Remarks, President Niederhauser
 Capitol Building, Senator Henderson
 Remarks, President Niederhauser
 Introduction of Interns
 State Employee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 Recording 2
 Call To Order
 State of the Judiciary Address, Chief Justice Matthew B Durrant
 Rules Committee Report
 SB 11 Cancellation of Auto Insurance Coverage, Harper
 SB 13 State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund Amendments, Jenkins
 SB 14 American Indian and Alaskan Native Amendments
 SB 15 Apportionment of Business Income Amendments
 SB 16 Tax Credit Amendments, Henderson
 SB 18 Workforce Services Job Listings Amendment, Knudson
 SB 19 Phased Retirement, Weiler
 SB 18 Workforce Services Job Listings Amendment-Sen. P. Knudson-uncircled
 SB 20 Retirement Systems Audit Recommendations Amendments, Weiler
 SB 21 Repeal of Health and Human Services Reports and Programs, Vickers
 SB 22 Foreclosure of Residential Rental Property, Harper
 SB 23 Water Law-Protected Purchaser Amendments, Dayton
 SB 24 Utah Housing Corporation Sunset Extension, Weiler
 SB 25 Ballot Amendments, Dayton
 SB 27 Absentee Ballot Amendments, Dayton
 SB 28 Water System Conservation Pricing, Jenkins
 SB 29 Retirement Systems Amendments, Weiler
 SB 31 Tax Commission Levy Process, Harper
 SB 32 Reauthorization of Hospital Provider Assessment Act, Shiozawa
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