Senate - 2017 General Session - Day 1

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Sister Joy D. Jones, General Primary President, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
 Present Colors, Scout Troops 1262, 1524, 0068, 1566
 Pledge of Allegiance, Ashis DhalKal
 National Anthem, SL School of the Performing Arts
 Musical Presentation, SL School of the Performing Arts
 Membership Certification, Leslie McLean
 Administer the Oath of Office, Senators, Al Mansell
 Roll Call
 Administer the Oath of Office, President, Al Mansel
 Opening Remarks, President Niederhauser
 Committee to Notify the Governor, President Niederhauser
 Committee to Notify House, President Niederhauser
 Report, Bramble
 Report, Thatcher
 Introduction of Interns
 Introduction of Staff
 Introduction of Bills
 Recording 2
 Rules Committee Report
 Senate Rules Report
 SB 12 Expungement Amendments, Thatcher
 SB 13 Amendments to Election Law, Dayton
 SB 14 Emergency Telephone Service Amendments, Harper
 SB 18 Firefighters' Disability Retirement Benefit Amendments, Mayne
 SB 19 Retirement Systems Payments to Survivors Amendments, Dayton
 State of the Judiciary Address, Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant
 SB 20 Phased Retirement Amendments, Hemmert
 SB 21 Retirement Systems Amendments, Hemmert
 SB 22 Utah Commission on Aging Sunset Amendments, Shiozawa
 SB 25 Motor Carrier Amendments, Van Tassell
 SB 26 Transportation Divisions and Structure Amendments, Harper
 SB 27 Motor Vehicle Accident Cost Recovery, Harper
 SB 28 Repeal of Health and Human Services Reports, Vickers
 SB 30 Insurance Premium Tax Amendments, Bramble
 SB 31 Protection of Law Enforcement Officers' Personal Information, Ipson
 SB 33 Consumer Protection Revisions, Bramble
 SB 34 Competency-based Education Funding, Millner
 SB 36 Department of Transportation Amendments, Harper
 SB 37 Statewide Crisis Line, Thatcher
 SB 38 Specialized License Plate Amendments, Harper
 SB 39 Road Classification Amendments, Harper
 SB 41 State Highway System Amendments, Harper
 SB 42 DUI Impound Fee Refund Amendments, Harper
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