Code Archive

During the 2018 General Session Senate Bill 121 was passed enacting the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act. In compliance with Section 46-5-105 of the Act, a user of the electronic version of the Utah Code may authenticate a previously downloaded title of the code by using Message-Digest algorithm 5 (MD5) authentication. An MD5 hash is, in essence, a signature for a file. A user can confirm the integrity of a specific file the user downloads by comparing the MD5 hash provided here with one that the user generates. Various software packages are available, many at no cost, that permit individuals to generate an MD5 hash. Programs like the following permit a user to generate his or her own hash:

If the hashes do not match exactly, then the integrity of the file is in question. More information about MD5 is available at

An archived version of the titles in the Utah Code and MD5 hashes to authenticate the integrity of the previously downloaded copies of those titles are listed below.

List of Archive Dates