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This legislation makes the Foster Care Citizens Review Board (FCCRB) pilot project permanent, rather than expiring March 31, 1997. The total estimated cost for FY 1998 is $866,100, decreasing slightly in FY 1999 to $732,200, as one-time equipment will not have to be purchased again. Funds already in the department's base budget for the pilot project and funding that will be transferred from the Division of Child and Family Services budget directly related to the current case review process, leave a balance of $457,700 for FY 1998 ($368,900 from the General Fund and $88,800 from Federal Funds). Costs to fund the FCCRB from April 1 to June 30, 1997 are estimated at $113,600 ($91,600 from the General Fund, $22,000 from Federal Funds). The Division of Child and Family Services will also transfer $71,100 from its FY 1997 budget.

FY 97 Approp. FY 98 Approp. FY 97 Revenue FY 98 Revenue
General Fund $91,600 $368,900 $0 $0
Federal Funds $22,000 $88,800 $0 $0
TOTAL $113,600 $457,700 $0 $0

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