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This bill carries its own appropriation of $320,000 from the General Fund to the Juvenile Court to continue and expand the Early Intervention for Juveniles Pilot Program for another year. (There is already another $320,000 in the Department of Human Services' budget for FY 1998 to continue the current pilot program for one more year. As this is a one-year pilot program, the $640,000 would be one-time funding for FY 1998.) Additionally, the impact to the Courts and the Attorney General's Office from other provisions in the bill is estimated at $541,500 in FY 1998 and $529,500 in FY 1999. If this legislation does not pass, the pilot program would sunset on June 30,1997, per last year's HB 373. The $320,000 appropriated in that bill and carried forward from FY 1997 would not be needed in the Department.

FY 98 Approp. FY 99 Approp. FY 98 Revenue FY 99 Revenue
General Fund $861,500 $529,500 $0 $0
TOTAL $861,500 $529,500 $0 $0

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst

3/1/97 6:54:07 p.m.


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