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This bill creates the Capitol Preservation Board. The Board will assume all responsibilities relative to the Capitol Building and certain surrounding grounds currently being managed by the Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM). Assumming that current appropriations to DFCM ($2,150,600 General Funds and $303,200 in dedicated credits), together with the $3,000,000 for Capitol Building improvements being recommended from Capital Improvement funds in FY 1998 are transferred to the Board, there will be no additional fiscal impact created by this bill. This also assumes that the Board's budgets will be developed within this funding level. It is assumed that the costs for the Executive Director, any support staff, and quarterly meetings will come from this funding source. The estimated cost for the Executive Director is $55,000 annually, while the annual meeting costs are estimated at $2,300. This bill creates the State Capitol Fund. The Division of Finance continues to experience increased costs associated with the growth of new funds in State Government. For every 30 funds created, the cost of a new accountant will be included for the fiscal note costs.

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