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Passage of this bill will require an appropriation of $23,500 from the Commerce Service Fund for Fiscal Year 1998. Revenues in the form of licensing fees will offset expenditures. The appropriation is for a one-half FTE and associated expenses in the Division of Consumer Protection. Additional expenditures may be required by district and county attorneys for enforcement of the bill's criminal provisions. The Attorney General may also incur costs due to appeals. However, the costs to local attorneys and the Attorney General cannot be accurately estimated. The Tax Commission currently collects auto body shop fees totaling $18,700 which would be eliminated by the provisions of this bill. The need for a part-time FTE for these collections would also be eliminated.

FY 98 Approp. FY 99 Approp. FY 98 Revenue FY 99 Revenue
Dedicated Credits Revenue ($18,700) ($18,700) ($18,700) ($18,700)
Commerce Service Fund $23,500 $19,000 $24,000 $24,000
TOTAL $4,800 $300 $5,300 $5,300

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst

2/21/97 12:06:49 p.m.


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