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Passage of this bill will require a rate incease of.07 percent in the Public Safety Noncontributory Retirement System. This increase will require additional funding of $41,600 as identified. In addition, local governments will require a rate increase of .08 percent with the exception of Bountiful City which


FY 99 Approp. FY 00 Approp. FY 99 Revenue FY 00 Revenue
General Fund $36,600 $36,600 $0 $0
Dedicated Credits Revenue $2,400 $2,400 $0 $0
GF Restricted $2,600 $2,600 $0 $0
TOTAL $41,600 $41,600 $0 $0


Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst

2/25/1998 4:43:26 PM



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