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Provisions of this bill exempt motor vehicles with a model year prior to 1974 from motor vehicle emission inspection. Enactment of this bill would require the plans covering Ozone, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, Inspection Maintenance and State Implementation to be rewritten. It is estimated that these one-time revisions would cost $201,700 from the General Fund. Failure to demonstrate transportation conformity required by federal law could result in loss of as much as $200,000,000 in federal highway funds.

FY 00 Approp. FY 01 Approp. FY 00 Revenue FY 01 Revenue
General Fund $201,700 $0 $0 $0
TOTAL $201,700 $0 $0 $0

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst

1/22/99 10:47:55 AM


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