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The increase in costs for the Attorney General is estimated at $9,500 to cover staff support, per diem, and travel costs for the Youth Court Board. Costs for the extra coordination between the District and Juvenile Courts for the approximately 1,000 eighteen-year-olds who would be expected to offend and choose the Youth Court alternative cannot be determined at this time. The reduction in Juvenile Court hearings due to diversions to Youth Courts should at least partially offset the coordination costs. Fees for the Youth Court would accrue to the sponsoring agency to cover their costs.

FY 00 Approp. FY 01 Approp. FY 00 Revenue FY 01 Revenue
General Fund $9,500 $9,500 $0 $0
TOTAL $9,500 $9,500 $0 $0

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst

2/17/99 11:13:33 AM


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