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There will be a potential loss of local revenue of $723,800 in FY 2000 and a loss of $126,200 in Local Contributions to the Minimum School Program. Under a full year implementation in FY 2001, there will be a potential loss of local property tax revenues of approximately $1,447,600 and a potential loss of Local Contribution to the Minimum School Program of $252,400. There is a potential increase in the Uniform School Fund of $5,500 resulting from the non-deductability for income taxes cause by the shift to a flat fee beginning in FY 2001.

FY 00 Approp. FY 01 Approp. FY 00 Revenue FY 01 Revenue
Uniform School Fund $0 $0 $0 $5,500
Transfers $0 $0 ($126,200) ($252,400)
Local Revenue $0 $0 ($723,800) ($1,447,600)
TOTAL $0 $0 ($850,000) ($1,694,500)

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst

2/9/99 9:23:43 AM


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