Change Session:
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McKell, M.   Higher Education Base Budget    In Process  
Eliason, S.   Public Education Budget Amendments    In Process  
Last, B.   Current Fiscal Year Supplemental APPROPRIATIONS    In Process  
Potter, V.   Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget    In Process  
Anderegg, J.   Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Base Budget    In Process  
Sagers, D.   Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget    In Process  
Last, B.   National Guard, Veterans' Affairs, and Legislature Base Budget    In Process  
Christensen, A.   Social Services Base Budget    In Process  
Hillyard, L.   Public Education Base Budget Amendments    In Process  
Stevenson, J.   New Fiscal Year Supplemental APPROPRIATIONS Act    In Process  
Stevenson, J.   APPROPRIATIONS Adjustments    In Process  
Hillyard, L.   Current School Year Supplemental Public Education Budget Adjustments    In Process  
Hinkins, D.   Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Base Budget    In Process  
Hall, C.   Retirement and Independent Entities Base Budget    In Process  
Moss, J.   State Agency and Higher Education Compensation APPROPRIATIONS    In Process  
Ipson, D.   State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and APPROPRIATIONS    In Process  
Sandall, S.   Joint Rules Resolution Regarding Requests for Appropriation    In Process  
Anderegg, J.   Request for APPROPRIATIONS Amendments    In Process