Block Assignment File for
S.B. 3002 19th Substitute
Congressional Boundaries Designation

A block assignment file is an electronic text file that identifies and assigns each of Utah's 115,406 census blocks to a particular district.

A census block is any one of the 115,406 individual geographic areas into which the United States Census Bureau has divided the state of Utah, to each of which the Census Bureau has attached a discrete population tabulation from the 2010 decennial census.

Block Assignment File
Official Text File: download

File Name: SB3002S19_BlockAssignment.txt
Security Code: d7ad4010744b340539a41b596a9b04d0

About the security code: The security code associated with the block assignment file is used to assist in confirming that the information in the file remains unchanged throughout the legislative process. When the block assignment file is approved and introduced as part of the bill, a security code, or MD5 hash, is generated for the file. The security code is, in essence, a signature for a file, where the number generated is based on the file's contents. Individuals can confirm the integrity of a downloaded file by generating their own MD5 hash with software and comparing that result to the original security code. Various software packages are available that permit individuals to generate an MD5 hash such as MD5Summer (graphical user interface), winMD5Sum (graphical user interface), MD5SUMS (no graphical user interface), or File Checksum Integrity Verifier (no graphical user interface).

For GIS users:
As an alternative to, the district boundaries may be viewed by using GIS (Geographic Information System) software to join the block assignment file with a census block GIS layer (such as the shapefile downloadable here). The block assignment file is a data table which contains two fields in comma delineated format: 1) a 15 digit number that uniquely identifies a particular census block, and 2) the district number to which that census block is assigned. The block assignment file contains 115,406 records.